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by Fanti, V and Lai, A and Marras, D and Musa, L and Nappi, A and Batley, R and Bevan, A and Dosanjh, R.S and Galik, R and Gershon, T and Hay, B and Kalmus, G.E and Katvars, S and Lazzeroni, C and Moore, R and Munday, D.J and Needham, M.D and Olaiya, E and Parker, M.A and Patel, M and Slater, M and Takach, S and White, T.O and Wotton, S.A and Bal, F and Barr, G and Bocquet, G and Bremer, J and Brodier-Yourstone, P and Buchholz, P and Burns, M and Ceccucci, A and Clément, M and Cuhadar-Dönzelsmann, T and Cundy, D and Doble, N and Falaleev, V and Formenti, F and Funk, W and Gatignon, L and Gonidec, A and Grafström, P and Hallgren, B and Kapusta, P and Kesseler, G and Kubischta, W and Iwanski, W and Lacourt, A and Laverriere, G and Linser, G and Ljuslin, C and Marchioro, A and Mast, M and Matheys, J.P and Morel, M and Norton, A and Orlic, J.P and Panzer-Steindel, B and Schinzel, D and Seidl, W and Taureg, H and Tarle, J.-C and Velasco, M and Vossnack, O and Wahl, H and Wertelaers, P and Weterings, J and Cheshkov, C and Gaponenko, A and Goudzovski, E and Hristov, P and Kalinin, A and Kekelidze, V and Kozhevnikov, Y and Madigozhin, D and Molokanova, N and Potrebenikov, Yu and Tkatchev, A and Zinchenko, A and Boyle, O and Knowles, I and Martin, V and Parsons, H and Peach, K.J and Sacco, R and Veitch, E and Walker, A and Carassiti, V and Contalbrigo, M and Cotta Ramusino, A and Dalpiaz, P and Damiani, C and Duclos, J and Ferretti, P and Frabetti, P.L and Gianoli, A and Martini, M and Petrucci, F and Porcu, M and Rossi, F and ... and The NA48 Collaboration and NA48 Collaboration
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 2007, Volume 574, Issue 3, pp. 433 - 471
Journal Article
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