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adult (69) 69
immunology (69) 69
liver transplantation (56) 56
aged (46) 46
index medicus (45) 45
retrospective studies (34) 34
liver (26) 26
liver transplantation - adverse effects (23) 23
risk factors (23) 23
time factors (23) 23
gastroenterology & hepatology (19) 19
infectious diseases (19) 19
adolescent (18) 18
follow-up studies (17) 17
recipients (17) 17
treatment outcome (17) 17
animals (16) 16
hepatitis c (16) 16
prognosis (16) 16
liver transplantation - immunology (15) 15
liver transplantation - mortality (15) 15
cirrhosis (14) 14
gastroenterology and hepatology (14) 14
infection (14) 14
prospective studies (14) 14
spain (14) 14
disease (13) 13
recurrence (13) 13
drug therapy, combination (12) 12
graft rejection (12) 12
immunosuppression (12) 12
postoperative complications - epidemiology (12) 12
therapy (12) 12
antiviral agents - therapeutic use (11) 11
immunosuppressive agents - therapeutic use (11) 11
liver transplantation - physiology (11) 11
organ transplant recipients (11) 11
child (10) 10
health aspects (10) 10
hepatitis c virus (10) 10
liver diseases - surgery (10) 10
rats (10) 10
survival analysis (10) 10
transplantation of organs, tissues, etc (10) 10
young adult (10) 10
cyclosporine (9) 9
interferon (9) 9
liver cirrhosis (9) 9
liver transplantation - methods (9) 9
microbiology (9) 9
prevalence (9) 9
tacrolimus (9) 9
virology (9) 9
analysis (8) 8
graft survival (8) 8
hepatitis (8) 8
incidence (8) 8
management (8) 8
postoperative complications - mortality (8) 8
ribavirin (8) 8
survival (8) 8
aged, 80 and over (7) 7
cyclosporine - therapeutic use (7) 7
fibrosis (7) 7
genetic aspects (7) 7
genotype (7) 7
liver - cytology (7) 7
liver transplant (7) 7
mortality (7) 7
mycophenolic acid - analogs & derivatives (7) 7
postoperative complications (7) 7
risk (7) 7
tacrolimus - therapeutic use (7) 7
biological response modifiers (6) 6
creatinine - blood (6) 6
epidemiology (6) 6
graft rejection - prevention & control (6) 6
heart transplantation (6) 6
immunosuppression - methods (6) 6
immunosuppressive agents - adverse effects (6) 6
infections (6) 6
mycophenolic acid - therapeutic use (6) 6
virus-infection (6) 6
antiviral therapy (5) 5
efficacy (5) 5
follow-up (5) 5
hepatitis c - drug therapy (5) 5
hepatitis c - surgery (5) 5
liver cirrhosis - virology (5) 5
medicine, general & internal (5) 5
organ transplantation - adverse effects (5) 5
patients (5) 5
pharmacology & pharmacy (5) 5
prevention (5) 5
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The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 09/2018, Volume 379, Issue 12, pp. 1118 - 1127
Journal Article
by Pardo, Fernando and Pons, José Antonio and Briceño, Javier and Delgado, Javier Briceño and Bilbao, Itxarone and Bru, Rubén Ciria and Aguilar, José Luis Fernández and Salcedo, Magdalena and Turrión, Víctor Sánchez and Serrano, Trinidad and de la Mata, Manuel and Abradelo, Manuel and Pérez, Isolina Baños and Barrera, Asterio and Barrera, Manuel and Calatayud, David and d'Avola, Delia and Galeano, Francisco and Gil, Francisco Agustín García and Garrote, Daniel and Gastaca, Mikel and Gutiérrez, Manuel Gómez and Santamaría, Manuel López and Vázquez-Daga, Javier Nuño and Robles, Ricardo and Laiz, Gonzalo Rodríguez and Sanjuan, Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Rubín, Angel and Sousa, José Manuel and Tomé, Santiago and Javier Xiol, F and Herrero, José Ignacio and Varo, Evaristo and Aguilera, Victoria and álamo, José María and Bellot, Pablo and Castells, Lluís and Crespo, Gonzalo and Cuervas-Mons, Valentín and Fábrega, Emilio and Diéguez, Luisa González and Graus, Javier and Jara, Paloma and Jiménez, Carlos and Jiménez, Miguel and Lladó, Laura and Molina, Esther and Narvaez, Isidoro and de Urbina, Jorge Ortiz and Otón, Elena and Antolín, Gloria Sánchez and Prieto, Martín and Ramos, Emilio and Bañares, Rafael and Bárcena, Rafael and Blanco, Gerardo and Bustamante, Francisco Javier and Casafont, Fernando and Charco, Ramon and Delgado, Manuel and Castroagudín, Javier Fernández and Ferrer, Teresa and Fundora, Yiliam and Fuster, Josep and Bernardo, Carmen García and Pajares, Félix García and Andújar, Rafael López and Pérez, Sara Lorente and Montero, José Luis and Pascual, Sonia and Ramírez, Pablo and Rodrigo, Juan Miguel and Bosque, María Arántzazu Varona
Cirugia Espanola, ISSN 0009-739X, 12/2015, Volume 93, Issue 10, pp. 619 - 637
With the aim to promote the elaboration of consensus documents on state of the art topics in liver transplantation with multidisciplinary management, the... 
Liver transplant | Immunosuppression | Hepatocarcinoma | High-risk receptor
Journal Article
Spanish Surgery (Cirugía Española, English Edition), ISSN 2173-5077, 2015, Volume 93, Issue 10, pp. 619 - 637
Abstract With the aim to promote the elaboration of consensus documents on state of the art topics in liver transplantation with multidisciplinary management,... 
Surgery | Inmunosupresión | Immunosuppression | High-risk receptor | Liver transplant | Trasplante hepático | Hepatocarcinoma | Receptor de riesgo | Waiting Lists | Liver Transplantation | Carcinoma, Hepatocellular | Liver Neoplasms | Humans | Consensus
Journal Article
TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, ISSN 0041-1345, 03/2019, Volume 51, Issue 2, pp. 249 - 249
Journal Article
TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, ISSN 0041-1345, 11/2016, Volume 48, Issue 9, pp. 2855 - 2855
Journal Article
by Manzardo, C and Londono, MC and Castells, L and Testillano, M and Montero, JL and Penafiel, J and Subirana, M and Moreno, A and Aguilera, V and Gonzalez-Dieguez, ML and Calvo-Pulido, J and Xiol, X and Salcedo, M and Cuervas-Mons, V and Sousa, JM and Suarez, F and Serrano, T and Herrero, JI and Jimenez, M and Fernandez, JR and Gimenez, C and Del Campo, S and Esteban-Mur, JI and Crespo, G and de la Rosa, G and Rimola, A and Miro, JM and Castro, MA and Lopez, S and Pedreira, JD and Vazquez, P and Aguero, F and Blanch, J and Brunet, M and Calatayud, D and Cervera, C and de Lazzari, E and Fondevila, C and Forner, A and Fuster, J and Forns, X and Gil, A and Gatell, JM and Laguno, M and Lligona, A and Mallolas, J and Murillas, J and Navasa, M and Paredes, D and Perez, I and Torres, F and Tural, C and Tuset, M and Antela, A and Losada, E and Molina, E and Otero, E and Varo, E and Araiz, JJ and Barrao, E and Larraga, J and Letona, S and Lozano, R and Luque, P and Navarro, A and Sanjoaquin, I and Tejero, E and Banares, R and Berenguer, J and Clemente, G and Cosin, J and Ferreiroa, JP and Garcia-Sabrido, JL and Gutierrez, I and Lopez, JC and Miralles, P and Ramirez, M and Rincon, D and Sanchez, M and de la Cruz, J and Fernandez JL and Lozano, JM and Santoyo, J and Rodrigo, JM and Suarez, MA and Rodriguez, M and Alonso, MP and Asensi, V and Gonzalez-Pinto, I and Rafecas, A and Baliellas, C and Carratala, J and Fabregat, J and Fernandez, N and Jorba, R and Llado, L and Montejo, M and Bustamante, J and Gastaca, M and Gonzalez, J and ... and FIPSE LT-HIV Investigators
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPLANTATION, ISSN 1600-6135, 02/2019, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp. 614 - 614
Journal Article
by Manzardo, Christian and Londoño, Maria C and Castells, LLuís and Testillano, Milagros and Luis Montero, José and Peñafiel, Judit and Subirana, Marta and Moreno, Ana and Aguilera, Victoria and Luisa González‐Diéguez, María and Calvo‐Pulido, Jorge and Xiol, Xavier and Salcedo, Magdalena and Cuervas‐Mons, Valentin and Manuel Sousa, José and Suarez, Francisco and Serrano, Trinidad and Ignacio Herrero, Jose and Jiménez, Miguel and Fernandez, José R and Giménez, Carlos and del Campo, Santos and Esteban‐Mur, Juan I and Crespo, Gonzalo and Moreno, Asunción and de la Rosa, Gloria and Rimola, Antoni and Miro, Jose M and Suárez, F and Castro, M.A and López, S and Pedreira, J.D and Vázquez, P and Agüero, F and Blanch, J and Brunet, M and Calatayud, D and Cervera, C and Lazzari, E and Fondevila, C and Forner, A and Fuster, J and Forns, X and Gil, A and Gatell, J.M and Laguno, M and Lligoña, A and Mallolas, J and Murillas, J and Navasa, M and Paredes, D and Pérez, I and Torres, F and Tural, C and Tuset, M and Antela, A and Losada, E and Molina, E and Otero, E and Varo, E and Araiz, J.J and Barrao, E and Larraga, J and Letona, S and Lozano, R and Luque, P and Navarro, A and Sanjoaquín, I and Tejero, E and Bañares, R and Berenguer, J and Clemente, G and Cosín, J and Ferreiroa, J.P and García‐Sabrido, J.L and Gutiérrez, I and López, J.C and Miralles, P and Ramírez, M and Rincón, D and Sánchez, M and Cruz, J and Fernández, J.L and Lozano, J.M and Santoyo, J and Rodrigo, J.M and Suárez, M.A and Rodríguez, M and Alonso, M.P and Asensi, V and González‐Pinto, I and Rafecas, A and Baliellas, C and Carratalá, J and Fabregat, J and Fernández, N and Jorba, R and Lladó, L and Montejo, M and Bustamante, J and ... and FIPSE LT-HIV Investigators and and the FIPSE LT-HIV investigators
American Journal of Transplantation, ISSN 1600-6135, 10/2018, Volume 18, Issue 10, pp. 2513 - 2522
Journal Article
TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS, ISSN 0041-1345, 05/2017, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp. 749 - 749
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL CHEMOTHERAPY, ISSN 0305-7453, 05/2019, Volume 74, Issue 5, pp. 1357 - 1362
Background: HIV-2 is a neglected virus despite estimates of 1-2 million people being infected worldwide. The virus is naturally resistant to some... 
Journal Article
by de Mendoza, C and Roc, L and Benito, R and Reina, G and Ramos, JM and Gomez, C and Aguilera, A and Rodriguez-Iglesias, M and Garcia-Costa, J and Fernandez-Alonso, M and Soriano, V and Rodriguez, C and Vera, M and del Romero, J and Marcaida, G and Ocete, MD and Caballero, E and Molina, I and Rodriguez-Calvino, JJ and Navarro, D and Rivero, C and Vilarino, MD and Algarate, S and Gil, J and de Lejarazu, RO and Rojo, S and Eiros, JM and Miguel, AS and Manzardo, C and Miro, JM and Garcia, J and Paz, I and Poveda, E and Calderon, E and Escudero, D and Trigo, M and Diz, J and Garcia-Campello, M and Hernandez-Betancor, A and Martin, AM and Gimeno, A and Gutierrez, F and Rodriguez, JC and Sanchez, V and Gomez-Hernando, C and Cilla, G and Perez-Trallero, E and Lopez-Aldeguer, J and Fernandez-Pereira, L and Niubo, J and Hernandez, M and Lopez-Lirola, AM and Gomez-Sirvent, JL and Force, L and Cifuentes, C and Perez, S and Morano, L and Raya, C and Gonzalez-Praetorius, A and Perez, JL and Penaranda, M and Hernaez-Crespo, S and Montejo, JM and Martinez-Sapina, A and Viciana, I and Cabezas, T and Lozano, A and Fernandez, JM and Garcia-Bermejo, I and Gaspar, G and Garcia, R and Gorgolas, M and Vegas, C and Blas, J and Miralles, P and Valeiro, M and Aldamiz, T and Margall, N and Guardia, C and do Pico, E and Polo, I and Aguinaga, A and Ezpeleta, C and Sauleda, S and Piron, M and Gonzalez, R and Barea, L and Jimenez, A and Blanco, L and Suarez, A and Rodriguez-Avial, I and Perez-Rivilla, A and Parra, P and Fernandez, M and Trevino, A and Requena, S and Benitez-Gu-tierrez, L and Cuervas-Mons, V and Barreiro, P and Corral, O and ... and Spanish HTLV Network and on behalf of the Spanish HTLV Network
BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES, ISSN 1471-2334, 08/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 706 - 5
Background HTLV-1 infection is a neglected disease, despite infecting 10-15 million people worldwide and severe illnesses develop in 10% of carriers lifelong.... 
Screening | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | Immunosuppression | VIRUS TYPE-I | CELL LEUKEMIA-VIRUS | RAPID DEVELOPMENT | Tropical spastic paraparesis | MYELOPATHY | HTLV-1 | Transplantation | TYPE-1 | Adult T-cell leukaemia | Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc | HTLV infections | Patient outcomes | Risk factors | HTLV-I (Virus) | Testing
Journal Article
Antiviral Therapy, ISSN 1359-6535, 2017, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp. 307 - 312
Background: Cure rates above 90% have been reported in most Phase III clinical trials using distinct all-oral direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) in chronic... 
Journal Article
Journal Article