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Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, ISSN 1678-8060, 10/2008, Volume 103, Issue 4, pp. 375 - 385
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Weber, Bernardete and Bersch-Ferreira, Ângela C and Torreglosa, Camila R and Ross-Fernandes, Maria B and Da Silva, Jacqueline T and Galante, Andrea P and De Sousa Lara, Enilda and Costa, Rosana P and Soares, Rafael M and Cavalcanti, Alexandre B and Moriguchi, Emilio H and Bruscato, Neide M and Kesties, Josiele and Vivian, Lilian and Schumacher, Marina and De Carli, Waldemar and Backes, Luciano M and Reolão, Bruna R and Rodrigues, Milena P and Baldissera, Dúnnia M.B and Tres, Glaucia S and Lisbôa, Hugo R.K and Bem, João B.J and Reolão, Jose B.C and Deucher, Keyla L.A.L and Cantarelli, Maiara and Lucion, Aline and Rampazzo, Daniela and Bertoni, Vanessa and Torres, Rosileide S and Verríssimo, Adriana O.L and Guterres, Aldair S and Cardos, Andrea F.R and Coutinho, Dalva B.S and Negrão, Mayara G and Alencar, Mônica F.A and Pinho, Priscila M and Barbosa, Socorro N.A.A and Carvalho, Ana P.P.F and Taboada, Maria I.S and Pereira, Sheila A and Heyde, Raul V and Nagano, Francisca E.Z and Baumgartner, Rebecca and Resende, Fernanda P and Tabalipa, Ranata and Zanini, Ana C and Machado, Michael J.R and Araujo, Hevila and Teixeira, Maria L.V and Souza, Gabriela C and Zuchinali, Priccila and Fracasso, Bianca M and Ulliam, Karen and Pierotto, Moara and Hilário, Thamires and Carlos, Daniele M.O and Cordeiro, Cintia G.N.C and Carvalho, Daniele A and Gonçalves, Marília S and Vasconcelos, Valdiana B and Bosquetti, Rosa and Pagano, Raira and Romano, Marcelo L.P and Jardim, César A and De Abreu, Bernardo N.A and Marcadenti, Aline and Schmitt, Alessandra R and Tavares, Angela M.V and Faria, Christiane C and Silva, Flávia M and Fink, Jaqueline S and El Kik, Raquel M and Prates, Clarice F and Vieira, Cristiane S and Adorne, Elaine F and Magedanz, Ellen H and Chieza, Fernanda L and Silva, Ingrid S and Teixeira, Joise M and Trescastro, Eduardo P and Pellegrini, Lívia A and Pinto, Jéssika C and Telles, Cristina T and Sousa, Antonio C.S and Almeida, Andreza S and Costa, Ariane A and Carmo, José A.C and Silva, Juliana T and Alves, Luciana V.S and Sales, Saulo O.C and Ramos, Maria E.M and Lucas, Marilia C.S and Damiani, Monica and Cardoso, Patricia C and Ramos, Salvador S and Dantas, Clenise F and Lopes, Amanda G and Cabral, Ana M.P and Lucena, Ana C.A and ...
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 05/2016, Volume 175, pp. 202 - 203
Journal Article
by Milne, Eleanor and Banwart, Steven A and Noellemeyer, Elke and Abson, David J and Ballabio, Cristiano and Bampa, Francesca and Bationo, Andre and Batjes, Niels H and Bernoux, Martial and Bhattacharyya, Tapas and Black, Helaina and Buschiazzo, Daniel E and Cai, Zucong and Cerri, Carlos Eduardo and Cheng, Kun and Compagnone, Claude and Conant, Rich and Coutinho, Heitor L.C and de Brogniez, Delphine and Balieiro, Fabiano de Carvalho and Duffy, Christopher and Feller, Christian and Fidalgo, Elaine C.C and da Silva, Cristiane Figueira and Funk, Roger and Gaudig, Greta and Gicheru, Patrick T and Goldhaber, Marty and Gottschalk, Pia and Goulet, Frederic and Goverse, Tessa and Grathwohl, Peter and Joosten, Hans and Kamoni, Peter T and Kihara, Job and Krawczynski, Rene and La Scala, Newton and Lemanceau, Philippe and Li, Lianqing and Li, Zichuan and Lugato, Emanuele and Maron, Pierre-Alain and Martius, Christopher and Melillo, Jerry and Montanarella, Luca and Nikolaidis, Nikolaos and Nziguheba, Generose and Pan, Genxing and Pascual, Unai and Paustian, Keith and Piñeiro, Gervasio and Powlson, David and Quiroga, Alberto and Richter, Dan and Sigwalt, Annie and Six, Johan and Smith, Jo and Smith, Pete and Stocking, Michael and Tanneberger, Franziska and Termansen, Mette and van Noordwijk, Meine and van Wesemael, Bas and Vargas, Rodrigo and Victoria, Reynaldo Luiz and Waswa, Boaz and Werner, David and Wichmann, Sabine and Wichtmann, Wendelin and Zhang, Xuhui and Zhao, Yongcun and Zheng, Jinwei and Zheng, Jufeng
Environmental Development, ISSN 2211-4645, 01/2015, Volume 13, pp. 33 - 38
In March 2013, 40 leading experts from across the world gathered at a workshop, hosted by the European Commission, Directorate General Joint Research Centre,... 
Journal Article
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, ISSN 1678-8060, 07/2009, Volume 104, Issue suppl 1, pp. 226 - 235
One hundred years ago, Carlos Chagas discovered a new disease, the American trypanosomiasis. Chagas and co-workers later characterised the disease's common... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, ISSN 1678-8060, 06/2008, Volume 103, Issue 4, pp. 375 - 385
In Chagas disease, understanding how the immune response controls parasite growth but also leads to heart damage may provide insight into the design of new... 
Journal Article
NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, ISSN 1934-578X, 06/2019, Volume 14, Issue 6
Ouratea species are used for the treatment of inflammation-related diseases such as rheumatism and arthritic disorders. The Ouratea genus is a rich source of... 
antioxidant | CHEMISTRY, MEDICINAL | arthritis | Ouratea hexasperma | FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | MICE | flavonoids | Ouratea ferruginea
Journal Article
Journal of neural engineering, ISSN 1741-2552, 02/2020, Volume 17, Issue 1, p. 016060
Adapted from the concept of channel capacity, the information transfer rate (ITR) has been widely used to evaluate the performance of a brain-computer... 
Journal Article
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