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Journal Article
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, ISSN 1742-1705, 07/2018, pp. 1 - 13
Ecosystem services related to biodiversity, including cultural services, are essential for agricultural production such as viticulture. In agricultural... 
Aesthetic | iconography | ecosystem services | vineyard management | website communication | perception | Life Sciences | Environmental Engineering | Environmental studies | Ecology, environment | Humanities and Social Sciences | Environmental Sciences
Journal Article
by Melander, A and Olsson, J and Lindberg, G and Salzman, A and Howard, T and Stang, P and Lydick, E and Emslie-Smith, A and Boyle, D I. R and Evans, J M. M and Macdonald, T M and Bain, J and Sullivan, F and Juhl, C and Pørksen, N and Sturis, J and Hollingdal, M and Pincus, S and Veldhuis, J and Dejgaard, A and Schmitz, O and Kristensen, J S and Frandsen, K B and Bayer, Th and Müller, P and Dunning, B E and Paladini, S and Gutierrez, C and Deacon, R and Valentin, M and Grunberger, G and Weston, W M and Patwardhan, R and Rappaport, E B and Sargeant, L A and Wareham, N J and Khaw, K T and Zethelius, Björn and Lithell, Hans and Hales, C Nicholas and Berne, Christian and Lakka, H.-M and Oksanen, L and Tuomainen, T.-P and Kontula, K and Salonen, J T and Dekker, J M and de Boks, P and de Vegt, F and Stehouwer, C D. A and Nijpels, G and Bouter, L M and Heine, R J and Bruno, G and Cavallo-Perin, P and Bargero, G and D’Errico, N and Borra, M and Macchia, G and Pagano, G and Newton, R W and Ruta, D A and New, J P and Wallace, C and Roxburgh, M A and Young, R J and Vaughan, N J. A and Elliott, P and Brennan, G and Devers, M and MacAlpine, R and Steinke, D and Lawson, D H and Decallonne, B and Casteels, K and Gysemans, C and Bouillon, R and Mathieu, C and Linn, Thomas and Strate, Christine and Schneider, Kerstin and Funda, D P and Jirsa Jr, M and Kozáková, H and Kaas, A and Kofronová, O and Tlaskalová-Hogenová, H and Buschard, K and Wanka, H and Hartmann, A and Kuttler, B and Rasmussen, S B and Sørensen, T S and Markholst, H and Petersen, J S and Karounos, D and Dyrberg, T and Mabley, J G and Haskó, G and Szabó, C and ... and IMDIAB Study Group and Osaka IDDM Study Group and European Group for the Study of Insulin Resistance (EGIR) and Screen-Pol Study Group and Northern Diabetic Pregnancy Survey and Brazilian Gestational Diabetes Study Group and UK Prospective Diabetes Study Group and Hungarian HbA1c Screening Study Group and Croatian Study Group for Diabetic Amyotrophy and EURODIAB IDDM Study Group and Neuropathy Study Group of the Italian Society of the Study of Diabetes and Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications (EDC) Study and HOE 901/3003 study group and German Working Group on Quality Control and Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Group and Mauritian NCD group and D.I.O.R. study group and Lithuanian Collaborative Group for the Epidemiology of Diabetes and DARTS/MEMO Collaboration and Cerivastatin/Bezafibrate Latin America Study Group and Pramlintide Type 1 Study Group and Non-Invasive Task Force and Childhood Diabetes in Finland Study Group and German Pediat. Working Group and EURODIAB Complications Study Group and Hvidøre Study group on Childhood Diabetes and EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study (PCS) Group and WHO/IDF Patient Empowerment Workshop and AD Morris for the DARTS/MEMO Collaboration and Pramlintide Type 2 Study Group and Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group and Service of internal medecine - diabetologia - vascular diseases and UKPDS Group and IGT Research Group and DAIS Project Group and KANWU study group and Cerivastatin Combination Therapy Study Group and GENEDIAB Study Group and TARDIS Steering Committee and UK centres and Rosiglitazone Study Group and GEDEC study group and HIDM investigators and US Study Group of Insulin Glargine in Type 2 DM and European Insulin Aspart Study Group and The TARDIS Steering Committee and UK centres and The Turkish Diabetes Epidemiology Group and The EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study (PCS) Group and The Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications (EDC) Study and The Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group
Diabetologia, ISSN 0012-186X, 8/1999, Volume 42, Issue S1, pp. A1 - A330
Journal Article
Frontiers in Psychiatry, ISSN 1664-0640, 05/2018, Volume 9, Issue MAY, pp. 211 - 211
In schizophrenia (SCZ), dysfunction of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) has been linked to the deficits in executive functions and attention. It has... 
Resting-state fMRI | Schizophrenia | DLPFC | FMRI neuroimaging | Parcellation | Neuroimaging | Usage | Magnetic resonance imaging | Research | Prefrontal cortex | Health aspects | fMRI neuroimaging | parcellation | resting-state fMRI
Journal Article
TEI 2017 - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, 03/2017, pp. 217 - 224
Conference Proceeding
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