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1995, 2nd ed., ISBN 1566701112, 248
1962, 21
Assisted by a financial grant from the Institute of Fisheries at the University of British Columbia the author inspected a number of fish facilities in the... 
Eire | fish culture | hatcheries | fishery industry plants
1961, 301
This volume outlines the fundamentals of fishway design, location, water control, etc., and provides the special knowledge of hydraulics necessary in solving... 
weirs | salmo | barriers | screens | hydroelectric power plants | fishways | hydraulic engineering | fisheries | oncorhynchus | freshwater | dams
The Plant Cell, ISSN 1040-4651, 3/2010, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp. 973 - 990
Despite the fact that roots are the organs most subject to microbial interactions, very little is known about the response of roots to microbe-associated... 
Pathogens | Microorganisms | Rhizodeposition | Plant roots | Bacteria | Chitin | Biosynthesis | Plants | Seedlings | Plant cells | ALTERNARIA-BRASSICICOLA | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | PSEUDOMONAS-SYRINGAE | SYSTEMIC ACQUIRED-RESISTANCE | PLANT SCIENCES | CELL BIOLOGY | PHYTOTOXIN CORONATINE | NONHOST RESISTANCE | SALICYLIC-ACID | METHYL JASMONATE | PLANT DEFENSE | RHIZOSPHERE BACTERIA | PHYTOALEXIN CAMALEXIN | Peptidoglycan - metabolism | Thiazoles - metabolism | Salicylic Acid - metabolism | Arabidopsis - immunology | Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System - metabolism | Plant Roots - genetics | Pseudomonas | Ethylenes - metabolism | Arabidopsis Proteins - metabolism | Indoles - metabolism | Chitin - metabolism | Glucans - metabolism | Plant Roots - metabolism | Plants, Genetically Modified - genetics | Signal Transduction | Plants, Genetically Modified - immunology | RNA, Plant - genetics | Arabidopsis - metabolism | N-Glycosyl Hydrolases - metabolism | Arabidopsis - genetics | Host-Pathogen Interactions | Oxylipins - metabolism | Flagella - metabolism | Plants, Genetically Modified - metabolism | Plant Roots - immunology | Cyclopentanes - metabolism | Arabidopsis thaliana | Immune response | Plant molecular genetics | Diseases and pests | Roots (Botany) | Genetic aspects | Research | Life Sciences | Cellular Biology
Journal Article
Global Change Biology, ISSN 1354-1013, 2015, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp. 528 - 549
Journal Article
by Lutz, James A and Furniss, Tucker J and Johnson, Daniel J and Davies, Stuart J and Allen, David and Alonso, Alfonso and Anderson‐Teixeira, Kristina J and Andrade, Ana and Baltzer, Jennifer and Becker, Kendall M. L and Blomdahl, Erika M and Bourg, Norman A and Bunyavejchewin, Sarayudh and Burslem, David F. R. P and Cansler, C. Alina and Cao, Ke and Cao, Min and Cárdenas, Dairon and Chang, Li‐Wan and Chao, Kuo‐Jung and Chao, Wei‐Chun and Chiang, Jyh‐Min and Chu, Chengjin and Chuyong, George B and Clay, Keith and Condit, Richard and Cordell, Susan and Dattaraja, Handanakere S and Duque, Alvaro and Ewango, Corneille E. N and Fischer, Gunter A and Fletcher, Christine and Freund, James A and Giardina, Christian and Germain, Sara J and Gilbert, Gregory S and Hao, Zhanqing and Hart, Terese and Hau, Billy C. H and He, Fangliang and Hector, Andrew and Howe, Robert W and Hsieh, Chang‐Fu and Hu, Yue‐Hua and Hubbell, Stephen P and Inman‐Narahari, Faith M and Itoh, Akira and Janík, David and Kassim, Abdul Rahman and Kenfack, David and Korte, Lisa and Král, Kamil and Larson, Andrew J and Li, YiDe and Lin, Yiching and Liu, Shirong and Lum, Shawn and Ma, Keping and Makana, Jean‐Remy and Malhi, Yadvinder and McMahon, Sean M and McShea, William J and Memiaghe, Hervé R and Mi, Xiangcheng and Morecroft, Michael and Musili, Paul M and Myers, Jonathan A and Novotny, Vojtech and de Oliveira, Alexandre and Ong, Perry and Orwig, David A and Ostertag, Rebecca and Parker, Geoffrey G and Patankar, Rajit and Phillips, Richard P and Reynolds, Glen and Sack, Lawren and Song, Guo‐Zhang M and Su, Sheng‐Hsin and Sukumar, Raman and Sun, I‐Fang and Suresh, Hebbalalu S and Swanson, Mark E and Tan, Sylvester and Thomas, Duncan W and Thompson, Jill and Uriarte, Maria and Valencia, Renato and Vicentini, Alberto and Vrška, Tomáš and Wang, Xugao and Weiblen, George D and Wolf, Amy and Wu, Shu‐Hui and Xu, Han and Yamakura, Takuo and Yap, Sandra and Zimmerman, Jess K and Kerkhoff, Andrew
Global Ecology and Biogeography, ISSN 1466-822X, 07/2018, Volume 27, Issue 7, pp. 849 - 864
Journal Article
by Gould, A and Dong, Subo and Gaudi, B. S and Udalski, A and Bond, I. A and Greenhill, J and Street, R. A and Dominik, M and Sumi, T and Szymański, M. K and Han, C and Allen, W and Bolt, G and Bos, M and Christie, G. W and DePoy, D. L and Drummond, J and Eastman, J. D and Gal-Yam, A and Higgins, D and Janczak, J and Kaspi, S and Kozłowski, S and Lee, C.-U and Mallia, F and Maury, A and Maoz, D and McCormick, J and Monard, L. A. G and Moorhouse, D and Morgan, N and Natusch, T and Ofek, E. O and Park, B.-G and Pogge, R. W and Polishook, D and Santallo, R and Shporer, A and Spector, O and Thornley, G and Yee, J. C and Kubiak, M and Pietrzyński, G and Soszyński, I and Szewczyk, O and Wyrzykowski, Ł and Ulaczyk, K and Poleski, R and Abe, F and Bennett, D. P and Botzler, C. S and Douchin, D and Freeman, M and Fukui, A and Furusawa, K and Hearnshaw, J. B and Hosaka, S and Itow, Y and Kamiya, K and Kilmartin, P. M and Korpela, A and Lin, W and Ling, C. H and Makita, S and Masuda, K and Matsubara, Y and Miyake, N and Muraki, Y and Nagaya, M and Nishimoto, K and Ohnishi, K and Okumura, T and Perrott, Y. C and Philpott, L and Rattenbury, N and Saito, To and Sako, T and Sullivan, D. J and Sweatman, W. L and Tristram, P. J and von Seggern, E and Yock, P. C. M and Albrow, M and Batista, V and Beaulieu, J. P and Brillant, S and Caldwell, J and Calitz, J. J and Cassan, A and Cole, A and Cook, K and Coutures, C and Dieters, S and Dominis Prester, D and Donatowicz, J and Fouqué, P and Hill, K and Hoffman, M and Jablonski, F and Kane, S. R and ... and MiNDSTEp Consortium and MOA Collaboration and RoboNet Collaboration and OGLE Collaboration and PLANET Collaboration and FUN Collaboration and The OGLE Collaboration and The PLANET Collaboration and The MiNDSTEp Consortium and The RoboNet Collaboration and The μFUN Collaboration and The MOA Collaboration
The Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 09/2010, Volume 720, Issue 2, pp. 1073 - 1089
Journal Article
by Skowron, J and Udalski, A and Gould, A and Dong, Subo and Monard, L.A.G and Han, C and Nelson, C.R and McCormick, J and Moorhouse, D and Thornley, G and Maury, A and Bramich, D.M and Greenhill, J and Kozłowski, S and Bond, I and Poleski, R and Wyrzykowski, Ł and Ulaczyk, K and Kubiak, M and Szymański, M.K and Pietrzyński, G and Soszyński, I and Gaudi, B.S and Yee, J.C and Hung, L.-W and Pogge, R.W and Depoy, D.L and Lee, C.-U and Park, B.-G and Allen, W and Mallia, F and Drummond, J and Bolt, G and Allan, A and Browne, P and Clay, N and Dominik, M and Fraser, S and Horne, K and Kains, N and Mottram, C and Snodgrass, C and Steele, I and Street, R.A and Tsapras, Y and Abe, F and Bennett, D.P and Botzler, C.S and Douchin, D and Freeman, M and Fukui, A and Furusawa, K and Hayashi, F and Hearnshaw, J.B and Hosaka, S and Itow, Y and Kamiya, K and Kilmartin, P.M and Korpela, A and Lin, W and Ling, C.H and Makita, S and Masuda, K and Matsubara, Y and Muraki, Y and Nagayama, T and Miyake, N and Nishimoto, K and Ohnishi, K and Perrott, Y.C and Rattenbury, N and Saito, To and Skuljan, L and Sullivan, D.J and Sumi, T and Suzuki, D and Sweatman, W.L and Tristram, P.J and Wada, K and Yock, P.C.M and Beaulieu, J.-P and Fouqué, P and Albrow, M.D and Batista, V and Brillant, S and Caldwell, J.A.R and Cassan, A and Cole, A and Cook, K.H and Coutures, Ch and Dieters, S and Prester, D. Dominis and Donatowicz, J and Kane, S.R and Kubas, D and Marquette, J.-B and Martin, R and Menzies, J and Sahu, K.C and Wambsganss, J and ... and Planet Collaboration and Collaboration, F and Ogle Collaboration and Moa Collaboration and Robonet Collaboration and The RoboNet Collaboration53 and The OGLE Collaboration47 and The PLANET Collaboration and The MOA Collaboration51 and The μFUN Collaboration48
Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 09/2011, Volume 738, Issue 1, p. 87
We present the first example of binary microlensing for which the parameter measurements can be verified (or contradicted) by future Doppler observations. This... 
Journal Article
by Tomkins-Netzer, Oren and Lightman, Susan and Drye, Lea and Kempen, John and Holland, Gary N and Rao, Narsing A and Stawell, Richard J and Vitale, Albert and Jabs, Douglas A and Jaffe, G.J and Branchaud, B and Hahn, P and Koreen, L and Lad, E.N and Lin, P and Martel, J.N and Serrano, N.S and Skalak, C and Vajzovic, L and Baer, C and Bryant, J and Chavala, S and Cusick, M and Day, S and Dayani, P and Ehlers, J and Kesen, M and Lee, A and Melamud, A and Qureshi, J.A and Scott, A.W and See, R.F and Shuler, R.K and Wood, M and Yeh, S and Fernandes, A and Gibbs, D and Leef, D and Martin, D.F and Srivastava, S and Dunn, J.P and Begum, H and Boring, J and Brotherson, K.L and Burkholder, B and Butler, N.J and Cain, D and Cook, M.A and Emmert, D and Graul, J.R and Herring, M and Laing, A and Leung, T.G and Mahon, M.C and Moradi, A and Nwankwo, A and Ostheimer, T.L and Reed, T and Arnold, E and Barnabie, P.M and Belair, M.L and Bolton, S.G and Brodine, J.B and Brown, D.M and Brune, L.M and Galor, A and Gan, T and Jacobowitz, A and Kapoor, M and Kedhar, S and Kim, S and Leder, H.A and Livingston, A.G and Morton, Y and Nolan, K and Peters, G.B and Soto, P and Stevenson, R and Tarver-Carr, M and Wang, Y and Foster, C and Anesi, S.D and Bruner, L and Ceron, O and Hinkle, D.M and Persons, N and Wentworth, B and Acevedo, S and Anzaar, F and Cesca, T and Contero, A and Fitzpatrick, K and Goronga, F and Johnson, J and Lebron, K.Q and Marvell, D and Morgan, C and Patel, N and Pinto, J and Siddique, S.S and ... and Multictr Uveitis Steroid Treatment and Multicenter Uveitis Steroid Treatment Trial Research Group
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 11/2015, Volume 122, Issue 11, pp. 2351 - 2359
Journal Article