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by Sciancalepore, A. G and Sallustio, F and Girardo, S and Passione, L. G and Camposeo, A and Mele, E and Di Lorenzo, M and Costantino, V and Schena, F. P and Pisignano, D and Casino, F. G and Mostacci, S. D and Di Carlo, M and Sabato, A and Procida, C and Creput, C and Vanholder, R and Stolear, J. C and Lefrancois, G and Hanoy, M and Nortier, J and Potier, J and Sereni, L and Ferraresi, M and Pereno, A and Nazha, M and Barbero, S and Piccoli, G. B and Ficheux, A and Gayrard, N and Duranton, F and Guzman, C and Szwarc, I and Bismuth -Mondolfo, J and Brunet, P and Servel, M. F and Argiles, A and Bernardo, A and Demers, J and Hutchcraft, A and Marbury, T. C and Minkus, M and Muller, M and Stallard, R and Culleton, B and Krieter, D. H and Korner, T and Devine, E and Ruth, M and Jankowski, J and Wanner, C and Lemke, H.-D and Surace, A and Rovatti, P and Steckiph, D and Mancini, E and Santoro, A and Leypoldt, J. K and Agar, B. U and Culleton, B. F and Vankova, S and Havlin, J and Klomp, D. J and Van Beijnum, F and Day, J. P. R and Wieringa, F. P and Kooman, J. P and Gremmels, H and Hazenbrink, D. H and Simonis, F and Otten, M. L and Wester, M and Boer, W. H and Joles, J. A and Gerritsen, K. G and Umimoto, K and Shimamoto, Y and Mastushima, K and Miyata, M and Naik, A and Pokropinski, S and Bairstow, S and Svatek, J and Young, S and Johnson, R and Rikker, C and Juhasz, E and Gaspar, R and Rosivall, L and Rusu, E and Zilisteanu, D and Balanica, S and Achim, C and Atasie, T and Carstea, F and Voiculescu, M and Monzon Vazquez, T and Saiz Garcia, S and Mathani, V and Escamilla Cabrera, B and ... and For The Midemm Study Group
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii209 - iii222
Journal Article
by Moe, Sharon M and Parfrey, Patrick S and Correa-Rotter, Ricardo and Herzog, Charles A and Mahaffey, Kenneth W and Mahaffey, Kenneth W and Wheeler, David C and Stolina, Maria and Dehmel, Bastian and Najun Zarazaga, C and Garrote, N and Cusumano, A and Cusumano, A and Del Valle, E and Del Valle, E and Martinez Saye, J and Lef, L and Douthat, W and Lobo, J and Diez, G and Linares, B and Ramirez, N and Gonzalez, R and Gonzalez, R and Jones, B and Talaulikar, G and Disney, A and Disney, A and Mount, P and Fraenkel, M and Mathew, M and Mathew, M and Fassett, R and Jose, M and Hawley, C and Lonergan, M and Mackie, J and Menahem, S and Hutchison, B and Holzer, H and Oberbauer, R and Arias, I and Mayer, G and Lhotta, K and Lhotta, K and Klauser, R and Hoerl, W and Horn, S and Horn, S and Kovarik, J and Kovarik, J and Kramar, R and Warling, X and Evenepoel, P and Daelemans, R and Maes, B and Dejagere, T and Vanwalleghem, J and Vanwalleghem, J and Bouman, K and Peeters, J and Vanholder, R and Tielemans, C and Donck, J and Almeida, F and Almeida, F and Picollo De Oliveira, J and Burdmann, E and Garcia, V and Saldanha Thome, F and Bregman, R and Lugon, J and Araújo, S and Sperto Baptista, M and Jorgetti, V and De Almeida Romão, E and Cardeal Da Costa, J and Gordan, P and Teixeira Araújo, M and Oliveira, I and Moysés, R and Vasconcellos, L and Batista, P and Pedrosa, A and Cournoyer, S and LeBlanc, M and Wong, G and Tobe, S and Tobe, S and Murphy, S and Montambault, P and Donnelly, S and MacRae, J and Culleton, B and Jindal, K and Jindal, K and Michaud, M and Wijeyesinghe, E and Zacharias, J and Lok, C and ... and Evaluation Cinacalcet HCl Therapy and Evaluation of Cinacalcet HCl Therapy to Lower Cardiovascular Events (EVOLVE) Trial Investigators
Circulation (New York, N.Y.), ISSN 0009-7322, 2015, Volume 132, Issue 1, pp. 27 - 39
Journal Article
by Ikenoue, T and Koike, K and Fukuma, S and Ogata, S and Tsubakihara, Y and Iseki, K and Fukuhara, S and Malhotra, R and Grassmann, A and Marcelli, D and Pecoits-Filho, R and Marelli, C and Usvyat, L and Canaud, B and Kotanko, P and Brown, E and Iiyasere, O and Johansson, L and Smee, J and Huson, L and Kim, H and Lee, S and Ryu, J.-H and Kim, S.-J and Kang, D.-H and Choi, K. B and Ryu, D.-R and Guinsburg, A and Brock, R and Wang, M and Karaboyas, A and Fissell, R. A and Hasegawa, T and Jassal, S. V and Mapes, D and Morgenstern, H and Rayner, H and Robinson, B. M and Tentori, F and Rhee, C and Moradi, H and Brunelli, S and Jing, J and Nakata, T and Nguyen, D and Kovesdy, C and Brent, G and Kalantar-Zadeh, K and Van Diepen, A. T and Hoekstra, T and Rotmans, J. I and De Boer, M. G and Lecessie, S and Suttorp, M. M and Struijk, D. G and Boeschoten, E. W and Krediet, R. T and Dekker, F. W and Johnson, S and Khursigara, G and Yen, J and Wang, J and Silliman, N and Bedrosian, C and Arici, M and Farooqui, U and Treharne, C and Liu, F. X and Laplante, S and Leimbach, T and Kron, J and Czerny, J and Urbach, B and Aign, S and Kron, S and Brown, E. A and Iyasere, O and Masakane, I and Foote, C and Morton, R. L and Jardine, M and Gallagher, M and Brown, M and Howard, K and Cass, A and Radic, J and Sain, M and Klaric, D and Gulin, M and Ilic, M and Kovacic, V and Vukman, V and Rozankovic, V and Silic, N and Primorac, M and Meter, J and Cornelis, T and Tennankore, K and Goffin, E and Rauta, V and ... and E-HOPED Study Group and FEPOD 1 Investigators and MONDO Consortium and On Behalf Of The PROGREDIRE Working Group
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii272 - iii286
Journal Article
by Kohlova, M and Ribeiro, S and do Sameiro-Faria, M and Rocha-Pereira, P and Fernandes, J and Reis, F and Miranda, V and Quintanilha, A and Bronze-da-Rocha, E and Belo, L and Costa, E and Santos-Silva, A and Arias-Guillen, M and Maduell, F and Masso, E and Fontsere, N and Carrera, M and Ojeda, R and Vera, M and Cases, A and Campistol, J and Di Benedetto, A and Ciotola, A and Stuard, S and Marcelli, D and Canaud, B and Kim, M.-J and Lee, S. W and Kweon, S. H and Song, J. H and Rosales, L. M and Abbas, S and Zhu, F and Flores, C and Carter, M and Apruzzese, R and Kotanko, P and Levin, N. W and Mann, H and Seyffart, G and Ensminger, A and Goksel, T and Stiller, S and Zaluska, W and Kotlinska-Hasiec, E and Rzecki, Z and Rybojad, B and Zaluska, A and Da'browski, W and Ponce, P and Chung, T and Kreuzberg, U and Pedrini, L and Francois, K and Wissing, K. M and Jacobs, R and Boone, D and Jacobs, K and Tielemans, C and Agar, B. U and Culleton, B. F and Fluck, R and Leypoldt, J. K and Lentini, P and Zanoli, L and Granata, A and Contestabile, A and Basso, A and Berlingo, G and Pellanda, V and de Cal, M and Clementi, A and Insalaco, M and Dell'Aquila, R and Panichi, V and Rosati, A and Casani, A and Conti, P and Capitanini, A and Migliori, M and Scatena, A and Giusti, R and Malagnino, E and Betti, G and Bernabini, G and Gabbrielli, C and Rollo, S and Caiani, D and Pizzarelli, F and Cantaluppi, V and Medica, D and Quercia, A. D and Gai, M and Leonardi, G and Anania, P and Guarena, C and Giovinazzo, G and Ferraresi, M and Merlo, I and Deambrosis, I and ... and on behalf of NephroCare Study Group on HDF
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i415 - i427
Journal Article
by Drake, T. M and Nepogodiev, D and Glasbey, J. C and Mohan, M and McNamee, L and Kelly, M and Fitzgerald, J. E and Harrison, E. M and Dean, R and Wylie, J and Jindal, A and Gouda, P and Fleck, R and Hanrahan, M and Karunakaran, P and Suresh, S and Bolton, W and Khan, T and Morley, R and Favero, N and Kennedy, E. D and Gabriel, J and Yener, A and Tilston, T. W and Dean, S and Ross, T and McCance, E and Amin, H and Satterthwaite, L and Robertson, K. L and Duncumb, J. W and Poo, S. X and Joshi, K. R and Norris, J. M and Keevil, H and Elf, D and Carr, L and Barton, E. C and Martin, A. L and Ratu, S. G and Roberts, E. J and Phan, P. N and Dyal, A. R and Burke, D and Mansoor, S and Mackin, S and Kim, S and Woin, E and Brent, G and Ahmed, M and Yong, C. S and Nixon, G and Tan, R and Dolaghan, M and Duke, K and Turner, L and Patel, T and Lunawat, S and Oremule, B and Ward, N and Chisholm, E. G and Hughes, B. A and Ahmed, H and Lee, A. H. Y and Bullock, N. P and Zhao, J and McIntyre, C. J and Wilson, H. C. P and Behar, N and Davis‐Hall, M and Seneviratne, N and Kim, S and Pope, S and Gatfield, W. A and Rees, C and Loveday, J and Wijesekera, M and Attalla, M and Smith, N and Sritharan, P and Shah, A and Hulley, K and Abdelhadi, M and Morgan, F and Anderson, L and Dickson, J and Asmadi, A and Anderson, L. B and Lua Boon Xuan, J and Crozier, L and Adebayo, A. A and Das, M and Amphlett, A. H and Winarski, A and Woodward, H and Gouldthrope, C and Turner, M and Tonkins, M and Wild, J. R. L and Robinson, M and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 08/2016, Volume 103, Issue 9, pp. 1157 - 1172
Journal Article
by Bornstein, J and McCullough, K and Combe, C and Bieber, B and Jadoul, M and Pisoni, R and Mariani, L and Robinson, B and Saito, A and Sen, A and Tentori, F and Guinsburg, A and Marelli, C and Marcelli, D and Usvyat, L and Maddux, D and Canaud, B and Kotanko, P and Hwang, S.-J and Hsieh, H.-M and Chen, H.-F and Mau, L.-W and Lin, M.-Y and Hsu, C.-C and Yang, W.-C and Pitcher, D and Rao, A and Phelps, R and Barbieri, C and Bellocchio, F and Bowry, S and Mari, F and Amato, C and Gatti, E and Zitt, E and Hafner-Giessauf, H and Wimmer, B and Herr, A and Horn, S and Friedl, C and Sprenger-Maehr, H and Kramar, R and Rosenkranz, A. R and Lhotta, K and Ferris, M and Etter, M and Xu, X and Grassmann, A and Von Gersdorff, G. D and Pecoits-Filho, R and Sylvestre, L and Consortium, M and Dzekova-Vidimliski, P and Nikolov, I and Trajceska, L and Selim, G and Gelev, S and Matevska Geshkovska, N and Dimovski, A and Sikole, A and Suleymanlar, G and Utas, C and Ecder, T and Ates, K and Robinson, B. M and Pisoni, R. L and Laplante, S and Liu, F. X and Culleton, B and Tomilina, N and Bikbov, B and Andrusev, A and Zemchenkov, A and Kotenko, O and Panaye, M and Jolivot, A and Lemoine, S and Guebre-Egziabher, F and Doret, M and Juillard, L and Filiopoulos, V and Hadjiyannakos, D and Papakostoula, A and Takouli, L and Biblaki, D and Dounavis, A and Vlassopoulos, D and Al Wakeel, J and Al Obaidli, A. A and Ahmed Almaimani, Y and Al-Arrayed, S and Alhelal, B and Fawzy, A and Aucella, F and Girotti, G and Gesuete, A and Cicchella, A and Seresin, C and Vinci, C and Scaparrotta, G and ... and And The MONDO Consortium and On Behalf Of Quavi-Rein Group
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii516 - iii527
Journal Article
by Parfrey, Patrick S and Drüeke, Tilman B and Block, Geoffrey A and Correa-Rotter, Ricardo and Floege, Jürgen and Herzog, Charles A and London, Gerard M and Mahaffey, Kenneth W and Kubo, Yumi and Dehmel, Bastian and Chertow, Glenn M and Santos, J and Marin, I and Garrote, N and Cusumano, A and Del Valle, E and Martinez Saye, J and Lef, L and Altobelli, V and Petraglia, G and Rosa Diez, G and Douthat, W and Lobo, J and Diez, G and Linares, B and Lopez, N and Ramirez, N and Valtuille, R and Hermida, O and Rudolf, G and Marchetta, N and Rano, M and Ramirez, M and García, N and Gillies, A and Jones, B and Walker, R and Talaulikar, G and Bannister, K and Kark, A and Kerr, P and Disney, A and Mount, P and Fraenkel, M and Mathew, M and Fassett, R and Jose, M and Hawley, C and Lonergan, M and Mackie, J and Ferrari, P and Menahem, S and Sabto, J and Hutchison, B and Langham, R and Pollock, C and Holzer, H and Oberbauer, R and Graf, H and Mayer, G and Lhotta, K and Neyer, U and Hoerl, W and Horn, S and Kovarik, J and Kramar, R and Eigner, M and Dhaene, M and Billiouw, J and De Meester, J and Warling, X and Cambier-Dwelschauwers, P and Evenepoel, P and Daelemans, R and Dratwa, M and Maes, B and Stolear, J and Dejagere, T and Bouman, K and Jadoul, M and Peeters, J and Vanholder, R and Tielemans, C and Almeida, F and Picollo de Oliveira, J and Burdmann, E and Garcia, V and Saldanha Thome, F and Deboni, L and Bregman, R and Araújo, S and Ferreira Filho, S and de Francesco Daher, E and Sperto Baptista, M and Carvalho, A and d’Avila, D and Moyses Neto, M and Yu, L and Jorgetti, V and de Almeida Romão, E and ... and Evaluation Cinacalcet HCL Therapy and Evaluation of Cinacalcet HCl Therapy to Lower Cardiovascular Events (EVOLVE) Trial Investigators
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology, ISSN 1555-9041, 01/2015, Volume 10, Issue 5, pp. 791 - 799
Journal Article
by Donadio, C and Kanaki, A and Martin-Gomez, A and Garcia, S and Palacios-Gomez, M and Calia, D and Colombini, E and DI Francesco, F and Ghimenti, S and Onor, M and Tognotti, D and Fuoco, R and Marka-Castro, E and Torres Zamora, M. I and Giron-Mino, J and Jaime-Solis, M. A and Arteaga, L. M and Romero, H and Akonur, A and Leypoldt, K and Asola, M and Culleton, B and Eloot, S and Glorieux, G and Nathalie, N and Vanholder, R and Perez de Jose, A and Verdalles Guzman, U and Abad Esttebanez, S and Vega Martinez, A and Barraca, D and Yuste, C and Bucalo, L and Rincon, A and Lopez-Gomez, J. M and Bataille, P and Celine, P and Raymond, A and Francois, G and Herve, L and Michel, D and Jean Louis, R and Zhu, F and Kotanko, P and Thijssen, S and Levin, N. W and Papamichail, N and Bougiakli, M and Gouva, C and Antoniou, S and Gianitsi, S and Vlachopanou, A and Chachalos, S and Naka, K and Kaarsavvidou, D and Katopodis, K and Michalis, L and Sasaki, K and Yasuda, K and Yamato, M and Surace, A and Rovatti, P and Steckiph, D and Bandini, R and Severi, S and Dellacasa Bellingegni, A and Santoro, A and Arias, M and Sentis, A and Perez, N and Fontsere, N and Vera, M and Rodriguez, N and Arcal, C and Ortega, N and Uriza, F and Cases, A and Maduell, F and Abbas, S. R and Georgianos, P and Sarafidis, P and Nikolaidis, P and Lasaridis, A and Ahmed, A and Kaoutar, H and Mohammed, B and Zouhir, O and Balter, P and Ginsberg, N and Taylor, P and Sullivan, T and Usvyat, L. A and Zabetakis, P and Moissl, U and Ferrario, M and Garzotto, F and Wabel, P and Cruz, D and Tetta, C and Signorini, M. G and ...
Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii197 - ii226
Journal Article
by Abbas, Z and Abdulmajid, A and Abid, H and Abuhussein, N and Abul, M.H and Adjei, H and Afzal, Z and Ahern, N and Ahmad, K and Ahmed, F and Ahn, J.S and Aildasani, L and Ali, S and Ali, B and Ali, H and Alizadeh, M and Allan, C and Allen, J.L.Y and Al-Obaedi, O and Amajuoyi, A and Amin, O and Anandarajah, C and Anderson, L.B and Angelov, S and Anilkumar, A and Arif, T and Asbjoernsen, C.A and Ashken, L and Ashraf, S.F and Ashwood, J and Aslanyan, A and Atraszkiewicz, B.A and Attalla, M and Auyoung, E and Avery, P and Balaji, S and Barai, I and Barnes, J and Barthorpe, A.E and Bartlett, J and Barton, E.C and Bassett, J and Bassiony, S and Bazeer, H.Z and Behar, N and Bell, A and Bemand, T.P and Bernstein, I and Bingham, G and Blessed, R and Bloomer, J and Blore, C.D and Bolton, W and Bolton, L and Bonsu, S and Bose, R and Boulton, A.J and Boxall, N and Braganza, L and Brathwaite-Shirley, C and Brennan, C and Brewer, C.F and Brown, E and Buakuma, P and Buckle, R.T and Bullock, N.P and Burgess, A and Burney, L.J and Canning, N and Canning, E and Cao, Y and Carroll, A.F and Carthew, L and Chapman, S.J and Charalambos, M.A and Chaudhry, W.W and Cheng, K and Chew, L and Chhabra, A and Chilima, C.P and Chillarge, G and Chin, R and Chong, B.F and Chrastek, D and Chua, E.Y and Chung, A and Clark, I.J and Clarke, A.K and Clement, K.D and Cody, N and Coffey, D and Coffin, J and Cole, S.J and Collier, H and Cooper, D and Copley, P.C and Cornish, E and Cotton, A and Crozier, L and Cumber, E and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
World journal of surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, 1/2017, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp. 47 - 55
Journal Article