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animals (48) 48
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genomics (37) 37
genetic aspects (33) 33
analysis (30) 30
biochemistry & molecular biology (30) 30
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biological evolution (16) 16
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genetic speciation (14) 14
microbiology (14) 14
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diversity (12) 12
genetic variation (12) 12
hybridization (12) 12
mitochondria (12) 12
mitochondrial dna (12) 12
mitochondrial-dna (12) 12
physiological aspects (12) 12
sequence alignment (12) 12
systematics (12) 12
taxonomy (12) 12
biochemistry, molecular biology (11) 11
chromosomes (11) 11
génome (11) 11
identification (11) 11
museums (11) 11
proteins (11) 11
cell nucleus - genetics (10) 10
cytochrome b (10) 10
humans (10) 10
radiation (10) 10
speciation (10) 10
vegetal biology (10) 10
[sde.be]environmental sciences/biodiversity and ecology (9) 9
biological taxonomies (9) 9
comparative genomics (9) 9
dna-sequences (9) 9
gene duplication (9) 9
genetic research (9) 9
haplotypes (9) 9
likelihood functions (9) 9
medicine (9) 9
mutation (9) 9
science (9) 9
sequence (9) 9
bacteria (8) 8
bioinformatics (8) 8
biotechnology (8) 8
dispersal (8) 8
dna, plant - genetics (8) 8
expressed sequence tags (8) 8
geography (8) 8
population genetics (8) 8
taxa (8) 8
[sdv]life sciences [q-bio] (7) 7
adaptation (7) 7
birds (7) 7
divergence (7) 7
dna transposable elements (7) 7
fish (7) 7
gene flow (7) 7
genome, bacterial (7) 7
nucleotide sequence (7) 7
pathogens (7) 7
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by Appels, Rudi and Appels, Rudi and Eversole, Kellye and Eversole, Kellye and Feuillet, Catherine and Keller, Beat and Rogers, Jane and Rogers, Jane and Stein, Nils and Stein, Nils and Pozniak, Curtis J and Stein, Nils and Choulet, Frédéric and Choulet, Frédéric and Eversole, Kellye and Distelfeld, Assaf and Rogers, Jane and Poland, Jesse and Ronen, Gil and Sharpe, Andrew G and Barad, Omer and Baruch, Kobi and Stein, Nils and Keeble-Gagnère, Gabriel and Barad, Omer and Choulet, Frédéric and Mascher, Martin and Keeble-Gagnère, Gabriel and Ben-Zvi, Gil and Josselin, Ambre-Aurore and Sharpe, Andrew G and Himmelbach, Axel and Ben-Zvi, Gil and Stein, Nils and Balfourier, François and Gutierrez-Gonzalez, Juan and Rogers, Jane and Balfourier, François and Hayden, Matthew and Gutierrez-Gonzalez, Juan and Koh, Chu Shin and Muehlbauer, Gary and Josselin, Ambre-Aurore and Pasam, Raj K and Koh, ChuShin and Muehlbauer, Gary and Paux, Etienne and Pasam, Raj K and Rigault, Philippe and Tibbits, Josquin and Pozniak, Curtis J and Tiwari, Vijay and Sharpe, Andrew G and Spannagl, Manuel and Tibbits, Josquin and Lang, Daniel and Rogers, Jane and Gundlach, Heidrun and Choulet, Frédéric and Haberer, Georg and Lang, Daniel and Mayer, Klaus F. X and Gundlach, Heidrun and Ormanbekova, Danara and Keeble-Gagnère, Gabriel and Prade, Verena and Mayer, Klaus F X and Paux, Etienne and Wicker, Thomas and Swarbreck, David and Prade, Verena and Šimková, Hana and Rimbert, Hélène and Felder, Marius and Wicker, Thomas and Swarbreck, David and Guilhot, Nicolas and Kaithakottil, Gemy and Rimbert, Hélène and Keilwagen, Jens and Felder, Marius and Guilhot, Nicolas and Leroy, Philippe and Lux, Thomas and Kaithakottil, Gemy and Twardziok, Sven and Lang, Daniel and Venturini, Luca and Leroy, Philippe and Juhasz, Angela and Lux, Thomas and Twardziok, Sven and Abrouk, Michael and Fischer, Iris and Appels, Rudi and Juhász, Angéla and Uauy, Cristobal and Borrill, Philippa and Appels, Rudi and Fischer, Iris and ... and RefSeq Genome Structure Gene and Recombination Anal and 1B BAC Sequencing Assembly and Transposable Elements and WAK Gene Family and Flowering Iocus C FLC Gene Team and Genome Size Anal and 2AS Phys Mapping and Optical Mapping and Prolamin Gene Family and 4A Phys Mapping BAC Sequencing Ass and Whole-genome Sequencing Assembly and Subgenome Comparative Anal and IWGSC Whole-Genome Assembly Prin and BAC Chromosome MTP IWGSC-Bayer W and 7DS BAC Sequencing Assembly and Manual Gene Curation and Chromosome LTC Mapping Phys Map and PPR Gene Family and 6B BAC Sequencing Assembly and Hi-C Data-based Scaffolding and BAC Libraries Chromosome Sorting and NLR Gene Family and Manuscript Writing Team and 3AL Phys Mapping and 2B 2D 4B 5BL 5DL IWGSC Bayer Wh and Phys Maps BAC-based Sequences 1A and IWGSC Sequence Data Repository and CBF Gene Family and 7A Phys Mapping BAC Sequencing and 3DL BAC Sequencing Assembly and Automated Annotation and Whole-genome Assembly Quality and Dehydrin Gene Family and Whole-genome Methylome and RH Mapping and Transcriptome Anal RNA-seq Data and Pseudomolecule Assembly and Stem Solidness SSt1 QTL Team and Figures and 3DS Phys Mapping BAC and 7B Phys Mapping BAC Sequencing and Genetic Maps Mapping and 5BS BAC Sequencing Assembly and MicroRNA tRNa Annotation and 2AL Phys Mapping and Gene Family Anal and BAC Pooling BAC Lib Repository and 1D 4D 6D Phys Mapping and IWGSC RefSeq Principal and IWGSC and Phylogenomic Anal and 7DL Phys Mapping BAC Sequencing and Histone Mark Anal and Transposable elements and IWGSC whole-genome assembly principal investigators and CBF gene family and 1D, 4D, and 6D physical mapping and Physical maps and BAC-based sequences and 7DS BAC sequencing and assembly and Manuscript writing team and Dehydrin gene family and 7DL physical mapping and BAC sequencing and MicroRNA and tRNA annotation and 1A BAC sequencing and assembly and PPR gene family and Phylogenomic analyses and Automated annotation and Optical mapping and 5BS BAC sequencing and assembly and 7A physical mapping and BAC sequencing and 6B BAC sequencing and assembly and International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) and 4A physical mapping, BAC sequencing, assembly, and annotation and Subgenome comparative analyses and Whole-genome sequencing and assembly and Recombination analyses and RefSeq genome structure and gene analyses and 2AS physical mapping and Whole-genome methylome and Genome size analysis and 2AL physical mapping and IWGSC RefSeq principal investigators and Transcriptome analyses and RNA-seq data and Genetic maps and mapping and Manual gene curation and 3DL BAC sequencing and assembly and BAC pooling, BAC library repository, and access and Histone mark analyses and WAK gene family and Pseudomolecule assembly and BAC chromosome MTP IWGSC–Bayer Whole-Genome Profiling (WGP) tags and BAC libraries and chromosome sorting and Prolamin gene family and IWGSC sequence and data repository and access and 1B BAC sequencing and assembly and Flowering locus C (FLC) gene team and RH mapping and Gene family analyses and Chromosome LTC mapping and physical mapping quality control and Whole-genome assembly quality control and analyses and 2B, 2D, 4B, 5BL, and 5DL IWGSC–Bayer Whole-Genome Profiling (WGP) physical maps and 3DS physical mapping and BAC sequencing and assembly and 3AL physical mapping and NLR gene family and Hi-C data-based scaffolding and 7B physical mapping, BAC sequencing, and assembly and Stem solidness (SSt1) QTL team and The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC)
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 08/2018, Volume 361, Issue 6403, pp. 661 - 661
Journal Article
by Plomion, Christophe and Aury, Jean-Marc and Amselem, Joëlle and Leroy, Thibault and Murat, Florent and Duplessis, Sébastien and Faye, Sébastien and Francillonne, Nicolas and Labadie, Karine and Le Provost, Grégoire and Lesur, Isabelle and Bartholomé, Jérôme and Faivre-Rampant, Patricia and Kohler, Annegret and Leplé, Jean-Charles and Chantret, Nathalie and Chen, Jun and Diévart, Anne and Alaeitabar, Tina and Barbe, Valérie and Belser, Caroline and Bergès, Hélène and Bodénès, Catherine and Bogeat-Triboulot, Marie-Béatrice and Bouffaud, Marie-Lara and Brachi, Benjamin and Chancerel, Emilie and Cohen, David and Couloux, Arnaud and Da Silva, Corinne and Dossat, Carole and Ehrenmann, François and Gaspin, Christine and Grima-Pettenati, Jacqueline and Guichoux, Erwan and Hecker, Arnaud and Herrmann, Sylvie and Hugueney, Philippe and Hummel, Irène and Klopp, Christophe and Lalanne, Céline and Lascoux, Martin and Lasserre, Eric and Lemainque, Arnaud and Desprez-Loustau, Marie-Laure and Luyten, Isabelle and Madoui, Mohammed-Amin and Mangenot, Sophie and Marchal, Clémence and Maumus, Florian and Mercier, Jonathan and Michotey, Célia and Panaud, Olivier and Picault, Nathalie and Rouhier, Nicolas and Rué, Olivier and Rustenholz, Camille and Salin, Franck and Soler, Marçal and Tarkka, Mika and Velt, Amandine and Zanne, Amy E and Martin, Francis and Wincker, Patrick and Quesneville, Hadi and Kremer, Antoine and Salse, Jérôme and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Biologiska sektionen and Uppsala universitet and Växtekologi och evolution and Institutionen för ekologi och genetik
Nature Plants, ISSN 2055-026X, 07/2018, Volume 4, Issue 7, pp. 440 - 452
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 06/2018, Volume 50, Issue 6, pp. 772 - 777
Journal Article
Journal Article
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 2014, Volume 32, Issue 7, pp. 656 - 662
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Molecular Evolution, ISSN 0022-2844, 4/2009, Volume 68, Issue 4, pp. 293 - 310
Journal Article