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chagas' disease (3) 3
dynamics (3) 3
flow cytometry (3) 3
membranes (3) 3
mice (3) 3
necrosis (3) 3
parasites (3) 3
peptides (3) 3
trypanosoma-cruzi (3) 3
venom (3) 3
amastigotes (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
anatomy (2) 2
antimicrobial cationic peptides - pharmacology (2) 2
ants (2) 2
apoptosis (2) 2
benznidazole (2) 2
biochemistry & molecular biology (2) 2
biodiversity (2) 2
biodiversity conservation (2) 2
biology (2) 2
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chronic infection (2) 2
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health aspects (2) 2
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leishmaniasis, cutaneous - immunology (2) 2
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molecular sequence data (2) 2
parasitology (2) 2
protozoa (2) 2
regeneration (2) 2
research (2) 2
scanning electron microscopy (2) 2
schirmer tear test (2) 2
semi-arid (2) 2
trypanosoma cruzi - drug effects (2) 2
trypanosoma cruzi - ultrastructure (2) 2
vector-borne diseases (2) 2
venom gland (2) 2
abortamento (1) 1
abundance (1) 1
adaptation, physiological (1) 1
adherence (1) 1
adolescentes embarazadas (1) 1
agriculture (1) 1
agronomy (1) 1
amount hypothesis (1) 1
animal pigments (1) 1
ant venom (1) 1
antibiotics (1) 1
antibodies (1) 1
antibodies, protozoan - blood (1) 1
antibody-response (1) 1
antifungal activity (1) 1
antigens (1) 1
antiinfectives and antibacterials (1) 1
antimicrobial cationic peptides - isolation & purification (1) 1
antimicrobial peptides (1) 1
antioxidants (1) 1
antioxidants - pharmacology (1) 1
antiparasitic agents - pharmacology (1) 1
antitrypanosomal agents (1) 1
ara araruna (1) 1
arctic medicine. tropical medicine (1) 1
aspectos fisiologicos (1) 1
aspectos politicos (1) 1
aspectos sociales (1) 1
atlantic forest (1) 1
atta opaciceps (1) 1
bacteria (1) 1
bacterial (1) 1
bacterial-flora (1) 1
bactéria (1) 1
banks (1) 1
batroxicidin (1) 1
bebes (1) 1
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biochemical markers (1) 1
biochemistry (1) 1
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biogenesis (1) 1
biological sciences (1) 1
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by Vasconcelos, A. T. R and Ferreira, H. B and Bizarro, C. V and Bonatto, S. L and Carvalho, M. O and Pinto, P. M and Almeida, D. F and Almeida, L. G. P and Almeida, R and Alves-Filho, L and Assuncao, E. N and Azevedo, V. A. C and Bogo, M. R and Brigido, M. M and Brocchi, M and Burity, H. A and Camargo, A. A and Camargo, S. S and Carepo, M. S and Carraro, D. M and de Mattos Cascardo, J. C and Castro, L. A and Cavalcanti, G and Chemale, G and Collevatti, R. G and Cunha, C. W and Dallagiovanna, B and Dambros, B. P and Dellagostin, O. A and Falcao, C and Fantinatti-Garboggini, F and Felipe, M. S. S and Fiorentin, L and Franco, G. R and Freitas, N. S. A and Frias, D and Grangeiro, T. B and Grisard, E. C and Guimaraes, C. T and Hungria, M and Jardim, S. N and Krieger, M. A and Laurino, J. P and Lima, L. F. A and Lopes, M. I and Loreto, E. L. S and Madeira, H. M. F and Manfio, G. P and Maranhao, A. Q and Martinkovics, C. T and Medeiros, S. R. B and Moreira, M. A. M and Neiva, M and Ramalho-Neto, C. E and Nicolas, M. F and Oliveira, S. C and Paixao, R. F. C and Pedrosa, F. O and Pena, S. D. J and Pereira, M and Pereira-Ferrari, L and Piffer, I and Pinto, L. S and Potrich, D. P and Salim, A. C. M and Santos, F. R and Schmitt, R and Schneider, M. P. C and Schrank, A and Schrank, I. S and Schuck, A. F and Seuanez, H. N and Silva, D. W and Silva, R and Silva, S. C and Soares, C. M. A and Souza, K. R. L and Souza, R. C and Staats, C. C and Steffens, M. B. R and Teixeira, S. M. R and Urmenyi, T. P and Vainstein, M. H and Zuccherato, L. W and Simpson, A. J. G and Zaha, A
Journal of bacteriology, ISSN 0021-9193, 2005, Volume 187, Issue 16, pp. 5568 - 5577
Journal Article
by Ana Tereza Ribeiro de Vasconcelos and Darcy F. de Almeida and Mariangela Hungria and Claudia Teixeira Guimarães and Regina Vasconcellos Antônio and Francisca Cunha Almeida and Luiz G. P. de Almeida and Rosana de Almeida and José Antonio Alves-Gomes and Elizabeth Mazoni Andrade and Julia Araripe and Magnólia Fernandes Florêncio de Araújo and Spartaco Astolfi-Filho and Vasco Azevedo and Alessandra Jorge Baptista and Luiz Artur Mendes Bataus and Jacqueline da Silva Batista and André Beló and Cássio van den Berg and Maurício Bogo and Sandro Bonatto and Juliano Bordignon and Marcelo Macedo Brigido and Cristiana Alves Brito and Marcelo Brocchi and Helio Almeida Burity and Anamaria Aranha Camargo and Divina das Dores de Paula Cardoso and Newton Portilho Carneiro and Dirce Maria Carraro and Cláudia Márcia Benedetto Carvalho and Júlio Cézar de Mattos Cascardo and Benildo Sousa Cavada and Ligia Maria O. Chueire and Tânia Beatriz Creczynski-Pasa and Nivaldo Costa da Cunha-Junior and Nelson Fagundes and Clarissa Lima Falcão and Fabiana Fantinatti and Izeni Pires Farias and Maria Sueli Soares Felipe and Lilian Pereira Ferrari and Jesus Aparecido Ferro and Maria Inês Tiraboschi Ferro and Gloria Regina Franco and Nara Suzy Aguiar de Freitas and Luiz Roberto Furlan and Ricardo Tostes Gazzinelli and Eliane Aparecida Gomes and Pablo Rodrigues Gonçalves and Thalles Barbosa Grangeiro and Dario Grattapaglia and Edmundo Carlos Grisard and Ebert Seixas Hanna and Sílvia Neto Jardim and Jomar Laurino and Lélia Cristina Tenório Leoi and Lucymara Fassarella Agnez Lima and Maria de Fatima Loureiro and Maria do Carmo Catanho Pereira de Lyra and Humberto Maciel França Madeira and Gilson Paulo Manfio and Andrea Queiroz Maranhão and Wellington Santos Martins and Sônia Marli Zingaretti di Mauro and Silvia Regina Batistuzzo de Medeiros and Rosely de Vasconcellos Meissner and Miguel Angelo Martins Moreira and Fabrícia Ferreira do Nascimento and Marisa Fabiana Nicolás and Jaquelline Germano Oliveira and Sergio Costa Oliveira and Roger Ferreira Cury Paixão and Juliana Alves Parente and Fabio de Oliveira Pedrosa and Sergio Danilo Junho Pena and José Odair Pereira and Maristela Pereira and Luciana Santos Rodrigues Costa Pinto and Luciano da Silva Pinto and Jorge Ivan Rebelo Porto and Deise Porto Potrich and Cicero Eduardo Ramalho-Neto and Alessandra Maria Moreira Reis and Liu Um Rigo and Edson Rondinelli and Elen Bethleen Pedraça do Santos and Fabrício R. Santos and Maria Paula Cruz Schneider and Hector N. Seuanez and Ana Maria Rodrigues Silva and Artur Luiz da Costa da Silva and Denise Wanderlei Silva and Rosane Silva and Isabella de Carmo Simões and Daniel Simon and Célia Maria de Almeida Soares and Renata de Bastos Ascenço Soares and Emanuel Maltempi Souza and Kelly Rose Lobo de Souza and ... and Brazilian National Genome Project Consortium
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 9/2003, Volume 100, Issue 20, pp. 11660 - 11665
Journal Article
Parasitology, ISSN 0031-1820, 07/2018, Volume 145, Issue 8, pp. 1059 - 1064
Journal Article
Revista de Biología Tropical, ISSN 0034-7744, 12/2015, Volume 63, Issue 4, pp. 903 - 914
AbstractIn tropical dry forests, the dynamics of herbaceous populations is strongly influenced by seasonal and annual variation in total rainfall. Moreover,... 
Biodiversity Conservation | Biology
Journal Article
Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira, ISSN 0100-736X, 2017, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp. 389 - 394
The aim of this study was to establish reference values for selected ophthalmic diagnostic tests in healthy blue-and-yellow macaws. We investigated a total of... 
Blue-and-yellow macaw | Normal microflora | Schirmer tear test | Birds | Ara araruna | Ophthalmic tests | Intraocular pressure | intraocular pressure | INTRAOCULAR-PRESSURE | DIAGNOSTIC-TESTS | birds | MORPHOLOGIC OBSERVATIONS | BACTERIAL-FLORA | EYE | blue-and-yellow macaw | normal microflora | FUNGAL FLORA | OCULAR FINDINGS | TEAR PRODUCTION | VETERINARY SCIENCES | REBOUND TONOMETRY
Journal Article
by Püttker, Thomas and Crouzeilles, Renato and Almeida-Gomes, Mauricio and Schmoeller, Marina and Maurenza, Daniel and Alves-Pinto, Helena and Pardini, Renata and Vieira, Marcus V and Banks-Leite, Cristina and Fonseca, Carlos R and Metzger, Jean Paul and Accacio, Gustavo M and Alexandrino, Eduardo R and Barros, Camila S and Bogoni, Juliano A and Boscolo, Danilo and Brancalion, Pedro H.S and Bueno, Adriana A and Cambui, Elaine C.B and Canale, Gustavo R and Cerqueira, Rui and Cesar, Ricardo G and Colletta, Gabriel D and Delciellos, Ana C and Dixo, Marianna and Estavillo, Candelaria and Esteves, Carolina F and Falcão, Fábio and Farah, Fabiano T and Faria, Deborah and Ferraz, Katia M.P.M.B and Ferraz, Silvio F.B and Ferreira, Patricia A and Graipel, Mauricio E and Grelle, Carlos E.V and Hernández, Malva I.M and Ivanauskas, Natalia and Laps, Rudi R and Leal, Inara R and Lima, Marilia M and Lion, Marilia B and Magioli, Marcelo and Magnago, Luiz F.S and Mangueira, Julia R.A.S and Marciano-Jr, Euvaldo and Mariano-Neto, Eduardo and Marques, Marcia C.M and Martins, Sebastião V and Matos, Marlla A and Matos, Fabio A.R and Miachir, Jeanette I and Morante-Filho, José M and Olifiers, Natalie and Oliveira-Santos, Luiz G.R and Paciencia, Mateus L.B and Paglia, Adriano P and Passamani, Marcelo and Peres, Carlos A and Pinto Leite, Clarissa M and Porto, Tiago J and Querido, Luciano C.A and Reis, Luciana C and Rezende, Andréia A and Rigueira, Dary M.G and Rocha, Pedro L.B and Rocha-Santos, Larissa and Rodrigues, Ricardo R and Santos, Rafael A.S and Santos, Juliana S and Silveira, Maxwell S and Simonelli, Marcelo and Tabarelli, Marcelo and Vasconcelos, Rodrigo N and Viana, Blandina F and Vieira, Emerson M and Prevedello, Jayme A
Biological conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 01/2020, Volume 241, p. 108368
Recent studies suggest that habitat amount is the main determinant of species richness, whereas habitat fragmentation has weak and mostly positive effects.... 
Journal Article
Forest Ecology and Management, ISSN 0378-1127, 05/2012, Volume 271, pp. 115 - 123
► Preserved vegetation fragments can maximize the recuperation of degraded areas. ► Tests on the effects of the distance of a fragment on recuperation of a... 
Population structure | Succession | Dispersal syndromes | Caatinga | Natural regeneration | REGENERATION | RESTORATION | PERNAMBUCO | RAIN | FRAGMENTS | TREES | COMMUNITY | DYNAMICS | FORESTRY | DRY FORESTS | EDGE
Journal Article
Revista de biología tropical, ISSN 0034-7744, 10/2015, Volume 63, Issue 4, p. 903
En los bosques tropicales secos, la dinámica de las poblaciones herbáceas están fuertemente influenciadas por la variación estacional y anual de la... 
Journal Article
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia, ISSN 1806-9339, 09/2001, Volume 23, Issue 8, pp. 517 - 521
Objetivo: verificar a associação entre o uso de abortivos durante o primeiro trimestre de gestação e a ocorrência de defeitos congênitos em recém-nascidos... 
Journal Article
2008 IEEE Latin American Robotic Symposium, 10/2008, pp. 196 - 201
MaeRobot is a platform for studying robotic systems that interact with wireless networks. MaeRobotpsilas main goal is to provide a simple way to create and... 
Costs | Educational robots | Wheels | Mobile robots | Robot programming | Wireless communication | Service robots | Linux | Embedded Linux OS | Prototypes | Robotics Educational Kit | maemo | Testing | Python | Maemo | Robotics educational kit | Embedded linux OS
Conference Proceeding
Revista Brasileira de ginecologia e obstetrícia, ISSN 0100-7203, 09/2001, Volume 23, Issue 8, pp. 517 - 521
Journal Article