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craniocerebral trauma - drug therapy (2) 2
craniocerebral trauma - mortality (2) 2
glucocorticoids - administration & dosage (2) 2
humans (2) 2
infusions, intravenous (2) 2
medicine, general & internal (2) 2
methylprednisolone - administration & dosage (2) 2
risk factors (2) 2
adolescent (1) 1
adult (1) 1
adults (1) 1
botanical science (1) 1
botanists (1) 1
botany (1) 1
brain-injury (1) 1
care management (1) 1
clinical outcomes (1) 1
clinical trials (1) 1
corticosteroids (1) 1
craniocerebral trauma - diagnostic imaging (1) 1
dosage and administration (1) 1
double-blind method (1) 1
drug therapy (1) 1
female (1) 1
follow-up studies (1) 1
glasgow coma scale (1) 1
head injuries (1) 1
history (1) 1
intensive-care (1) 1
male (1) 1
methylprednisolone (1) 1
middle aged (1) 1
mortality (1) 1
phytobiology (1) 1
phytography (1) 1
phytology (1) 1
plant biology (1) 1
plant science (1) 1
spinal-cord-injury (1) 1
survival rate (1) 1
tomography, x-ray computed (1) 1
treatment outcome (1) 1
united kingdom (1) 1
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by Baigent, Colin and Bracken, Michael and Chadwick, David and Curley, Kevin and Duley, Lelia and Farrell, Barbara and Haegi, Marcel and Lomas, Gabrielle and Nickson, Graham and Peto, Richard and Pickard, John and Roberts, Ian and Sandercock, Peter and Teasdale, Graham and Wasserberg, Jonathan and Yates, David and Collins, Rory and Haines, Stephen and MacMahon, Stephen and Warlow, Charles and Edwards, Phil and Farrell, Arbara and Lomas, Gabrielle and Ritchie, Nin and Roberts, Ian and Sandercock, Peter and Shakur, Aleema and Teasdale, Graham and Wasserberg, Jonathan and Yates, David and Shakur, Haleema and Roberts, Ian and Edwards, Phil and Ramos, Maria and Barnetson, Lin and Fernandes, Janice and Tooth, Donna and Free, Cari and Narayanan, Leena and Collander, Johan and Abernethy, Julia and Bardswell, Josephine and Ritchie, Nin and Mashru, Reshma and Godward, Catherine and Afolabi, Elizabeth and Ritchie, Adrian and Hosford, Tessa and Pantrini, Shiela and Massey, Sheila and Collingwood, Amber and Edwards, Phil and Arango, Miguel and Balica, Laura and Cottingham, Rowland and El-Sayed, Hesham and Farrell, Barbara and Fernandes, Janice and Gogichaisvili, Tamar and Golden, Nyoman and Hartzenberg, Bennie and Husain, Mazhar and Ulloa, Mario Izurieta and Jerbi, Zouheir and Khamis, Hussein and Komolafe, Edward and Laloë, Véronique and Lomas, Gabrielle and Ludwig, Silke and Mazairac, Guy and De Los Angeles Muñoz Sanchéz, Maria and Nasi, Luis and Olldashi, Fatos and Plunkett, Patrick and Roberts, Ian and Sandercock, Peter and Shakur, Haleema and Soler, Caridad and Stocker, Reto and Svoboda, Petr and Trenkler, Stefan and Venkataramana, N.K and Wasserberg, Jonathan and Yates, David and Yutthakasemsunt, Surakrant and CRASH Trial Collaborators and CRASH trial collaborators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 2005, Volume 365, Issue 9475, pp. 1957 - 1959
Journal Article
by Olldashi, Fatos and Muzha, Itan and Filipi, Nikolin and Lede, Roberto and Copertari, Pablo and Traverso, Carolina and Copertari, Alejandro and Vergara, Enrique Alfredo and Montenegro, Carolina and De Huidobro, Roberto Ruiz and Surt, Karina and Cialzeta, José and Lazzeri, Silvio and Piñero, Gustavo and Ciccioli, Fabiana and Videtta, Walter and Barboza, María Fernanda and Svampa, Silvana and Sciuto, Victor and Domeniconi, Gustavo and Bustamante, Marcelo and Waschbusch, Maximiliano and Gullo, María Paula and Drago, Daniel Alberto and Linares, Juan Carlos Arjona and Camputaro, Luis and Tróccoli, Gustavo and Galimberti, Hernán and Tallott, Mandy and Eybner, Christian and Buchinger, Walter and Fitzal, Sylvia and Mazairac, Guy and Oleffe, Véronique and Grollinger, Thierry and Delvaux, Philippe and Carlier, Laurent and Braet, Veronique and Jacques, Jean-Marie and De Knoop, Danielle and Nasi, Luiz and Choi, Humberto Kukhuyn and Schmitt, Mara and Gentil, André and Nacul, Flavio and Barrios, Pedro Bedoya and Xinkang, Chen and Hua, Lin Shao and Tian, Huang Han and Xiaodong, Cai and Gualteros, Wilson and Otero, Alvaro Ardila and Arango, Miguel and Ciro, Juan and Jaramillo, Hector and Garcia, Gloria and Gonzalez, Ignacio and Gomez, Carolina and Arias, Arturo and Fonseca, Marco and Mora, Carlos and Cabrera, Edgar Giovanni Luna and Betancurth, José Luis and Muñoz, Porfirio and Quiñónez, Jesus Alberto and Castillo, Maria Esther Gonzalez and Lopez, Orlando and Yepes, Rafael Perez and Cuellar, Diana Leon and Paez, Gerson and Chaves, Hernán Delgado and Ordoñez, Pablo Emilio and Plata, Ricardo and Pineda, Martha and Pulido, Libardo Enrique and Jaramillo, John Sergio Velez and Rebolledo, Carlos and Palma, Oscar and Soler, Caridad and Pastrana, Irene and Falero, Raul and Perera, Mario Domínguez and García, Agustín Arocha and Oliva, Raydel and Delgado, Hubiel López and Carnero, Aida Madrazo and López, Boris Leyva and Gallardo, Angel Lacerda and Morales, Amarilys Ortega and Lezcano, Humberto and Ferrer, Marcos Iraola and Bess, Irene Zamalea and Canino, Gladys Rivas and Ruiz, Ernesto Miguel Piferrer and Cruz, Orlando Garcia and Svoboda, Petr and Kantorová, Ilona and Ochmann, Jiří and Scheer, Peter and Kozumplík, Ladislav and ... and CRASH Trial Collaborators and CRASH trial collaborators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2004, Volume 364, Issue 9442, pp. 1321 - 1328
Journal Article
1965, History of learning and science in Finland, 1828-1918, Volume 8
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