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Current health sciences journal, ISSN 2067-0656, 01/2017, Volume 43, Issue 1, pp. 78 - 82
Currently incurable, Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease is the most commonly inherited neurological disorder, which affects a small percentage of the... 
sleep disorders | Charcot-Marie-Tooth | inherited neuromuscular disorder | Case Report
Journal Article
Key Engineering Materials, ISSN 1013-9826, 05/2016, Volume 695, pp. 189 - 195
Cervical disc herniations represent the most frequent cervical-level pathology in patients aged 40 and above. Symptoms usually include C6-C7 radiculopathy,... 
Arthroplasty | Biomaterial | Implant | Prosthesis | Cervical | Pathology | Surgical implants | Medical services | Segments | Disks | Patients | Standards | Prosthetics
Journal Article
by Hiller, A and Biedermann, L and Fournier, N and Butter, M and Vavricka, SR and Ciurea, A and Rogler, G and Scharl, M and Anderegg, C and Bauerfeind, P and Beglinger, C and Begre, S and Belli, D and Bengoa, JM and Bigler, B and Binek, J and Blattmann, M and Boehm, S and Borovicka, J and Braegger, CP and Brunner, N and Buhr, P and Burnand, B and Burri, E and Buyse, S and Cremer, M and Criblez, DH and de Saussure, P and Degen, L and Delarive, J and Doerig, C and Dora, B and Dorta, G and Egger, M and Ehmann, T and El-Wafa, A and Engelmann, M and Ezri, J and Felley, C and Fliegner, M and Fraga, M and Frei, P and Frei, R and Fried, M and Froehlich, F and Funk, C and Furlano, RI and Gallot-Lavallee, S and Geyer, M and Girardin, M and Golay, D and Grandinetti, T and Gysi, B and Haack, H and Haarer, J and Helbling, B and Hengstler, P and Herzog, D and Hess, C and Heyland, K and Hinterleitner, T and Hiroz, P and Hirschi, C and Hruz, P and Iwata, R and Jost, R and Juillerat, P and Brondolo, VK and Knellwolf, C and Knoblauch, C and Kohler, H and Koller, R and Krieger-Grubel, C and Kullak-Ublick, G and Kunzler, P and Landolt, M and Lange, R and Lehmann, FS and Macpherson, A and Maerten, P and Maillard, MH and Manser, C and Manz, M and Marbet, U and Marx, G and Matter, C and McLin, V and Meier, R and Mendanova, M and Meyenberger, C and Michetti, P and Misselwitz, B and Moradpour, D and Morell, B and Mosler, P and Mottet, C and Muller, C and Muller, P and Mullhaupt, B and Munger-Beyeler, C and ... and Swiss IBD Cohort Study Grp and Swiss IBD Cohort Study Group and for the Swiss IBD Cohort Study Group
PLOS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2019, Volume 14, Issue 4, p. e0211554
Journal Article
by Olldashi, Fatos and Muzha, Itan and Filipi, Nikolin and Lede, Roberto and Copertari, Pablo and Traverso, Carolina and Copertari, Alejandro and Vergara, Enrique Alfredo and Montenegro, Carolina and De Huidobro, Roberto Ruiz and Surt, Karina and Cialzeta, José and Lazzeri, Silvio and Piñero, Gustavo and Ciccioli, Fabiana and Videtta, Walter and Barboza, María Fernanda and Svampa, Silvana and Sciuto, Victor and Domeniconi, Gustavo and Bustamante, Marcelo and Waschbusch, Maximiliano and Gullo, María Paula and Drago, Daniel Alberto and Linares, Juan Carlos Arjona and Camputaro, Luis and Tróccoli, Gustavo and Galimberti, Hernán and Tallott, Mandy and Eybner, Christian and Buchinger, Walter and Fitzal, Sylvia and Mazairac, Guy and Oleffe, Véronique and Grollinger, Thierry and Delvaux, Philippe and Carlier, Laurent and Braet, Veronique and Jacques, Jean-Marie and De Knoop, Danielle and Nasi, Luiz and Choi, Humberto Kukhuyn and Schmitt, Mara and Gentil, André and Nacul, Flavio and Barrios, Pedro Bedoya and Xinkang, Chen and Hua, Lin Shao and Tian, Huang Han and Xiaodong, Cai and Gualteros, Wilson and Otero, Alvaro Ardila and Arango, Miguel and Ciro, Juan and Jaramillo, Hector and Garcia, Gloria and Gonzalez, Ignacio and Gomez, Carolina and Arias, Arturo and Fonseca, Marco and Mora, Carlos and Cabrera, Edgar Giovanni Luna and Betancurth, José Luis and Muñoz, Porfirio and Quiñónez, Jesus Alberto and Castillo, Maria Esther Gonzalez and Lopez, Orlando and Yepes, Rafael Perez and Cuellar, Diana Leon and Paez, Gerson and Chaves, Hernán Delgado and Ordoñez, Pablo Emilio and Plata, Ricardo and Pineda, Martha and Pulido, Libardo Enrique and Jaramillo, John Sergio Velez and Rebolledo, Carlos and Palma, Oscar and Soler, Caridad and Pastrana, Irene and Falero, Raul and Perera, Mario Domínguez and García, Agustín Arocha and Oliva, Raydel and Delgado, Hubiel López and Carnero, Aida Madrazo and López, Boris Leyva and Gallardo, Angel Lacerda and Morales, Amarilys Ortega and Lezcano, Humberto and Ferrer, Marcos Iraola and Bess, Irene Zamalea and Canino, Gladys Rivas and Ruiz, Ernesto Miguel Piferrer and Cruz, Orlando Garcia and Svoboda, Petr and Kantorová, Ilona and Ochmann, Jiří and Scheer, Peter and Kozumplík, Ladislav and ... and CRASH Trial Collaborators and CRASH trial collaborators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2004, Volume 364, Issue 9442, pp. 1321 - 1328
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of medicine and life, ISSN 1844-122X, 06/2014, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 270 - 273
Cutaneous leiomyosarcoma (CLM) is a very rare smooth muscle tumor arising from the dermis or subcutaneous tissue in the skin. Superficial leiomyosarcoma... 
leiomyosarcoma | pleomorphic | skin | Immunohistochemistry | Skin Neoplasms - pathology | Vimentin | Prognosis | Romania | Leiomyosarcoma - pathology | Humans | Male | Treatment Outcome | Histological Techniques | Leiomyosarcoma - surgery | Skin Neoplasms - diagnosis | Aged | Leiomyosarcoma - diagnosis | Skin Neoplasms - surgery | Case Presentation
Journal Article
Journal Article
Blood, ISSN 0006-4971, 08/2017, Volume 130, Issue 9, pp. 1156 - 1164
Journal Article
by Kakkar, AK and Cohen, AT and Tapson, VF and Bergmann, JF and Goldhaber, S and Deslandes, B and Huang, W and Anderson, FA and Cherfi, L and Ammour, D and Bentakouk, C and Bourenane, R and Grainat, N and Maarouf, A and Sissaoui, A and Gallus, A and Ayyar, V and Crimmins, D and Gan, E and McRae, S and Seldon, M and Singh, B and Siddiqui, FM and Moula, K and Nawaz, T and Nazimuddin, K and Rahman, S and Sarker, S and Rocha, A and Brandao, C and Costa, J and Macedo, A and Marino, R and Menezes, P and Oigman, W and Paiva, M and Pantoja, J and Schramm, E and Tandeitnik, L and Timi, J and Benov, H and Borisov, SD and Lalov, A and Mirazchijski, B and Postadziyan, A and Sokolov, K and Statelov, E and Stefanov, C and Stoykova, A and Tadzher, S and Todorov, R and Dennis, R and Duran, FRM and Posada, A and Restrepo, H and Roa, J and Villadiego, J and Maly, J and Brabec, T and Gumulec, J and Jochymek, R and Kellnerova, I and Kvasnicka, J and Penka, M and Skarkova, J and Slezak, P and Vit, P and Vojtisek, P and Gobran, H and El Rahman, AMA and El Haddad, A and Gorgy, GS and Rizk-Allah, M and Sholkamy, S and Abinader, M and Abou Khoudir, F and Boyer, JF and Brun, N and Canet, B and Collard, C and Cordier, C and Durroux, C and Emmerich, J and Friocourt, P and Genay, P and Ibouanga, F and Moumen, A and Philippe, P and Planchon, P and Protin, Y and Quere, I and Rizcallah, MJ and Zotz, R and Bensch, K and Bensmann, K and Dropmann, A and Gerold, D and Gussmann, A and Kortmann, B and Kube, L and ... and ENDORSE Investigators
ANNALS OF SURGERY, ISSN 0003-4932, 02/2010, Volume 251, Issue 2, pp. 330 - 338
Objective: To evaluate venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk in patients who underwent a major operation, including the use of, and factors influencing, American... 
Journal Article
Journal of Hepatology, ISSN 0168-8278, 2008, Volume 48, pp. S205 - S205
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 03/2016, Volume 75, Issue 3, pp. 532 - 539
Journal Article
Nature Medicine, ISSN 1078-8956, 07/2018, Volume 24, Issue 7, pp. 1036 - 1046
Journal Article