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by Poole, Daniele and Finazzi, Stefano and Nattino, Giovanni and Radrizzani, Danilo and Gristina, Giuseppe and Malacarne, Paolo and Livigni, Sergio and Bertolini, Guido and Sorgato, C and Mannoni, R and Agnelli, V and Chiani, C and Lanza, G and Venturini, E and Gianni, M and Olivieri, M.C and Guerriero, B and Della Mora, E and Palmer, M and Blasetti, A and Coletta, R and Covani Frigieri, F and Guarducci, M.D and Caracciolo, A and Lain, G and Bernard, M and DE Blasio, E and Zanni, V and Marchesi, G and Madeira, S.M and Spagarino, E and Potalivo, A and Mengoli, F and Parrini, V and Sagliaschi, U and Prandini, A and Rosano, A and Natalini, G and Piccioni, G and Schiavuzzi, M and Bronzini, N and Piva, S and Besozzi, A and Napoleone, A and Patrignani, L and Pisu, M and Mancosu, S and Chiarello, M and Pastorini, S and Bassi, G and Negro, G and Orsini, I and Marifoglou, D and Pota, V and Pegoraro, M and Sucre, M.J and DI Masi, P and Castiglione, G and Morello, G and Garofalo, G and Caroleo, S and Visconti, M.G and Gamberini, E and Mastroianni, A and Liccardi, M.M and Anelati, D and Martinelli, S and Bonato, A and Adorni, A and Colombo, D and Dal Cero, P and Crema, L and Petrucci, N and Beck, E and Alleva, S and Giuntini, R and DA Re, D and Casalini, P and Fabi, M.C and Galeotti, E and Bagalini, G and Bellonzi, A and Zoppellari, R and Lamborghini, S and Pera, L and Doni, L and Bonizzoli, M and Librenti, M and Barattini, M and Mangani, V and Terzitta, M and Guagliardi, C and Bruzzone, C and Arditi, E and Cerana, M and Tavola, M and Falini, S and Vespignani, M.G and Salvi, G and Ramello, P.L and ... and GiViTI Grp and GiViTI Group
Minerva Anestesiologica, ISSN 0375-9393, 12/2017, Volume 83, Issue 12, pp. 1283 - 1293
BACKGROUND: The number of elderly patients undergoing major surgical interventions and then needing admission to intensive care unit (ICU) grows steadily. We... 
Journal Article
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