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by Sims, Rebecca and Van Der Lee, Sven J and Naj, Adam C and Bellenguez, Céline and Badarinarayan, Nandini and Jakobsdottir, Johanna and Kunkle, Brian W and Boland, Anne and Raybould, Rachel and Bis, Joshua C and Martin, Eden R and Grenier-Boley, Benjamin and Heilmann-Heimbach, Stefanie and Chouraki, Vincent and Kuzma, Amanda B and Sleegers, Kristel and Vronskaya, Maria and Ruiz, Agustin and Graham, Robert R and Olaso, Robert and Hoffmann, Per and Grove, Megan L and Vardarajan, Badri N and Hiltunen, Mikko and Nöthen, Markus M and White, Charles C and Hamilton-Nelson, Kara L and Epelbaum, Jacques and Maier, Wolfgang and Choi, Seung-Hoan and Beecham, Gary W and Dulary, Cécile and Herms, Stefan and Smith, Albert V and Funk, Cory C and Derbois, Céline and Forstner, Andreas J and Ahmad, Shahzad and Li, Hongdong and Bacq, Delphine and Harold, Denise and Satizabal, Claudia L and Valladares, Otto and Squassina, Alessio and Thomas, Rhodri and Brody, Jennifer A and Qu, Liming and Sánchez-Juan, Pascual and Morgan, Taniesha and Wolters, Frank J and Zhao, Yi and Garcia, Florentino Sanchez and Denning, Nicola and Fornage, Myriam and Malamon, John and Naranjo, Maria Candida Deniz and Majounie, Elisa and Mosley, Thomas H and Dombroski, Beth and Wallon, David and Lupton, Michelle K and Dupuis, Josée and Whitehead, Patrice and Fratiglioni, Laura and Medway, Christopher and Jian, Xueqiu and Mukherjee, Shubhabrata and Keller, Lina and Brown, Kristelle and Lin, Honghuang and Cantwell, Laura B and Panza, Francesco and McGuinness, Bernadette and Moreno-Grau, Sonia and Burgess, Jeremy D and Solfrizzi, Vincenzo and Proitsi, Petra and Adams, Hieab H and Allen, Mariet and Seripa, Davide and Pastor, Pau and Cupples, L Adrienne and Price, Nathan D and Hannequin, Didier and Frank-García, Ana and Levy, Daniel and Chakrabarty, Paramita and Caffarra, Paolo and Giegling, Ina and Beiser, Alexa S and Giedraitis, Vilmantas and Hampel, Harald and Garcia, Melissa E and Wang, Xue and Lannfelt, Lars and Mecocci, Patrizia and Eiriksdottir, Gudny and Crane, Paul K and Pasquier, Florence and Boccardi, Virginia and ... and EADI and GERAD PERADES and ARUKConsortium and CHARGE and ADGC and GERAD/PERADES, CHARGE, ADGC, EADI and ARUK Consortium and Stockholms universitet and Centrum för forskning om äldre och åldrande (ARC), (tills m KI) and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 09/2017, Volume 49, Issue 9, pp. 1373 - 1384
Journal Article
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, ISSN 1552-5260, 07/2017, Volume 13, Issue 7, pp. P279 - P279
Journal Article
by Kunkle, BW and Grenier-Boley, B and Sims, R and Bis, JC and Damotte, V and Naj, AC and Boland, A and Vronskaya, M and van der Lee, SJ and Amlie-Wolf, A and Bellenguez, C and Frizatti, A and Chouraki, V and Martin, ER and Sleegers, K and Badarinarayan, N and Jakobsdottir, J and Hamilton-Nelson, KL and Moreno-Grau, S and Olaso, R and Raybould, R and Chen, YN and Kuzma, AB and Hiltunen, M and Morgan, T and Ahmad, S and Vardarajan, BN and Epelbaum, J and Hoffmann, P and Boada, M and Beecham, GW and Garnier, JG and Harold, D and Fitzpatrick, AL and Valladares, O and Moutet, ML and Gerrish, A and Smith, AV and Qu, LM and Bacq, D and Denning, N and Jian, XQ and Zhao, Y and Del Zompo, M and Fox, NC and Choi, SH and Mateo, I and Hughes, JT and Adams, HH and Malamon, J and Sanchez-Garcia, F and Patel, Y and Brody, JA and Dombroski, BA and Naranjo, MCD and Daniilidou, M and Eiriksdottir, G and Mukherjee, S and Wallon, D and Uphill, J and Aspelund, T and Cantwell, LB and Garzia, F and Galimberti, D and Hofer, E and Butkiewicz, M and Fin, B and Scarpini, E and Sarnowski, C and Bush, WS and Meslage, S and Kornhuber, J and White, CC and Song, Y and Barber, RC and Engelborghs, S and Sordon, S and Voijnovic, D and Adams, PM and Vandenberghe, R and Mayhaus, M and Cupples, LA and Albert, MS and De Deyn, PP and Gu, W and Himali, JJ and Beekly, D and Squassina, A and Hartmann, AM and Orellana, A and Blacker, D and Rodriguez-Rodriguez, E and Lovestone, S and Garcia, ME and Doody, RS and Munoz-Fernadez, C and Sussams, R and Lin, HH and Fairchild, TJ and Benito, YA and ... and Cohorts Heart Aging Res Genomic Ep and Alzheimer Dis Genetics Consortium and European Alzheimers Dis Initiative and Genetic Environm Risk AD Defining and Alzheimer Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) and Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium (CHARGE) and European Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (EADI) and Genetic and Environmental Risk in AD/Defining Genetic, Polygenic and Environmental Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (GERAD/PERADES)
NATURE GENETICS, ISSN 1061-4036, 03/2019, Volume 51, Issue 3, pp. 414 - 414
Journal Article
FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, ISSN 1664-2295, 09/2019, Volume 10
Oral anticoagulants are a critical component of stroke prevention, but carry a risk of brain hemorrhage. These hemorrhagic complications tend to occur in... 
MICROBLEEDS | cerebral microhemorrhage | ACTIVATED RECEPTORS | NEUROSCIENCES | THROMBIN INHIBITOR DABIGATRAN | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | direct thrombin inhibitor | intracerebral hemorrhage | STROKE | cerebral amyloid angiopathy | ETEXILATE | dabigatran | aging | BRAIN | AGE | Dabigatran etexilate | Models | Anticoagulants (Medicine) | Analysis
Journal Article
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, ISSN 1387-2877, 01/2014, Volume 39, Issue 2, pp. 441 - 455
The main amyloid- peptide (A) variants detected in the human brain are A1-40 and A1-42; however, a significant proportion of A in Alzheimers disease (AD) brain... 
Journal Article
by Yu, Jeannette J and Agrón, Elvira and Clemons, Traci E and Domalpally, Amitha and van Asten, Freekje and Keenan, Tiarnan D and Cukras, Catherine and Chew, Emily Y and Ferris, Frederick L and SanGiovanni, John Paul and Clemons, Traci and Lindblad, Anne and Lindblad, Robert and Shah, Nilay and Sperduto, Robert and McBee, Wendy and Gensler, Gary and Harrington, Molly and Henning, Alice and Jones, Katrina and Thotapally, Kumar and Tull, Diana and Watson, Valerie and Williams, Kayla and Gentry, Christina and Kaufman, Francine and Morrison, Chris and Saverino, Elizabeth and Schenning, Sherrie and Blodi, Barbara and Danis, Ronald P and Davis, Matthew and Glander, Kathy and Guilfoil, Gregory and Hubbard, Larry D and Johnson, Kristine and Klein, Ronald and Nardi, Barbara and Neider, Michael and Robinson, Nancy and Rosensteel, Eileen and Wabers, Hugh and Zhang, Grace and Ruby, Alan J and Capone, Antonio and Dass, Bawa and Drenser, Kimberly and Garretson, Bruce R and Hassan, Tarek S and Trese, Michael and Williams, George A and Wolfe, Jeremy and Bell, Tina and Zajechowski, Mary and Bezaire, Dennis and McIver, Fran and Medina, Anthony and Pagett, Jackie and Smith, Stephanie Hatch and Swartz, Lynn and Treuter, Tom and Antoszyk, Andrew and Brown, Justin and Browning, David J and Holland, Walter and Karow, Angella and Stalford, Kelly and Price, Angela and Ennis, Sarah and Fredenberg, Sherry and Herby, Jenna and Balasubramaniam, Uma and Clark, Loraine and McClain, Donna and McOwen, Michael and Watson, Lynn and Klein, Michael and Bailey, Steven T and Hwang, Thomas J and Lauer, Andreas and Stout, J. Timothy and McCollum, Patty and Johnson, Milt and Rice, Patrick B and Kim, Ivana and Loewenstein, John and Miller, Joan and Sobrin, Lucia and Young, Lucy and Sullivan, Jacqueline and Houlihan, Patricia and Merry, Linda and Lane, Ann Marie and Bator, Ursula Lord and Evans, Claudia and Brett, Sarah and Callahan, Charleen and Grillo, Marcia and Walsh, David and Zimmerman, Kamella Lau and ... and Age Related Eye Dis Study 2 Res and Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 Research Group
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 02/2019, Volume 126, Issue 2, pp. 261 - 273
Purpose: To investigate the natural history and genetic associations of drusenoid pigment epithelial detachment (DPED) associated with age-related macular... 
Journal Article
by Jun, Yang and Ibrahim-Verbaas, Carla and Vronskaya, M and Lambert, J.-C and Chung, J and Naj, Adam and Kunkle, Brian and Wang, L.-S and Bis, Joshua and Bellenguez, Céline and Harold, Denise and Lunetta, Kathryn and DeStefano, Anita L and Grenier-Boley, Benjamin and Sims, Rebecca and Beecham, G.W and Smith, A.V and Chouraki, Vincent and Hamilton-Nelson, Kara and Ikram, Arfan and Fiévet, Nathalie and Denning, Nicola and Martin, E.R and Schmidt, H and Kamatani, Y and Dunstan, M.L and Valladares, Otto and Laza, A.R and Zelenika, Diana and Ramirez, Alfredo and Foroud, Tatiana and Choi, Seung-Hoan and Boland, A and Becker, T and Kukull, W.A and Lee, Sven and Pasquier, Florence and Cruchaga, Carlos and Beekly, Duane and Fitzpatrick, Annette and Hanon, Olivier and Gill, M and Barber, Rachel and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Campion, D and Love, S and Bennett, David A and Amin, Najaf and Berr, Claudine and Tsolaki, Magda and Buxbaum, J.D and Lopez, O.L and Deramecourt, Vincent and Fox, N.C and Cantwell, Laura B and Tárraga, L and Dufouil, Carole and Hardy, J and Crane, L.M.A and Eiriksdottir, Gudny and Hannequin, Didier and Clarke, Robert and Evans, D and Mosley, Thomas H and Letenneur, L and Brayne, Carol and Maier, W and De Jager, P and Emilsson, Valur and Dartigues, Jean-François and Hampel, H and Kamboh, M. Ilyas and Bruijn, Renée and Tzourio, Christophe and Pastor, Pau and Larson, Eric B and Rotter, J.I and O'donovan, Michael and Montine, Thomas J and Nalls, Michael and Mead, Simon and Reiman, Eric and Jonsson, P.V and Holmes, C and St George-Hyslop, P.H and Boada, Mercè and Passmore, Peter and Wendland, Annika and Schmidt, R and Morgan, Kevin and Winslow, A.R and Powell, J.F and Carasquillo, M and Younkin, S and Jakobsdottir, Margret and Kauwe, J.S.K and Wilhelmsen, K.C and Rujescu, Dan and Nöthen, Markus M and Hofman, Albert and ... and IGAP Consortium
Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 01/2016, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 108 - 117
Journal Article