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by Horwitz, Steven and O'Connor, Owen A and O'Connor, Owen and Pro, Barbara and Illidge, Tim and Fanale, Michelle and Advani, Ranjana and Bartlett, Nancy and Bartlett, Nancy L and Christensen, Jacob Haaber and Morschhauser, Franck and Domingo-Domenech, Eva and Rossi, Giuseppe and Kim, Won Seog and Feldman, Tatyana and Lennard, Anne and Belada, David and Illés, Árpád and Tobinai, Kensei and Tsukasaki, Kunihiro and Yeh, Su-Peng and Shustov, Andrei and Hüttmann, Andreas and Savage, Kerry and Savage, Kerry J and Yuen, Sam and Iyer, Swaminathan and Zinzani, Pier Luigi and Hua, Zhaowei and Little, Meredith and Rao, Shangbang and Woolery, Joseph and Manley, Thomas and Trümper, Lorenz and Aboulafia, David and Alpdogan, Onder and Ando, Kiyoshi and Arcaini, Luca and Baldini, Luca and Bellam, Naresh and Yehuda, Dina Ben and Benedetti, Fabio and Borchman, Peter and Bordessoule, Dominique and Brice, Pauline and Briones, Javier and Caballero, Dolores and Carella, Angelo Michele and Chang, Hung and Cheong, June Weon and Cho, Seok-Goo and Choi, Ilseung and Choquet, Sylvain and Colita, Andrei and Congui, Angela Giovanna and D'amore, Francesco and Dang, Nam and Davison, Kelly and de Guibert, Sophie and Brown, Peter de Nully and Delwail, Vincent and Demeter, Judit and di Raimondo, Francesco and Do, Young Rok and Domingo, Eva and Douvas, Michael and Dreyling, Martin and Ernst, Thomas and Fay, Keith and Ferrero, Silvia Fernandez and Flinn, Ian Winchester and Forero-Torres, Andres and Fox, Christopher and Friedberg, Jonathan and Fukuhara, Noriko and Garcia-Marco, Jose and Cruz, Jorge Gayoso and Codina, Jose Gomez and Gressin, Remy and Grigg, Andrew and Gurion, Ronit and Haioun, Corinne and Hajek, Roman and Hanel, Mathias and Hatake, Kiyohiko and Hensen, Robert and Horowitz, Netanel and Huttmann, Andreas and Illes, Arpad and Ishizawa, Kenichi and Islas-Ohlmayer, Miguel and Jacobsen, Eric and Janakiram, Murali and Jurczak, Wojciech and Kaminski, Mark and Kato, Koji and Kirgner, Ilya and Kuo, Ching-Yuan and Lazaroiu, Mihaela Cornelia and Du, Katell Le and ... and ECHELON 2 Study Grp and ECHELON-2 Study Group
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10168, pp. 229 - 240
Journal Article
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