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by François, Bruno and Mercier, Emmanuelle and Gonzalez, Céline and Asehnoune, Karim and Nseir, Saad and Fiancette, Maud and Desachy, Arnaud and Plantefève, Gaëtan and Meziani, Ferhat and de Lame, Paul-André and Laterre, Pierre-François and Clavel, Marc and Vignon, Philippe and Pichon, Nicolas and Daix, Thomas and Fedou, Anne-Laure and Barraud, Olivier and Nouaille, Michelle and Bourzeix, Paul and Laleu, Séverine and Dequin, Pierre-François and Guillon, Antoine and Ehrmann, Stephan and Garot, Denis and Legras, Annick and Siméon Vieules, Véronique and Mabillat, Christine and Aubrey, Aurélie and Roquilly, Antoine and Cinotti, Raphaël and Mahé, Pierre-Joachim and Demeure, Dominique and Soria, Albane and Flattrès, Delphine and Colin, Gwenhaël and Yehia, Aihem and Lacherade, Jean-Claude and Vinatier, Isabelle and Lebert, Christine and Alcourt, Yolaine and Maguigneau, Natacha and Zinzoni, Vanessa and Fally, Marie-Anne and Robin, Laurence and Pajot, Olivier and Boitrou, Emmanuelle and Favory, Raphaël and Poissy, Julien and Rouze, Anahita and Delcourte, Claire and Rabouel, Yannick and Helms, Julie and Clere-Jehl, Raphaël and Monnier, Alexandra and Merdji, Hamid and Chenaf, Samir and Allam, Hayet and Franja, Vincenta and Wittebole, Xavier and Hantson, Philippe and Colienne, Christine and Gérard, Ludovic and Montiel, Virginie and Castanares Zapatero, Diego and Renard, Suzanne and Dujardin, Marie France and Berghe, Caroline and Gielens, Leslie and MASTER1 Study Grp and MASTER 1 study group and for the MASTER 1 study group
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 11/2018, Volume 44, Issue 11, pp. 1787 - 1796
Journal Article
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