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analysis (125) 125
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astrophysics (81) 81
engineering (79) 79
instrumentation and detectors (79) 79
research (69) 69
materials science, multidisciplinary (68) 68
aged (66) 66
mice (63) 63
agriculture, dairy & animal science (62) 62
sciences biologiques et medicales (61) 61
social sciences (60) 60
rats (57) 57
multidisciplinary sciences (56) 56
applied sciences (55) 55
adolescent (54) 54
gravitational waves (54) 54
physics, applied (54) 54
[phys.phys.phys-ins-det]physics [physics]/physics [physics]/instrumentation and detectors [physics.ins-det] (53) 53
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veterinary sciences (52) 52
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sciences of the universe (51) 51
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chemical sciences (49) 49
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sciences medicales (49) 49
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physics, particles & fields (48) 48
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child (45) 45
ecology (45) 45
cell biology (43) 43
general relativity and gravitation (42) 42
general relativity and quantum cosmology (42) 42
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medicine (35) 35
risk factors (35) 35
biochemistry, molecular biology (34) 34
earth sciences (33) 33
magnetic resonance imaging (33) 33
studies (33) 33
chemistry, physical (32) 32
neurons and cognition (32) 32
retrospective studies (32) 32
science (32) 32
biotechnology & applied microbiology (31) 31
condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties (31) 31
genetics (31) 31
high energy physics (31) 31
physiological aspects (31) 31
time factors (31) 31
cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics (30) 30
france (30) 30
geosciences, multidisciplinary (30) 30
medicine & public health (30) 30
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Library Location Library Location
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by Agathos, M and Agatsuma, K and Allocca, A and Amarni, J and Balestri, G and Ballardin, G and Basti, A and Basti, F and Beker, M G and Bersanetti, D and Blom, M and Boer, M and Boschi, V and Bradaschia, C and Branchesi, M and Brisson, V and Bulten, H J and Buskulic, D and Buy, C and Cagnoli, G and Campeggi, C and Carbognani, F and Cavalier, F and Cesarini, E and Cleva, F and Cohadon, P-F and Colla, A and D'Antonio, S and Debreczeni, G and Degallaix, J and Pozzo, W Del and Lieto, A Di and Ducrot, M and Frasca, S and Frasconi, F and Garufi, F and Gaspard, M and Gatto, A and Gemme, G and Gennai, A and Ghosh, S and Gouaty, R and Groot, P and Harms, J and Heidmann, A and Heitmann, H and Hello, P and Hemming, G and Hennes, E and Hofman, D and Królak, A and Lorenzini, M and Loriette, V and Losurdo, G and Magazzù, C and Maksimovic, I and Malvezzi, V and Marchesoni, F and Marque, J and Masserot, A and Mezzani, F and Minenkov, Y and Moggi, A and Montani, M and Mours, B and Mul, F and Nelemans, G and Neri, I and Neri, M and Palomba, C and Paoletti, F and Paoli, A and Passuello, D and Perciballi, M and Petit, S and Pichot, M and Prijatelj, M and Prodi, G A and Punturo, M and Puppo, P and Rabeling, D S and Rapagnani, P and Ricci, F and Robinet, F and Rolland, L and Rosi ska, D and Saracco, E and Sentenac, D and Shah, S and Turconi, M and Vajente, G and van Beuzekom, M and van der Sluys, M V and Vedovato, G and Veitch, J and Vetrano, F and Viceré, A and Ward, R and Was, M and Wei, L-W
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Journal Article
Journal of physics. D, Applied physics, ISSN 0022-3727, 3/2018, Volume 51, Issue 15, p. 155103
Journal Article
by Accadia, T and Acernese, F and Antonucci, F and Ballardin, G and Barone, F and Barsuglia, M and Bauer, Th S and Bebronne, M and Birindelli, S and Bitossi, M and Bizouard, M A and Bonnand, R and Boschi, V and Bouhou, B and Bradaschia, C and Branchesi, M and Briant, T and Budzyński, R and Buskulic, D and Buy, C and Cagnoli, G and Carbognani, F and Cella, G and Cohadon, P-F and Colas, J and Colla, A and Colombini, M and Corsi, A and Cuoco, E and Dattilo, V and Davier, M and De Rosa, R and Debreczeni, G and Pozzo, W Del and Fiore, L Di and Emilio, M Di Paolo and Virgilio, A Di and Fafone, V and Frasca, S and Gammaitoni, L and Gemme, G and Genin, E and Gennai, A and Giazotto, A and Gouaty, R and Granata, M and Heitmann, H and Królak, A and Leroy, N and Li, T G F and Liguori, N and Lorenzini, M and Loriette, V and Losurdo, G and Majorana, E and Maksimovic, I and Man, N and Marion, F and Masserot, A and Milano, L and Minenkov, Y and Mohan, M and Morgado, N and Mosca, S and Moscatelli, V and Palladino, L and Palomba, C and Pasqualetti, A and Passaquieti, R and Passuello, D and Persichetti, G and Pichot, M and Pietka, M and Pinard, L and Poggiani, R and Prodi, G A and Rapagnani, P and Re, V and Rocchi, A and Rolland, L and Ruggi, P and Sassolas, B and Swinkels, B and Tacca, M and Toncelli, A and Torre, O and Tournefier, E and Travasso, F and van den Brand, J F J and van der Putten, S and Vasuth, M and Vavoulidis, M and Verkindt, D and Vetrano, F and Viceré, A and Vitale, S and Vocca, H and Ward, R L and Was, M and Zendri, J-P
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Journal Article
by Abbott, R and Acernese, F and Ain, A and Allocca, A and Altin, P. A and Anderson, S. B and Aronson, S. M and AultONeal, K and Avendano, V and Bae, S and Barish, B. C and Barneo, P and Basti, A and Berry, C. P. L and Bose, S and Breschi, M and Bustillo, J. Calderón and Cavalier, F and Chassande-Mottin, E and Cho, H. S and Cie lar, M and Coccia, E and Corre, D and Cummings, R and D'Antonio, S and Varona, O. de and Díaz, M. C and Ducoin, J.-G and D'Urso, D and Eddolls, G and Eisenmann, M and Fenyvesi, E and Ferguson, D. L and Frey, R and Gadre, B. U and Ganapathy, D and George, J and Giaime, J. A and Gohlke, N and Granata, M and Grassia, P and Hardwick, T and Haster, C.-J and Haughian, K and Hemming, G and Heng, I. S and Howell, E. J and Hui, V and Kashyap, R and Kastaun, W and Kim, W. S and Kleybolte, L and Li, X and MacInnis, M and Maksimovic, I and Malik, A and Martinez, V and Masserot, A and McCuller, L and McManus, D. J and McWilliams, S. T and Mendell, G and Merilh, E. L and Meylahn, F and Mhaske, A and Miani, A and Miao, H and Mogushi, K and O'Reilly, B and Ormiston, R. G and Ossokine, S and Perego, A and Prestegard, T and Raab, F. J and Rafferty, H and Riles, K and Rosofsky, S. G and Roy, Soumen and Schmidt, P and Schnabel, R and Spencer, A. P and Spera, M and Steer, D. A and Steinhoff, J and Steinmeyer, D and Stocks, D and Talbot, C and Tapia, A and Thorne, K. A and Tiwari, Shubhanshu and Tiwari, S and Ubhi, A. S and Valentini, M and Veitch, J and Venugopalan, G and Wade, A. R and Weinert, M and Wipf, C. C and Woan, G and Yang, Z and LIGO Sci Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astrophysical journal. Letters, ISSN 2041-8205, 06/2020, Volume 896, Issue 2, p. L44
Journal Article