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Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, ISSN 0148-0227, 02/2009, Volume 114, Issue D4, p. D04301
Journal Article
Le travail humain, ISSN 0041-1868, 2019, Volume 82, Issue 1, p. 41
Journal Article
Journal of Autoimmunity, ISSN 0896-8411, 2013, Volume 52, pp. 139 - 145
Journal Article
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, ISSN 1680-7316, 09/2008, Volume 8, Issue 17, pp. 5353 - 5372
We examine the response of Arctic gas and aerosol concentrations to perturbations in pollutant emissions from Europe. East and South Asia, and North America... 
Journal Article
by Karavana, V and Smith, I and Kanellis, G and Sigala, I and Kinsella, T and Zakynthinos, S and Liu, L and Chen, J and Zhang, X and Liu, A and Guo, F and Liu, S and Yang, Y and Qiu, H and Grimaldi, D. G and Kaya, E and Acicbe, O and Kayaalp, I and Asar, S and Dogan, M and Eren, G and Hergunsel, O and Pavelescu, D and Grintescu, I and Mirea, L and Guanziroli, M and Gotti, M and Marino, A and Cressoni, M and Vergani, G and Chiurazzi, C and Chiumello, D and Gattinoni, L and Spano, S and Massaro, F and Moustakas, A and Johansson, S and Larsson, A and Perchiazzi, G and Zhang, X. W and Guo, F. M and Chen, J. X and Xue, M and Qiu, H. B and Yang, L and Fister, M and Knafelj, R and Suzer, M. A and Kavlak, M. E and Atalan, H. K and Gucyetmez, B and Cakar, N and Weller, D and Grootendorst, A. F and Dijkstra, A and Kuijper, T. M and Cleffken, B. I and Regli, A and De Keulenaer, B and Van Heerden, P and Hadfield, D and Hopkins, P. A and Penhaligon, B and Reid, F and Hart, N and Rafferty, G. F and Grasselli, G and Mauri, T and Lazzeri, M and Carlesso, E and Cambiaghi, B and Eronia, N and Maffezzini, E and Bronco, A and Abbruzzese, C and Rossi, N and Foti, G and Bellani, G and Pesenti, A and Bassi, G. Li and Panigada, M and Ranzani, O and Kolobow, T and Zanella, A and Berra, L and Parrini, V and Kandil, H and Salati, G and Livigni, S and Amatu, A and Girardis, M and Barbagallo, M and Moise, G and Mercurio, G and Costa, A and Vezzani, A and Lindau, S and Babel, J and Cavana, M and Torres, A and ... and SR The SRLF Trial Group
Critical Care, ISSN 1364-8535, 03/2017, Volume 21, Issue S1
Journal Article
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, ISSN 1680-7316, 10/2016, Volume 16, Issue 19, pp. 12667 - 12701
Journal Article
by Rob, D and Špunda, R and Lindner, J and Šmalcová, J and Šmíd, O and Kovárník, T and Linhart, A and Bìlohlávek, J and Marinoni, M. M and Cianchi, G and Trapani, S and Migliaccio, M. L and Gucci, L and Bonizzoli, M and Cramaro, A and Cozzolino, M and Valente, S and Peris, A and Grins, E and Kort, E and Weiland, M and Shresta, N. Manandhar and Davidson, P and Algotsson, L and Fitch, S and Marco, G and Sturgill, J and Lee, S and Dickinson, M and Boeve, T and Khaghani, A and Wilton, P and Jovinge, S and Ahmad, A. N and Loveridge, R and Vlachos, S and Patel, S and Gelandt, E and Morgan, L and Butt, S and Whitehorne, M and Kakar, V and Park, C and Hayes, M and Willars, C and Hurst, T and Best, T and Vercueil, A and Auzinger, G and Adibelli, B and Akovali, N and Torgay, A and Zeyneloglu, P and Pirat, A and Kayhan, Z and Schmidbauer, S. S and Herlitz, J and Karlsson, T and Friberg, H and Knafelj, R and Radsel, P and Duprez, F and Bonus, T and Cuvelier, G and Mashayekhi, S and Maka, M and Ollieuz, S and Reychler, G and Mosaddegh, R and Abbasi, S and Talaee, S and Zotzmann, V. Z and Staudacher, D. S and Wengenmayer, T. W and Dürschmied, D. D and Bode, C. B and Nelskylä, A and Nurmi, J and Jousi, M and Schramko, A and Mervaala, E and Ristagno, G and Skrifvars, M and Ozsoy, G and Kendirli, T and Azapagasi, E and Perk, O and Gadirova, U and Ozcinar, E and Cakici, M and Baran, C and Durdu, S and Uysalel, A and Dogan, M and Ramoglu, M and Ucar, T and Tutar, E and Atalay, S and Akar, R and Kamps, M and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, ISSN 1680-7316, 07/2018, Volume 18, Issue 14, pp. 10199 - 10218
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 8/2010, Volume 107, Issue 33, pp. 14679 - 14684
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Leiter, L. A and Lundman, P and da Silva, P. M and xel, H and Jünger, C and Gitt, A. K and Absenger, Guun and Albrich, Ernst and Allinger, Berndt and Allinger, Stephan and Anacher, Gerald and Angermayr, Gertraud and Angermeier, Hermann and Anzengruber, Aneas and Archimanitis, Gabriele and Arnsteiner, Patricia and Auberger, Wolfgang and Azhary, Mawaheb and Barfuss, Michael and Bauer, Christian and Bauer, Birgit Elisabeth and Beclin, Thomas and Binder, Thomas and Binder, Gabriele and Böhler, Dietmar and Brändle, Johann and Breslmair, Jörg and Brettlecker, Marlis and Bürger, Michael and Calvi, Inge and Dorfinger, Werner and Doringer-Schnepf, Elisabeth and Eer, Anton and Eckmayr, Christine and Eder, Franz and Egermann, Margit and Erath, Michael and Etzinger, Michael and Etzinger, Claudia and Fiedler, Lothar and Filip, Wolfgang and Filip, Michaela and Föchterle, Johann and Fodor, Anita and Frieden, Thomas and Gareiss, Mertens and Gföllner, Peter and Ghamarian, Thomas and Goritschan, Michael and Haar, Klaus and Habeler, Gerhard and Hadjiivanov, Valery and Haiböck, Christian and Hammer, Regina and Hartmann, Siegfried and Haschkovitz, Herbert and Hauer, Walter and Hauer, Josef and Haunschmidt, Christian and Heimayr, Christine and Hengl, Wolfgang and Hengl, Gunter and Hermann, Rudolf and Herrmann, Rainer and Hillebrand, Roswitha and Hintersteininger, Otto and Hirsch, Michael and Hitzinger, Martin and Hochegger, Tanja and Hockl, Wolfgang and Hoi, Michael and Hörmann, Jan and Hudler, Brigitte and Imb, Gerhard and Joichl, Anea and Jungbauer, Karl and Kapl, Gerlinde and Kerschbaum, Margit and Kienesberger, Franz and Killinger, Gerhard and Kitzler, Gerhard and Klein, Franz and Kleinbichler, Dietmar and Kohr, Anton and Kopetzky, Michael and Korthals, Christian and Kortschak, Werner and Koschutnik, Martin and Kraus, Werner A and Kurzemann, Susanne and Lavicka, Claus and Lehner, Guido and Lenz, Jürgen and Lepuschütz, Sabine and Lichtenwallner, Michael and Lober, Reinhard and Loidl, Christine and Lopatka, Eduard and Ludwig, Rudolf and Maca, Thomas and ... and DYSIS Investigators and DYSIS investigators
Diabetic medicine, ISSN 0742-3071, 2011, Volume 28, Issue 11, pp. 1343 - 1351
To assess the prevalence of persistent lipid abnormalities in statin-treated patients with diabetes with and without the metabolic syndrome. This was a... 
metabolic syndrome | cardiovascular disease | diabetes mellitus | dyslipidaemia | statins | Cardiovascular disease | Dyslipidaemia | Metabolic syndrome | Diabetes mellitus | Statins | METAANALYSIS | GUIDELINES | PREVENTION | DENSITY-LIPOPROTEIN CHOLESTEROL | THERAPY | REDUCTION | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | CORONARY-HEART-DISEASE | CLINICAL-PRACTICE | CARDIOVASCULAR RISK | LOW HDL-CHOLESTEROL | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - administration & dosage | Humans | Diabetic Angiopathies - etiology | Male | Metabolic Syndrome - drug therapy | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - epidemiology | Metabolic Syndrome - blood | Canada - epidemiology | Cardiovascular Diseases - epidemiology | Cholesterol, LDL - blood | Female | Dyslipidemias - etiology | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - complications | Metabolic Syndrome - epidemiology | Cardiovascular Diseases - etiology | Diabetic Angiopathies - chemically induced | Cross-Sectional Studies | Cholesterol, HDL - drug effects | Europe - epidemiology | Cholesterol, LDL - drug effects | Diabetic Angiopathies - blood | Anticholesteremic Agents - adverse effects | Metabolic Syndrome - complications | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - blood | Dyslipidemias - epidemiology | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - adverse effects | Anticholesteremic Agents - administration & dosage | Dyslipidemias - chemically induced | Cholesterol, HDL - blood | Diabetic Angiopathies - epidemiology | Aged | Cardiovascular Diseases - chemically induced | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - drug therapy | Diabetics | Blood cholesterol | Simvastatin | Low density lipoproteins | Triglycerides | Diabetes | Risk factors | Trans fatty acids | Index Medicus
Journal Article