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Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecologia, ISSN 0304-5013, 2015
Uterine rupture during pregnancy is a rare complication with high maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality. This complication usually occurs in the advanced... 
Pregnancy | Second trimester | Uterine rupture | Spontaneous | Placenta percreta
Journal Article
Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecologia, ISSN 0304-5013, 02/2013, Volume 56, Issue 2, pp. 86 - 89
Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome is a multisystemic disease with autosomal recessive inheritance, mainly characterized by oculo-cutaneous albinism and impaired... 
Pregnancy | Platelet dysfunction | Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome
Journal Article
Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecologia, ISSN 0304-5013, 12/2012, Volume 55, Issue 10, pp. 510 - 513
Amniotic fluid embolism is an uncommon and serious clinical syndrome that leads to high mortality. Its complex pathophysiology produces dyspnea, confusion,... 
Postpartum hemorrhage | Disseminated intravascular coagulation | Amniotic embolism fluid
Journal Article
by Cortés Bordoy, Javier and Xercavins, Jordi and Garrido, Rogelio and Miranda, Pilar and Ramón y Cajal, José Manuel and Velasco, Julio and Dexeus, Demián and Álvarezy, Elena and Centeno, Cristina and Blasco Zapater, María Pilar and Olives, Margarita Burgues and Sánchez, María Cáceres and Castro Lezcano, Alfonso de and Río Castrillo, M. Pilar Del and Gubert, Inmaculada Ibars and Mercè Roselló, Hanna Mohamad Darwich and Córdova, Melba Torres and Morán, Vicenta Turrado and Monera, Manuela Amorós and Arroyuelo, Stella Maris and Florián, Virginia Borobio and Amat, Esteve Cañas and Lucena, Francisco Capell and Molina, Cristina García and Giugni, Aldo and López, Cristina Mañas and Méndez Paredes, José Ramón and Urruela, Xavier Planas and Domingo, M. Jesús Rodríguez and Puges, Maite Rovira and González, Pilar Torre and Gelonch, José Aixala and Santacana, M. Teresa Antorn and Treguany, Javier Fabregat and Herrera, María Ximena and Mele, Laura and Peroy Pérez, José María and Teixidó, Jaume Tarazona and Segura, Valentí Badía and Mir, Albert Canals and Aparici, Montserrat Cardona and García, Carlos D. Caso and Raurell, Carme Castells and Rodríguez, Manuel del Campo and Badia, Ramon Espelti and Gómez, Isabel Fernández and Juanos, Jorge Leira and Domínguez, Fernando Losa and Juyol, Amadeu Morera and Simo, Jordi Portella and Blasco, Margarita Riera and Mata, Raúl Villanueva and Romina Castagno, Amèlia Acera Pérez and Colomer, Assumpta and Grau, Teresa Farguell and de la Calle, Isidora Hernández and Dalmases, Joan Matas and Mazano, Marta Ortega and Sanfeliu, Federico and Espinós, Montserrat Twose and Royo, Montserrat Alcalde and Borell Molins, Anna Cristina and Cadiñanos de Tejeiro, María del Mar and Girbau, Meritxell Gispert and Expósito, Verónica Márquez and Enric Bosch Felip, Joan Meléndez Rusiñol and de Clarke, Neomicia Cruz and Román, Blanca Domenecha and Garcés, Aurora Francesch and Font, Yolanda Guillemat and Miranda Lucas, M. José and Centelles, Fernanda Pla and Rodríguez Corral, Neus Luisa and del Caño, Milagros Rubio and Escofet, Teresa Sánchez and de la Paz, Elisabet Segura and Massllorens, Jordi Sentís and Sales, Eva Soto and Pla, Enrique Trullén and Guillén, Ramón Velasco and Flores, Jorge Bermúdez and Compte, Gregori Borras and Bernat, Eva Ciriquian and Fuste, Núria and Gasull, Miseriordia Guinot and Aréjula, Pere Lauroba and Rodríguez, Fernando Marín and Clos, Carme Novoa and Capdevila, Josep Palaui and Radial, Guadalupe Peñalva and Pérez, Alex Sanjuán and Hernándezy, Juan José and Ramírez, Mar and Frischkorn, Alfonso Duque and Alaguero, Alicia Gutiérrez and Cano Cuetos, Ana Esmeralda and Manrique, Ana Gómez and Sánchez, Ana Pérez and Guindo, Ana Román and Rabanal, Antonio Rabanal and ...
Progresos de Obstetricia y Ginecologia, ISSN 0304-5013, 2012, Volume 55, Issue 4, pp. 153 - 164
Objective: To assess the degree of knowledge of the new recommendations of the Spanish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Sociedad Española de Ginecología y... 
Screening | Human papillomavirus | Cancer of the cervix | SEGO recommendations
Journal Article
by Basile, L and Ciruela, P and Requena-Mendez, A and Vidal, MJ and Dopico, E and Martin-Nalda, A and Sulleiro, E and Gascon, J and Jane, M and Cebollero, A and Carrascon, A and Moreira, A and Soto, AT and Martin, A and Ballester, A and Bragulat, A and Soligo, A and Bastarras, AV and Paya, A and Soriano-Arandes, A and Sorni, A and Calvo, A and Mur, A and Colomer, A and Carral, B and Trevino, B and Guarch, B and Orta, C and Rodrigo, C and Galles, C and Garrido, C and Molina, C and Mora, C and Munoz, C and Marti, C and Sanjose, C and Guardia, C and Cortes, C and Gutierrez, C and Martinez, C and Riera, C and Soler, C and Gonzalez, D and Guix, D and Mir, ES and Padilla, E and Llurba, E and Del Amo, E and Moliner, E and Esteba, EP and Coll, E and Rodriguez, E and Monaco, E and Munoz, E and Freixas, E and Sarda, E and Ballester, F and Gomez, F and Barranco, F and Ripoll, F and Fargas, FJ and Falguera, G and Fernandez-Rivas, G and Ginovart, G and Navarro, G and Garcia-Pardo, G and Lorenzo, G and Ouaarab, H and Caubet, I and Claveria, I and Sanfeliu, I and Molina, I and Blanch, J and Marti, JA and Farre, J and Costa, J and Prat, JGI and Fulquet, J and Jove, JP and Armengol, J and Riera, JC and Villar, J and Torrent, LS and De La Torre, L and Delgado, L and Valerio, L and Montsant, L and Mayol, L and Valls, ME and Vives, MA and Sauca, MG and Coll, M and Pinazo, MJ and Ferri, MJ and Villegas, ML and Anquela, MAS and Monsonis, M and Blasco, MP and Perez-Moreno, MO and Sabates, MC and ... and Working Grp Congenital Chagas Dis and The Working Group Of Congenital Chagas Disease In Catalonia and the Working Group of Congenital Chagas disease in Catalonia
EUROSURVEILLANCE, ISSN 1560-7917, 06/2019, Volume 24, Issue 26, pp. 15 - 30
Background: Chagas disease is endemic in Latin America and affects 8 million people worldwide. In 2010, Catalonia introduced systematic public health... 
PEDIATRIC CHAGAS | DIAGNOSIS | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | AREA | LATIN-AMERICAN WOMEN | PREGNANT-WOMEN | EXPERIENCE | VERTICAL TRANSMISSION | PREVALENCE | TRYPANOSOMA-CRUZI INFECTION | BARCELONA | Chagas disease | Catalonia | Malaltia de Chagas | Catalunya | screening | Surveillance | surveillance system | vertical transmission | congenital | public health | Trypanosoma cruzi
Journal Article
Gaceta Sanitaria, ISSN 0213-9111, 1990, Volume 4, Issue 19, pp. 170 - 171
Journal Article
Gaceta Sanitaria, ISSN 0213-9111, 1990, Volume 4, Issue 18, pp. 121 - 122
Journal Article
Gaceta Sanitaria, ISSN 0213-9111, 1990, Volume 4, Issue 20, pp. 189 - 192
El estudio de los determinantes sociales de los estilos de vida asociados a enfermedad puede ser relevante para una mejor apreciación de la utilidad potencial... 
Lifestyles | Desigualdades en salud | Inequalities in health | Health surveys | Estilos de vida | Encuestas de salud
Journal Article
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