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Journal of Clinical and Investigative Surgery, ISSN 2559-5555, 11/2018, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp. 72 - 76
Scope. This review aims to achieve a parallelism between literature studies on imaging diagnosis, the characteristics of cesarean scar defect and its evolution... 
cesarean section | uterine scar | vaginal birth
Journal Article
Interstudia (Revista Centrului Interdisciplinar de Studiu al Formelor Discursive Contemporane Interstud), ISSN 2065-3204, 2013, Issue 14, pp. 85 - 93
Chez Verlaine, la musique est la clef de sa poétique : elle permet de caractériser sa poésie et d’expliquer ce qui en fait la valeur. Ses poèmes, d’une... 
Cultural Essay | Political Essay | Societal Essay
Journal Article
Revista Română de Comunicare şi Relaţii Publice, ISSN 1454-8100, 2015, Volume XVII, Issue 1, pp. 41 - 57
Agenda setting and framing have been shown to affect public opinion on a variety of topics through accessibility and interpretation schemas. Since most of the... 
Social Sciences
Journal Article
Altarul Reîntregirii, ISSN 1584-8051, 2015, Volume XX, Issue 1, pp. 25 - 42
Holy Trinity, standing out the christological character of this mystical experience, as well as the influence of the contemplative progressed monks over the... 
Eastern Orthodoxy | Theology and Religion | Christian Theology and Religion
Journal Article
Analele Universităţii din Craiova. Seria Ştiinţe Filologice. Lingvistică, ISSN 1224-5712, 2010, Issue 1-2, pp. 55 - 72
This study, with theoretical and applicative character, offers a definition of the term entopic, in general, and a definition of existing appellatives from... 
Language and Literature Studies
Journal Article
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