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by Holt, Robert A and Subramanian, G. Mani and Halpern, Aaron and Sutton, Granger G and Charlab, Rosane and Nusskern, Deborah R and Wincker, Patrick and Clark, Andrew G and Ribeiro, JoséM. C and Wides, Ron and Salzberg, Steven L and Loftus, Brendan and Yandell, Mark and Majoros, William H and Rusch, Douglas B and Lai, Zhongwu and Kraft, Cheryl L and Abril, Josep F and Anthouard, Veronique and Arensburger, Peter and Atkinson, Peter W and Baden, Holly and de Berardinis, Veronique and Baldwin, Danita and Benes, Vladimir and Biedler, Jim and Blass, Claudia and Bolanos, Randall and Boscus, Didier and Barnstead, Mary and Cai, Shuang and Center, Angela and Chatuverdi, Kabir and Christophides, George K and Chrystal, Mathew A and Clamp, Michele and Cravchik, Anibal and Curwen, Val and Dana, Ali and Delcher, Art and Dew, Ian and Evans, Cheryl A and Flanigan, Michael and Grundschober-Freimoser, Anne and Friedli, Lisa and Gu, Zhiping and Guan, Ping and Guigo, Roderic and Hillenmeyer, Maureen E and Hladun, Susanne L and Hogan, James R and Hong, Young S and Hoover, Jeffrey and Jaillon, Olivier and Ke, Zhaoxi and Kodira, Chinnappa and Kokoza, Elena and Koutsos, Anastasios and Letunic, Ivica and Levitsky, Alex and Liang, Yong and Lin, Jhy-Jhu and Lobo, Neil F and Lopez, John R and Malek, Joel A and McIntosh, Tina C and Meister, Stephan and Miller, Jason and Mobarry, Clark and Mongin, Emmanuel and Murphy, Sean D and O'Brochta, David A and Pfannkoch, Cynthia and Qi, Rong and Regier, Megan A and Remington, Karin and Shao, Hongguang and Sharakhova, Maria V and Sitter, Cynthia D and Shetty, Jyoti and Smith, Thomas J and Strong, Renee and Sun, Jingtao and Thomasova, Dana and Ton, Lucas Q and Topalis, Pantelis and Tu, Zhijian and Unger, Maria F and Walenz, Brian and Wang, Aihui and Wang, Jian and Wang, Mei and Wang, Xuelan and Woodford, Kerry J and Wortman, Jennifer R and Wu, Martin and Yao, Alison and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Zhang, Hongyu and Zhao, Qi and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 12/2002, Volume 420, Issue 6915, pp. 520 - 562
Journal Article