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by Abbott, B. P and Abbott, R and Abbott, T. D and Acernese, F and Ackley, K and Adams, C and Adams, T and Addesso, P and Adhikari, R. X and Adya, V. B and Affeldt, C and Afrough, M and Agarwal, B and Agathos, M and Agatsuma, K and Aggarwal, N and Aguiar, O. D and Aiello, L and Ain, A and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Allen, G and Allocca, A and Altin, P. A and Amato, A and Ananyeva, A and Anderson, S. B and Anderson, W. G and Angelova, S. V and Antier, S and Appert, S and Arai, K and Araya, M. C and Areeda, J. S and Arnaud, N and Arun, K. G and Ascenzi, S and Ashton, G and Ast, M and Aston, S. M and Astone, P and Atallah, D. V and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and AultONeal, K and Austin, C and Avila-Alvarez, A and Babak, S and Bacon, P and Bader, M. K. M and Bae, S and Bailes, M and Baker, P. T and Baldaccini, F and Ballardin, G and Ballmer, S. W and Banagiri, S and Barayoga, J. C and Barclay, S. E and Barish, B. C and Barker, D and Barkett, K and Barone, F and Barr, B and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Barta, D and Barthelmy, S. D and Bartlett, J and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Basti, A and Batch, J. C and Bawaj, M and Bayley, J. C and Bazzan, M and Becsy, B and Beer, C and Bejger, M and Belahcene, I and Bell, A. S and Berger, B. K and Bergmann, G and Bernuzzi, S and Bero, J. J and Berry, C. P. L and Bersanetti, D and Bertolini, A and Betzwieser, J and Bhagwat, S and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, I. A and Billingsley, G and Billman, C. R and Birch, J and Birney, R and Birnholtz, O and Biscans, S and Biscoveanu, S and Bisht, A and ... and LIGO Sci Collaboration & Virgo and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States). National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 10/2017, Volume 119, Issue 16, p. 161101
On August 17, 2017 at 12∶41:04 UTC the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo gravitational-wave detectors made their first observation of a binary neutron star... 
Journal Article
2005, 1st ed., Comprehensive Name Reactions, ISBN 0471302155, 580
Covers important name reactions relevant to heterocyclic chemistry The field of heterocyclic chemistry has long presented a special challenge for chemists.... 
Chemical reactions | Heterocyclic chemistry | Chemistry | SCIENCE | Physical & Theoretical
by Locke, A.E and Kahali, B and Berndt, S.I and Justice, A.E and Pers, T.H and Day, F.R and Powell, C and Vedantam, S and Buchkovich, M.L and Yang, J and Croteau-Chonka, D.C and Esko, T and Fall, T and Ferreira, T and Gustafsson, S and Kutalik, Z and Luan, J and Magi, R and Randall, J.C and Winkler, T.W and Wood, A.R and Workalemahu, T and Faul, J.D and Smith, J.A and Zhao, J and Zhao, W and Chen, J and Fehrmann, R and Hedman, A.K and Karjalainen, J and Schmidt, E.M and Absher, D and Amin, N and Anderson, D and Beekman, M and Bolton, J.L and Bragg-Gresham, J.L and Buyske, S and Demirkan, A and Deng, G and Ehret, G.B and Feenstra, B and Feitosa, M.F and Fischer, K and Goel, A and Gong, J and Jackson, A.U and Kanoni, S and Kleber, M.E and Kristiansson, K and Lim, U and Lotay, V and Mangino, M and Leach, I. Mateo and Medina-Gomez, C and Medland, S.E and Nalls, M.A and Palmer, C.D and Pasko, D and Pechlivanis, S and Peters, M.J.W and Prokopenko, I and Shungin, D and Stancakova, A and Strawbridge, R.J and Sung, Y. Ju and Tanaka, T and Teumer, A and Trompet, S and Laan, S.W. van der and Setten, J. van and Vliet-Ostaptchouk, J.V. Van and Wang, Z and Yengo, L and Zhang, W and Isaacs, A and Albrecht, E and Arnlov, J and Arscott, G.M and Attwood, A.P and Bandinelli, S and Barrett, A and Bas, I.N and Bellis, C and Bennett, A.J and Berne, C and Blagieva, R and Bluher, M and Bohringer, S and Bonnycastle, L.L and Bottcher, Y and Boyd, H.A and Bruinenberg, M and Caspersen, I.H and Chen, Y.D and Clarke, R and Daw, E.W and Craen, A.J. de and Delgado, G and Dimitriou, M and ... and ADIPOGen Consortium and PAGE Consortium and LifeLines Cohort Study and MIGen Consortium and CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and MuTHER Consortium and ICBP and CKDGen Consortium and Int Endogene Consortium and GENIE Consortium and MAGIC Investigators and ReproGen Consortium and AGEN-BMI Working Grp and GLGC and International Endogene Consortium and AGEN-BMI Working Group and The PAGE Consortium and The International Endogene Consortium and The MAGIC Investigators and The ReproGen Consortium and The CKDGen Consortium and The ADIPOGen Consortium and The ICBP and The CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and The GLGC and The GENIE Consortium and The AGEN-BMI Working Group and The MIGen Consortium and The MuTHER Consortium and The LifeLines Cohort Study and Medicinska fakulteten and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Medicinsk genetik och genomik and Geriatrik and Uppsala universitet and Klinisk diabetologi och metabolism and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Molekylär medicin and Kardiovaskulär epidemiologi and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper and Molekylär epidemiologi and Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2015, Volume 518, Issue 7538, pp. 197 - 206
Journal Article
Tetrahedron Letters, ISSN 0040-4039, 06/2018, Volume 59, Issue 23, pp. 2256 - 2259
[Display omitted] •Stereoselective double trifluoromethylation reaction of chiral bis-imines.•Stereodivergent synthesis of C2-symmetric chiral... 
Chiral 2-oxazolidinone | [2+1]-Cycloaddition | Nucleophilic trifluoromethylation | Vicinal diamine | Stereoselective
Journal Article
Tetrahedron Letters, ISSN 0040-4039, 06/2018, Volume 59, Issue 23, p. 2256
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tetlet.2018.04.072 A... 
Schiff bases | Enantiomers
Journal Article
Journal of the American Chemical Society, ISSN 0002-7863, 08/2014, Volume 136, Issue 31, p. 10918
Journal Article
2010, 1. Aufl., Comprehensive Name Reactions, ISBN 0470085061, Volume 5, xvi, 756
This book continues the well-established and authoritative series on name reactions in organic chemistry by focusing on name reactions on ring formation. Ring... 
Ring formation (Chemistry) | SCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical | Organic Chemistry
by Acharya, S and Adamová, D and Adhya, S.P and Adler, A and Adolfsson, J and Aggarwal, M.M and Aglieri Rinella, G and Agnello, M and Agrawal, N and Ahammed, Z and Ahmad, S and Ahn, S.U and Aiola, S and Akindinov, A and Al-Turany, M and Alam, S.N and Albuquerque, D.S.D and Aleksandrov, D and Alessandro, B and Alfanda, H.M and Alfaro Molina, R and Ali, B and Ali, Y and Alici, A and Alkin, A and Alme, J and Alt, T and Altenkamper, L and Altsybeev, I and Anaam, M.N and Andrei, C and Andreou, D and Andrews, H.A and Andronic, A and Angeletti, M and Anguelov, V and Anson, C and Antičić, T and Antinori, F and Antonioli, P and Anwar, R and Apadula, N and Aphecetche, L and Appelshäuser, H and Arcelli, S and Arnaldi, R and Arratia, M and Arsene, I.C and Arslandok, M and Augustinus, A and Averbeck, R and Aziz, S and Azmi, M.D and Badalà, A and Baek, Y.W and Bagnasco, S and Bailhache, R and Bala, R and Baldisseri, A and Ball, M and Baral, R.C and Barbera, R and Barioglio, L and Barnaföldi, G.G and Barnby, L.S and Barret, V and Bartalini, P and Barth, K and Bartsch, E and Bastid, N and Basu, S and Batigne, G and Batyunya, B and Batzing, P.C and Bauri, D and Bazo Alba, J.L and Bearden, I.G and Bedda, C and Behera, N.K and Belikov, I and Bellini, F and Bellwied, R and Beltran, L.G.E and Belyaev, V and Bencedi, G and Beole, S and Bercuci, A and Berdnikov, Y and Berenyi, D and Bertens, R.A and Berzano, D and Betev, L and Bhasin, A and Bhat, I.R and Bhatt, H and Bhattacharjee, B and Bianchi, A and Bianchi, L and Bianchi, N and Bielčík, J and ... and ALICE Collaboration
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 03/2020, Volume 802, Issue C, p. 135223
Two-particle correlation functions were measured for pp‾, pΛ‾, p‾Λ, and ΛΛ‾ pairs in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=2.76 TeV and sNN=5.02 TeV recorded by the ALICE... 
Fysik | Subatomär fysik | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article