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environmental sciences (55) 55
index medicus (37) 37
ecology (31) 31
ecosystems (28) 28
resilience (28) 28
regime shifts (24) 24
humans (20) 20
multidisciplinary sciences (20) 20
[sde]environmental sciences (17) 17
biodiversity and ecology (17) 17
analysis (16) 16
catastrophic shifts (16) 16
early-warning signals (14) 14
models, biological (14) 14
tipping point (14) 14
regime shift (13) 13
thresholds (13) 13
time (13) 13
climate (11) 11
ecosystem (11) 11
indicators (11) 11
time series (11) 11
alternative stable states (10) 10
animals (10) 10
aquatic ecology and water quality management (10) 10
aquatische ecologie en waterkwaliteitsbeheer (10) 10
autocorrelation (10) 10
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (10) 10
climate change (10) 10
critical transition (10) 10
ecological-systems (10) 10
leerstoelgroep aquatische ecologie en waterkwaliteitsbeheer (10) 10
male (10) 10
management (10) 10
[sde.be]environmental sciences/biodiversity and ecology (9) 9
atrial fibrillation (9) 9
climate-change (9) 9
critical transitions (9) 9
research (9) 9
stability (9) 9
time factors (9) 9
wimek (9) 9
biodiversity (8) 8
critical slowing-down (8) 8
evolutionary biology (8) 8
female (8) 8
atrial fibrillation - diagnosis (7) 7
collapse (7) 7
electrocardiography (7) 7
eutrophication (7) 7
extinction (7) 7
middle aged (7) 7
models, theoretical (7) 7
recovery (7) 7
robustness (7) 7
wavelet analysis (7) 7
aged (6) 6
biology (6) 6
computer simulation (6) 6
critical slowing down (6) 6
data processing (6) 6
desertification (6) 6
leading indicator (6) 6
life sciences (6) 6
models (6) 6
science (6) 6
slowing-down (6) 6
system (6) 6
systems (6) 6
variability (6) 6
variance (6) 6
vegetation (6) 6
article (5) 5
atrial fibrillation - physiopathology (5) 5
dynamics (5) 5
electrocardiography - methods (5) 5
environmental changes (5) 5
lakes (5) 5
marine & freshwater biology (5) 5
methods (5) 5
natural sciences (5) 5
naturvetenskap (5) 5
ocean (5) 5
plant sciences (5) 5
research article (5) 5
sensitivity and specificity (5) 5
algorithms (4) 4
arid ecosystems (4) 4
biological sciences (4) 4
biomass (4) 4
case-control studies (4) 4
climate tipping point (4) 4
communities (4) 4
complex systems (4) 4
drought (4) 4
ecosystem services (4) 4
environmental aspects (4) 4
fisheries (4) 4
global changes (4) 4
global temperature changes (4) 4
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Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, ISSN 1364-503X, 3/2012, Volume 370, Issue 1962, pp. 1185 - 1204
Journal Article
Climate of the Past, ISSN 1814-9324, 2012, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 1127 - 1139
There were two abrupt warming events during the last deglaciation, at the start of the Bolling-Allerod and at the end of the Younger Dryas, but their... 
SYSTEM | VARIABILITY | ROBUSTNESS | GEOSCIENCES, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | TIPPING POINTS | OCEAN | PERIOD | CRITICAL SLOWING-DOWN | OSCILLATIONS | SIMULATION | METEOROLOGY & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES | WATER | Environmental Sciences | tipping points | period | system | ocean | simulation | robustness | critical slowing-down | variability | water | oscillations
Journal Article
by Andersson, T and Magnusson, A and Bryngelsson, I.- L and Frobert, O and Henriksson, K. M and Edvardsson, N and Poci, D and Polovina, M and Potpara, T and Licina, M and Mujovic, N and Kocijancic, A and Simic, D and Ostojic, M. C and Providencia, R. A and Botelho, A and Trigo, J and Nascimento, J and Quintal, N and Mota, P and Leitao-Marques, A. M and Bosch, R. F and Kirch, W and Rosin, L and Willich, S. N and Pittrow, D and Bonnemeier, H and Valenza, M. C and Martin, L and Munoz Casaubon, T and Valenza, G and Botella, M and Serrano, M and Valenza, B and Cabrera, I and Anderson, K and Benzaquen, B. S and Koziolova, N and Nikonova, J and Shilova, Y and Scherr, D and Narayan, S and Wright, M and Krummen, D and Jadidi, A and Jais, P and Haissaguerre, M and Hocini, M and Hunter, R and Liu, Y and Lu, Y and Wang, W and Schilling, R. J and Bernstein, S and Wong, B and Rooke, R and Vasquez, C and Shah, R and Rosenberg, S and Chinitz, L and Morley, G and Bashir Choudhary, M and Holmqvist, F and Carlson, J and Nilsson, H.- J and Platonov, P. G and Jadidi, A. S and Cochet, H and Miyazaki, S and Shah, A. J and Marrouche, N and Calvo, N and Nadal, M and Andreu, D and Tamborero, D and Diaz, F. E and Berruezo, A and Brugada, J and Mont, L and Fichtner, S and Hessling, G and Estner, H. L and Jilek, C and Reents, T and Ammar, S and Wu, J and Deisenhofer, I and Nakanishi, H and Kashiwase, K and Hirata, A and Wada, M and Ueda, Y and Skoda, J and Neuzil, P and Popelova, J and Petru, J and Sediva, L and Reddy, V. Y and Uldry, L and Forclaz, A and ...
Europace, ISSN 1099-5129, 06/2011, Volume 13, Issue Supplement 3, pp. NP - NP
Journal Article
by Abdelwahab, A and Gardner, M and Parkash, R and Basta, M and Sapp, J and Veltmann, C and Schimpf, R and Steitner, F and Hu, D and Pfeiffer, R and Borggrefe, M and Wolpert, C and Antzelevitch, C and Wijnmaalen, A. P and Van Der Geest, R. J and Siebelink, H. J and Kroft, L and Bax, J. J and Reiber, J. H and Schalij, M. J and Zeppenfeld, K and Algalarrondo, V. A and Dinanian, S. D and Juin, C. J and Adams, D. A and Slama, M. S and Vasconcelos, T and Galvao Filho, S. I. L. A. S and Leobino, E and Silva Fragata, C and Martins, E. K and Leobino, C. X and Silvestrini, T and Reis, P and Sciarra, L and Zuccaro, L and Marras, E and De Ruvo, E and De Luca, L and Delise, P and Calo', L and Lioy, E and Lavalle, C and Pandozi, C and Dottori, S. D and Galeazzi, M. G and Russo, M. R and Ficili, S. F and Camastra, G. C and Santini, M. S and Grosse, A and Raffa, S and Brunelli, M and Wauters, K and Regoli, F and Geller, J. C and Traykov, V. B and Pap, R and Shalganov, T. N and Gallardo Lobo, R and Makai, A and Bencsik, G and Forster, T and Saghy, L and Oginosawa, Y and Nogami, A and Kurosaki, K and Sugiyasu, A and Kubota, S and Kowase, S and Miyamoto, M and Kato, K and Goldman, D and Epstein, A and Deering, T and Greenberg, S and Ramadas, S and Janko, S and Antoni, D and Krieg, J and Wankerl, M and Halbfass, P and Hoffmann, E and Guglin, M and Chen, R. E. N and Curtis, A. B and Dakos, G and Vassilikos, V and Chouvarda, I and Hatzizisis, I and Maglaveras, N and Mochlas, S and Styliadis, I and Parcharidis, G and Calvo, D and Almendral, J and Jalife, J and Kalifa, J and Torrecilla, E. G and Fernandez-Aviles, F and ... and German Competence Network on Atrial Fibrillation and Italian Medtronic Clinical Service Investigators and the SENSE-HF investigators and the B-LEFT HF Investigators and The Working Group on Syncope of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and Italian Association of Arrhythmology and Cardiac Pacing and RIONI investigators and COMPANION Investigators and Investigators of Portuguese Society of Cardiology Acute Coronary Syndrome Registry and REVERSE investigators and the Cylos 990 Study Group and The Hartford Hospital ICD Registry Investigators and Leader study investigators and MoniC Project and WIM and AVOID-FFS-Study group and the 4196 Lead Study Investigators and Slew-Rate study group and SIMPLE steering committee and EPASS Study Investigators and COBRA committee and CAPRAF investigators and RARE-PEARL Investigators and ACT Registry Investigators and MASCOT study and EFFORT Investigators and NOVUS Septal Study investigators and RE-LY Operations Committee and OPTIMUM Registry Investigators and BELUGA investigators
Europace, ISSN 1099-5129, 07/2010, Volume 11, Issue Supplement 2, pp. NP - NP
Journal Article
Ecological Indicators, ISSN 1470-160X, 11/2018, Volume 94, pp. 494 - 502
Whereas research primarily focuses on understanding under what conditions sudden transitions in the dynamics and functioning of ecological systems may occur,... 
Competition | Critical transition | Early-warning | Dominant eigenvector | Eigenvector decomposition | Resilience | SIGNAL | REGIME SHIFTS | CATASTROPHIC SHIFTS | STABILITY | SLOWING-DOWN | EARLY-WARNING INDICATORS | GENERIC INDICATORS | VARIABILITY | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | COLLAPSE | Ecosystems | Usage | Indicators (Biology) | Life Sciences
Journal Article
Journal Article
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 06/2014, Volume 35, Issue 22, pp. 1466 - 1478
Journal Article