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Au cours de ces dernières années, le terme d’infection nosocomiale a laissé la place à celui, plus large, d’infection associée aux soins, la plausibilité de... 
Nosocomial infection | Faultness liability | Health care-associated infection | Infection nosocomiale | Law of March 4th 2002 | Loi du 4 mars 2002 | Responsabilité sans faute | Infection associée aux soins
Journal Article
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Digestive Endoscopy, ISSN 0915-5635, 03/2018, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp. 273 - 274
Brief Explanation Watch a video of this article 
Journal Article
by Samb, Badara and Evans, Tim and Dybul, Mark and Atun, Rifat and Moatti, Jean-Paul and Nishtar, Sania and Wright, Anna and Celletti, Francesca and Hsu, Justine and Kim, Jim Yong and Brugha, Ruairi and Russell, Asia and Etienne, Carissa and De, Susna and Mwase, Takondwa and Wang, Wenjuan and Wright, Jenna and Daré, Lola and Delfraissy, Jean-François and Boillot, François and Miege, Pierre and Zhang, Xiulan and Rhatigan, Joseph and Weintraub, Rebecca and Pun, Sok and Abé, C and Caceres, Carlos and Camara, Mamadou and Coriat, Benjamin and D’Almeida, Cristina and Aleshkina, Julia and Murzalieva, Gulgun and Kadzandira, John and Hammami, N and Mwapasa, Victor and Chkhatarashvili, Ketevan and Buch, Eric and Miti, Katabaro and Kamenga, Claudes and Elouma, Marthe Sylvie Essengue and Schwalbe, Nina and Greenberg, Alan and Frehywot, Seble and Markus, Anne and Goeman, Lieve and Khan, Alia and Amati, Jael and Mwaura-Muiru, Esther and Ivers, Louise C and Ellner, Andrew and Shakow, Aaron and Kley, Nicole C and Irwin, Alec and Sullivan, Erin and Baker, Brook and Cohn, Jennifer and Davis, Paul and Headley, Jamila and Siplon, Patricia and Dickinson, Clare and Pearson, Mark and Waddington, Catriona and Boyer, Sylvie and Eboko, Fred and Orsi, Fabienne and Larouzé, Bernard and Le Loup, Guillaume and Ndubani, Phillimon and Simbaya, Joseph and Boelaert, Marleen and Cavalli, Anna and Ooms, Gorik and Pirard, Marjan and Polman, Katja and Van Damme, Wim and Van Dormael, Monique and Vermeiren, Peter and Teokul, Waranya and Dlodlo, Riitta and Fujiwara, Paula and Ruppol, Sandrine and Vella, Stefano and Semigina, Tetyana and Corbett, Elizabeth and Godfrey-Faussett, Peter and Spicer, Neil and Walt, Gill and Kanchanachitra, Churnrurtai and Philips, Mit and Riva, Guglielmo and Kabuayi, Jean-Pierre and Kiputsu, Alain Kambale and Ndongosieme, André and Koulla-Shiro, Sinata and Samake, Salif and Bamba, Sory Ibrahima and Coulibaly, Youssouf and Traore, Mamadou Namory and Berthé, Issa Bara Issa and Wibulpolprasert, Suwit and ... and World Hlth Org Maximizing Positive and World Health Organization Maximizing Positive Synergies Collaborative Group
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Journal Article