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AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 2014, Volume 42, Issue 9, pp. 942 - 956
Journal Article
AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 2012, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp. 396 - 407
The results of a surveillance study conducted by the International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) from January 2004 through December 2009 in... 
Infectious Disease | Infection Control | Nosocomial infection | Ventilator-associated pneumonia | Low-income countries | Bloodstream infection | Developing countries | Central line-associated bloodstream infection | Limited-resources countries | Health care-associated infection | Urinary tract infection | Catheter-associated urinary tract infection | Network | Antibiotic resistance | Hospital infection | Device-associated infection | MORTALITY | INTENSIVE-CARE UNITS | CONTROL PROGRAM | RATES | PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH | PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK | SAFETY NETWORK | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | LENGTH-OF-STAY | ARGENTINEAN HOSPITALS | BLOOD-STREAM INFECTIONS | Africa - epidemiology | Prevalence | Prospective Studies | Humans | Middle Aged | Cross Infection - mortality | Child, Preschool | Infant | Male | Young Adult | Aged, 80 and over | Bacteria - classification | Adult | Female | Child | Infant, Newborn | Cross Infection - epidemiology | Latin America - epidemiology | Intensive Care Units | Europe - epidemiology | International Cooperation | Asia - epidemiology | Bacteria - isolation & purification | Adolescent | Bacterial Infections - epidemiology | Aged | Bacterial Infections - mortality | Consortia | Medical colleges | Pneumonia | Hotels and motels | Bacterial pneumonia | Staphylococcus aureus infections | Urinary tract infections | Health aspects | Antibacterial agents | Public health | Infection control
Journal Article
JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), ISSN 0735-1097, 2012, Volume 60, Issue 18, pp. 1743 - 1752
Journal Article
by Santos, Paloma Marques and Bocchiglieri, Adriana and Chiarello, Adriano Garcia and Paglia, Adriano Pereira and Moreira, Adryelle and Souza, Agnis Cristiane and Abba, Agustin Manuel and Paviolo, Agustin and Gatica, Ailin and Medeiro, Akyllan Zoppi and Costa, Alan Nilo and Gallina, Alberto Gonzalez and Yanosky, Alberto A and Jesus, Alejandro and Bertassoni, Alessandra and Rocha, Alessandro and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Bager, Alex and Mol, Alexandra Cravino and Martensen, Alexandre Camargo and Faustino, Alexandre Casagrande and Lopes, Alexandre Martins Costa and Percequillo, Alexandre Reis and Vogliotti, Alexandre and Keuroghlian, Alexine and Colina, María Alicia and Devlin, Allison L and García‐Olaechea, Alvaro and Sánchez, Amadeo and Srbek‐Araujo, Ana Carolina and Ochoa, Ana Cecilia and Oliveira, Ana Cristina Mendes and Lacerda, Ana Cristyna Reis and Campelo, Ana Kellen Nogueira and Oliveira Paschoal, Ana Maria and Costa, Ana Raíssa Cunha and Meiga, Ana Yoko Ykeuti and Jesus, Anamélia Souza and Feijó, Anderson and Hirsch, André and Silva, André Luiz Ferreira and Botelho, André Luis Moura and Regolin, André Luis and Lanna, André Monnerat and Nunes, André Valle and Kindel, Andreas and Moraes, Andreia Magro and Gatti, Andressa and Noss, Andrew J and Nobre, Andrezza Bellotto and Montanarin, Anelise and Deffaci, Ângela Camila and Albuquerque, Anna Carolina Figueiredo and Oliveira, Anne Karoline and Mangione, Antonio Marcelo and Pontes, Antonio Rossano Mendes and Bertoldi, Ariane Teixeira and Calouro, Armando Muniz and Desbiez, Arnaud L. J and Fernandes, Arthur and Ferreguetti, Atilla Colombo and Silva, Maria Augusta Andrade and Zimbres, Barbara and Luciano, Beatriz Fernandes Lima and Thoisy, Benoit and Niebuhr, Bernardo Brandão S and Papi, Bernardo and Gómez‐Valencia, Bibiana and Santos, Bráulio A and Lima, Breno Campelo and Oliveira, Bruna Gomes and Santos, Bruna Silva and Campos, Bruno Augusto Torres Parahyba and Leles, Bruno and Albuquerque França, Bruno Rodrigo and Lim, Burton and Oliveira, Caetano Troncoso and Cantagallo, Camila and Lara, Camila Clozato and Lima, Camila Silveira and Gestich, Carla Cristina and Melo‐Soares, Carla Danielle and Peres, Carlos A and Kasper, Carlos Benhur and Candia‐Gallardo, Carlos and De Angelo, Carlos and Fragoso, Carlos Eduardo and Freitas, Carlos Henrique and Salvador, Carlos Henrique and Brocardo, Carlos R and Melo, Carolina Depolito and Leuchtenberger, Caroline and Braga, Caryne and Sánchez‐Lalinde, Catalina and Bueno, Cecília and Luna, Cecília Licarião and Rojano, Cesar and Hurtado, Cindy Meliza and Santos, Cinthya Chiva and Tellaeche, Cintia and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 07/2019, Volume 100, Issue 7, pp. e02663 - n/a
Xenarthrans—anteaters, sloths, and armadillos—have essential functions for ecosystem maintenance, such as insect control and nutrient cycling, playing key... 
habitat loss | neotropical region | pilosa | biodiversity hotspot | forest fragmentation | neotropical mammals | cingulata | xenarthra | ECOLOGY | Carnivores | Hunting | Pressure effects | Climate effects | Ecosystems | Habitat changes | New records | Environmental changes | Pressure | Fragmentation | Datasets | Climate change | Invasive species | Nutrient loss | Threatened species | Insects | Cascades | Data sets | Insect control | Nutrient cycles
Journal Article
by Arrieta, O and Guzman-de Alba, E and Alba-Lopez, LF and Acosta-Espinoza, A and Alatorre-Alexander, J and Alexander-Meza, JF and Allende-Perez, SR and Alvarado-Aguilar, S and Araujo-Navarrete, ME and Argote-Greene, LM and Aquino-Mendoza, CA and Astorga-Ramos, AM and Astudillo-de la Vega, H and Aviles-Salas, A and Barajas-Figueroa, LJ and Barroso-Quiroga, N and Blake-Cerda, M and Cabrera-Galeana, PA and Calderillo-Ruiz, G and Campos-Parra, AD and Cano-Valdez, AM and Capdeville-Garcia, D and Castillo-Ortega, G and Casillas-Suarez, C and Castillo-Gonzalez, P and Corona-Cruz, JF and Correa-Acevedo, ME and Cortez-Ramirez, SS and de la Cruz-Vargas, JA and de la Garza-Salazar, JG and de la Mata-Moya, MD and de la Pena-Hinojosa, C and Dominguez-Flores, ME and Dominguez-Malagon, HR and Dominguez-Parra, LM and Dominguez-Peregrina, A and Duran-Alcocer, J and Enriquez-Aceves, MI and Elizondo-Rios, A and Escobedo-Sanchez, MD and de Villafranca, PEM and Flores-Cantisani, A and Flores-Gutierrez, JP and Franco-Marina, F and Franco-Gonzalez, EE and Franco-Topete, ROA and Fuentes-de la Pena, H and Galicia-Amor, S and Gallardo-Rincon, D and Gamboa-Dominguez, A and Garcia-Andreu, J and Garcia-Cuellar, CM and Garcia-Sancho-Figueroa, MC and Garcia-Torrentera, R and Gerson-Cwilich, R and Gomez-Gonzalez, A and Green-Schneeweiss, L and Guillen-Nunes, MD and Gutierrez-Velazquez, H and Ibarra-Perez, C and Jimenez-Fuentes, E and Juarez-Sanchez, P and Juarez-Ramiro, A and Kelly-Garcia, J and Kuri-Exsome, R and Lazaro-Leon, JM and Leon-Rodriguez, E and Llanos-Osuna, S and Loyola-Garcia, U and Lopez-Gonzalez, JS and de Antunano, FJLY and Loustaunau-Andrade, MA and Macedo-Perez, EO and Machado-Villarroel, L and Magallanes-Maciel, M and Martinez-Barrera, L and Martinez-Cedillo, J and Martinez-Martinez, G and Medina-Esparza, A and Meneses-Garcia, A and Mohar-Betancourt, A and Blanhir, JM and Morales-Gomez, J and Motola-Kuba, D and Najera-Cruz, MP and Nunez-Valencia, CD and Ocampo-Ocampo, MA and Ochoa-Vazquez, MD and Olivares-Torres, CA and Palomar-Lever, A and Patino-Zarco, M and Perez-Padilla, R and Pena-Alonso, YR and Perez-Romo, AR and Perez, MA and Pinaya-Ruiz, PM and Pointevin-Chacon, MA and Poot-Braga, JJ and Posadas-Valay, R and Ramirez-Marquez, M and ...
Journal Article
Frontiers in Microbiology, ISSN 1664-302X, 2019, Volume 10, p. 370
Background and Aim: The circulating recombinant form 02_AG (CRF02_AG) is the predominant clade among the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) non-Bs... 
HIV-1 | CRF02_AG | Regional dispersal | Spatiotemporal characteristics | Spain | SPANISH COHORT | MIGRATION | INFECTED PATIENTS CORIS | NON-B SUBTYPES | MOLECULAR EPIDEMIOLOGY | MICROBIOLOGY | SPREAD | spatiotemporal characteristics | regional dispersal
Journal Article
by Olldashi, Fatos and Muzha, Itan and Filipi, Nikolin and Lede, Roberto and Copertari, Pablo and Traverso, Carolina and Copertari, Alejandro and Vergara, Enrique Alfredo and Montenegro, Carolina and De Huidobro, Roberto Ruiz and Surt, Karina and Cialzeta, José and Lazzeri, Silvio and Piñero, Gustavo and Ciccioli, Fabiana and Videtta, Walter and Barboza, María Fernanda and Svampa, Silvana and Sciuto, Victor and Domeniconi, Gustavo and Bustamante, Marcelo and Waschbusch, Maximiliano and Gullo, María Paula and Drago, Daniel Alberto and Linares, Juan Carlos Arjona and Camputaro, Luis and Tróccoli, Gustavo and Galimberti, Hernán and Tallott, Mandy and Eybner, Christian and Buchinger, Walter and Fitzal, Sylvia and Mazairac, Guy and Oleffe, Véronique and Grollinger, Thierry and Delvaux, Philippe and Carlier, Laurent and Braet, Veronique and Jacques, Jean-Marie and De Knoop, Danielle and Nasi, Luiz and Choi, Humberto Kukhuyn and Schmitt, Mara and Gentil, André and Nacul, Flavio and Barrios, Pedro Bedoya and Xinkang, Chen and Hua, Lin Shao and Tian, Huang Han and Xiaodong, Cai and Gualteros, Wilson and Otero, Alvaro Ardila and Arango, Miguel and Ciro, Juan and Jaramillo, Hector and Garcia, Gloria and Gonzalez, Ignacio and Gomez, Carolina and Arias, Arturo and Fonseca, Marco and Mora, Carlos and Cabrera, Edgar Giovanni Luna and Betancurth, José Luis and Muñoz, Porfirio and Quiñónez, Jesus Alberto and Castillo, Maria Esther Gonzalez and Lopez, Orlando and Yepes, Rafael Perez and Cuellar, Diana Leon and Paez, Gerson and Chaves, Hernán Delgado and Ordoñez, Pablo Emilio and Plata, Ricardo and Pineda, Martha and Pulido, Libardo Enrique and Jaramillo, John Sergio Velez and Rebolledo, Carlos and Palma, Oscar and Soler, Caridad and Pastrana, Irene and Falero, Raul and Perera, Mario Domínguez and García, Agustín Arocha and Oliva, Raydel and Delgado, Hubiel López and Carnero, Aida Madrazo and López, Boris Leyva and Gallardo, Angel Lacerda and Morales, Amarilys Ortega and Lezcano, Humberto and Ferrer, Marcos Iraola and Bess, Irene Zamalea and Canino, Gladys Rivas and Ruiz, Ernesto Miguel Piferrer and Cruz, Orlando Garcia and Svoboda, Petr and Kantorová, Ilona and Ochmann, Jiří and Scheer, Peter and Kozumplík, Ladislav and ... and CRASH Trial Collaborators and CRASH trial collaborators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2004, Volume 364, Issue 9442, pp. 1321 - 1328
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Errando, Carlos L and Garutti, Ignacio and Mazzinari, Guido and Díaz-Cambronero, Óscar and Bebawy, John F and Vila, María and García-Gregorio, Nuria and Pallardó-López, María Ángeles and Peris, Raquel and Almenara, Noemí and Mataix, Javier Barrio and Gil, Guillermo San Miguel and Ferrandis-Comes, Raquel and Pitarch, Juan Vicente Llau and Giner, Miguel Carrau and Henao, Liliana Patricia and Lacasa, Alba Gómez and Capel, Yolanda Jimenez and Caral, Pere Vila and Cortés, Ana Isabel Fernández and Blanco, Raquel Alcaraz and Buil, Ignacio Armendáriz and Solores, Félix Lobato and Londoño, Andrés García and Gil, Bernardo Martín and Laso, María Lourdes Ferreira and Ubieto, Javier Martínez and Lucea, Sonia Ortega and Bellosta, Ana Pascual and Rodriguez, Luis Muñoz and Caro, Francisco Romero and González, José Manuel López and Gómez, Bárbara María Jiménez and Varela, María Domínguez and Dopazo, Patricia Vázquez and López, Francisco Javier Pardo-Sobrino and Lugo, Eoxi and Monforte, Cervo E and Tellería, Alberto Martínez and MacÍas, María Isabel Rodríguez and Campos, Fanny Rodríguez and Llorente, Rafael Franco and Abril, Encarnación Moreno and Luengo, Adolfo Ramos and Zamora, Purificación Sánchez and Rueda, Antonio García and Pérez, Luisa González and Mata, Esperanza and Muñoz, Enrique Alday and Del Mar Orts Rodríguez, María and Ampuero, María Angeles Santos and Rueda, Fernando Ramasco and Roca, Antonio Planas and Onrubia, Xavier and Martín-Jaramago, Julia and Martínez, Estefanía and Otero, Marta Freire and Bobadilla, Charlies Cuellar and Stanciu, Oana Cristina and Pieschacon, Danilo Blanco and Alameda, Luis Enrique Muñoz and Barreiro, Lidia Padín and Matalobos, Denis Pereira and Rodríguez, Xosé Ares and Rodríguez, Gerardo Baños and Polit, Julián García and Sánchez, Raúl Sainz and Pozo, Ma Angeles González and Puebla, Teresa Gómez-Pineda and Pérez, Calixto Sánchez and Cañellas, José Luis Gálvez and Marcos, Luis Cueto and Gómez-Ríos, Manuel Ángel and Estévez-González, Eva and Vizcaíno-Martínez, Lucía and Izquierdo-González, Beatriz and Pensado-Castiñeiras, Alberto and Pérez-Caballero, Paula and Verdeguer, Sandra and Renart, Inmaculada and Esteve, Neus and Mora, Carlos and Fabian, David and Ferrer, Ana and Romero, Oliva and Celorrio, Luciano Jose Aguilera and Fernández, Ainhoa Renedo and Del Val Merino, Antonio and Zabala, Diego Dulanto and Guerrero, Javier Freijo and Fierro, Almudena Reyes and Martínez, Ignacio Garutti and De La Gala García, Francisco and Montell, Ana Lajara and Otero, Patricia Piñeiro and González, Antonio M and Rabanal, José M and Cimadevilla, Bonifacio and Bolado, Ana and Alcón, Amalia and ... and Grp Espanol De Estudio Del Bloqueo and Grupo Español De Estudio Del Bloqueo Neuromuscular
Minerva Anestesiologica, ISSN 0375-9393, 12/2016, Volume 82, Issue 12, pp. 1267 - 1277
Journal Article