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by Mebazaa, Alexandre and Geven, Christopher and Hollinger, Alexa and Wittebole, Xavier and Chousterman, Benjamin Glen and Blet, Alice and Gayat, Etienne and Hartmann, Oliver and Scigalla, Paul and Struck, Joachim and Bergmann, Andreas and Antonelli, Massimo and Beishuizen, Albertus and Constantin, Jean-Michel and Damoisel, Charles and Deye, Nicolas and Di Somma, Salvatore and Dugernier, Thierry and François, Bruno and Gaudry, Stephane and Huberlant, Vincent and Lascarrou, Jean-Baptiste and Marx, Gernot and Mercier, Emmanuelle and Oueslati, Haikel and Pickkers, Peter and Sonneville, Romain and Legrand, Matthieu and Laterre, Pierre-François and Laterre, Pierre François and Berghe, Caroline and Dujardin, Marie-France and Renard, Suzanne and Collienne, Christine and Zapatero, Diego Castanares and Vinetti, Marco and De Schryver, Nicolas and Thirifays, Anne and Mairesse, Jacques and Petre, Hélène and Buelens, Isabelle and Henin, Pierre and Trine, Hugues and Laurent, Yves and Sébastien, Loix and Geukens, Paul and Kehl, Laurent and Vignon, Philippe and Pichon, Nicolas and Begot, Emmanuelle and Fedou, Anne-Laure and Chapellas, Catherine and Galy, Antoine and Rodier, Nicolas and Baudrillart, Ludmilla and Nouaille, Michelle and Laleu, Séverine and Mancia, Claire and Daix, Thomas and Bourzeix, Paul and Herafa, Isabelle and Duchambon, Anne-Aurore and Lascarrou, Jean Baptiste and Fiancette, Maud and Colin, Gwenhael and Henry-Lagarrigue, Matthieu and Lacherade, Jean-Claude and Lebert, Christine and Martin-Levèvre, Laurent and Vinatier, Isabelle and Yehia, Aihem and Bachoumas, Konstantinos and Joret, Aurélie and Reignier, Jean and Rousseau, Cécille and Maquigneau, Natacha and Alcourt, Yolaine and Zinzonni, Vanessa Erragne and Deschamps, Angélique and Robert, Angelina and Simeon-Vieules, Véronique and Aubrey, Aurélie and Mabilat, Christine and Garot, Denis and Ehrmann, Stephan and Legras, Annick and Jouan, Youenn and Dequin, Pierre François and Guillon, Antoine and Bodet-Contentin, Laetitia and Rouve, Emmannuelle and Salmon, Charlotte and Brick, Lysiane and Massat, Stéphanie and Desachy, Arnaud and Fally, Marie Anne and Robin, Laurence and Cracco, Christophe and Lafon, Charles and Calvat, Sylvie and ... and AdrenOSS-1 Study Investigators and AdrenOSS-1 study investigators
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 12/2018, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 354 - 12
Journal Article
Journal Article
Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis, ISSN 0094-6176, 2006, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp. 71 - 76
Journal Article
07/2017, ISBN 9780128018361
Kidney-transplanted patients need adequate care in order to improve the kidney injury encountered during the surgical procedure related ischemia-reperfusion... 
Dopamine | Central venous pressure monitoring | Renal allograft compartment syndrome | Fluid therapy | Global outcomes
Book Chapter
2014, ISBN 9780123985231
Liver failure may occur in patients with no history of liver disease, as a result of an acute decompensation of a chronic liver insufficiency after an acute... 
Liver failure | MARS | Acute poisoning | Extracorporeal liver assist devices
Book Chapter
by Abecassis, Michael and Abed, Ahmed and Abelli, Massimo and Ahmad, Sarwat and Alessiani, Mario and Alsharidi, Aynaa and Altruda, Fiorella and Amorese, Gabriella and Angeletti, Andrea and Angelico, Roberta and Angelico, Mario and Angelotti, Maria L and Applegate, Robert J and Atala, Anthony and Attanasio, Chiara and Axelrod, David and Bababekov, Yanik and Basu, Joydeep and Becherucci, Francesca and Belford, P. Matthew and Benedetti, Valentina and Benedetti, Enrico and Benigni, Ariela and Bertram, Timothy A and Bestard, Oriol and Blake, Joshua and Boggi, Ugo and Brasile, Lauren and Bromberg, Jonathan S and Brouard, Sophie and Brovold, Matthew and Burke, George W and Busic, Mirela and Butt, Zeeshan and Caddeo, Silvia and Calzone, Stefano and Campistol, Josep M and Carmagnola, Irene and Carty, Fiona and Castanares-Zapatero, Diego and Chadjichristos, Christos E and Chambers, Brooke E and Chandran, Sindhu and Chatziantoniou, Christos and Chen, Linda and Chen, Xiwu and Chen, Ashton and Chiono, Valeria and Chiusa, Manuel and Ciancio, Gaetano and Ciardelli, Gianluca and Coletti, Gino and Coll, Elisabeth and Collienne, Christine and Colvin, Robert B and Cortinovis, Monica and Cosimi, A. Benedict and Cravedi, Paolo and D’Amico, Giuseppe and Da Sacco, Stefano and Danger, Richard and Dantal, Jacques and Davidson, Alan J and De Chiara, Letizia and De Fijter, Johannes W and de la Rosa, Gloria and Delmonico, Francis L and Deng, Junhong and Deurdulian, Corinne and Dhal, Abritee and Dionigi, Paolo and Domínguez-Gil, Beatriz and Drozdzik, Marek and Dussaule, Jean-Claude and Edgar, Lauren and Egidi, Maria Francesca and El Hennawy, Hany and English, Karen and Everly, Matthew J and Fagoonee, Sharmila and Famulari, Elvira Smeralda and Farney, Alan C and Figliuzzi, Marina and Framarino-dei-Malatesta, Marialuisa and Fumo, David E and Gagliardini, Elena and Gallon, Lorenzo and Gandhi, Sanjay K and Gautreaux, Michael D and Geraedts, Anna and Giannese, Domenico and Giulianotti, Pier C and Goligorsky, Michael S and Griesemar, Adam and Grinyó, Josep M and Gruessner, Rainer W.G and Gruessner, Angelika C and He, Bulang and Heher, Eliot and Ho, Bing and ...
2017, ISBN 9780128018361
Book Chapter
by Afroze, Syeda H and Alpini, Gianfranco and Anderson, Eric C and Atala, Anthony and Badylak, Stephen F and Baiguera, Silvia and Baiocchi, Leonardo and Baptista, Pedro M and Bejarano-Pineda, Lorena and Benedetti, Enrico and Beraldi, Rosanna and Berdichevski, Alexandra and Bhuyan, Mohammod and Bishop, Alex G and Bitar, Khalil N and Blose, Kory J and Brasile, Lauren and Braza, Faouzi and Breuer, Christopher K and Brouard, Sophie and Brown, Bryan N and Burke, George W and Butler, Peter E and Butler, Colin R and Calderon, Damelys and Cancedda, Ranieri and Cantero Peral, Susana and Carbone, Marco and Castanares-Zapatero, Diego and Castro Santa, Edward and Chatenoud, Lucienne and Chawla, Reema and Chen, Linda and Chiono, Valeria and Ciancio, Gaetano and Ciardelli, Gianluca and Ciccarelli, Olga and Collienne, Christine and Corradini, Francesca and Cortiella, Joaquin and Cravedi, Paolo and Cypel, Marcelo and Da Sacco, Stefano and Date, Hiroshi and Davies, Paige S and De Coppi, Paolo and De Luca, Michele and Dean, Ethan W and Degauque, Nicolas and Domínguez-Bendala, Juan and Dubernard, Jean Michel and ElBackly, Rania M and English, Karen and Fändrich, Fred and Farney, Alan C and Faulk, Denver M and García-Arrarás, José E and Gianello, Pierre and Giangreco, Adam and Glaser, Shannon S and Gobble, Ryan and Goldstein, Aaron S and Grant, Christa N and Grikscheit, Tracy C and Gruessner, Rainer W.G and Gruessner, Angelika C and Guillot, Pascale V and Hamilton, Nicholas and Hantson, Philippe and Hemal, Sij and Hematti, Peiman and Hynds, Robert E and Inverardi, Luca and Jacquet, Luc M and Janes, Sam M and Jell, Gavin and Jensen, Kendal and Jochmans, Ina and Kanai, Nobuo and Katari, Ravi and Keshavjee, Shaf and Kim, Yeonhee and Kim, Jaehyup and King, Nancy M.P and Kobayashi, Eiji and Koshiba, Takaaki and Krawiec, Jeffrey T and Kurobe, Hirotsugu and Lai, Quirino and Lanzoni, Giacomo and Laterre, Pierre-François and Lerut, Jan P and Lerut, Toni and Li, Ou and Macchiarini, Paolo and Maghsoudlou, Panagiotis and Mamode, Nizam and Manzia, Tommaso M and Martinez-Fernandez, Almudena and Martovetsky, Gleb and ...
2014, ISBN 9780123985231
Book Chapter
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