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by Thoma, Brent and Chan, Teresa M and Chan, Kathryn and Kapur, Puneet and Sifford, Derek and Siemens, Marshall and Paddock, Michael and Paddock, Mike and Ankel, Felix and Grock, Andrew and Grock, Andy and Lin, Michelle and Lin, Yingchun and Alexander, Charlotte and Alkhalifah, Mohammed and Almehlisi, Abdulaziz S and Alqahtani, Saeed and Anderson, Scott and Anderson, Shelaina and Andrews, Colin and Andruko, Jocelyn and Antony, Nikytha and Aryal, Diptesh and Backus, Barbra and Baird, Jennifer and Baker, Andrew and Batty, Sarah and Baylis, Jared and Beaumont, Braeden and Belcher, Chris and Benavides, Brent and Benham, Michael and Botta, Julian and Bouchard, Nicholas and Brazil, Victoria and Brumfield, Emily and Bryson, Anthony and Bunchit, Wisarut and Butler, Kat and Buzikievich, Lindy and Calcara, David and Carey, Rob and Carroll, Stephen and Cassidy, Louise and Challen, Kirsty and Chaplin, Tim and Chatham-Zvelebil, Natasha and Chen, Eric and Chen, Lucy and Chhabra, Sushant and Chin, Alvin and Chochi, Eric and Choudhri, Tina and Christensen, Jeremy and Colmers-Gray, Isabelle and Connors, Kimberly and Coppersmith, Veronica and Cosgrove, Abby and Costello, Gregory and Cullison, Kevin and D'Alessandro, Andrew and de Wit, Kerstin and Decock, Marie and Delbani, Rayan and Denq, William and Deutscher, Julianna and Devine, Brendan and Dorsett, Maia and Duda, Taylor and Dueweke, Justin and Dunphy, Teresa and Dyer, Sean and Eastley, Karthryn T and Edmonds, Marcia and Edwards, Ken and Ehrman, Robert and Elkhalidy, Youness and Fedor, Preston and Ficiur, Brian and Flynn, Caley and Fraser, Bill and Fu, Meagan and Fukakusa, James and Funk, Eric and Gaco, Damjan and Gawlik, Viktor and Ghaffarian, Kenn and Gharahbaghian, Laleh and Griffith, Phil and Griffith, Andrew and Gronowski, Tanner and Grossman, Cathy and Gucwa, Jaroslaw and Gupta, Pawan and Gustafson, Alexandra and Guy, Andrew and Haas, Mary and Haciski, Stanislaw and Hajdinjak, Emina and Hall, Andrew K and ... and METRIQ Study Collaborators
Annals of Emergency Medicine, ISSN 0196-0644, 12/2018, Volume 72, Issue 6, pp. 696 - 702
Online educational resources such as blogs are increasingly used for education by emergency medicine clinicians. The Social Media Index was developed to... 
EMERGENCY MEDICINE | EDUCATION | Weblogs | Social media | Analysis | Emergency medicine
Journal Article
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