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Journal of Wetland Archaeology, ISSN 1473-2971, 01/2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 17 - 32
Large, impressive medieval V-shaped wooden fishing structures located on the Fergus Estuary, Co. Clare, Ireland have been the subject of ongoing research... 
medieval | historic mapping | Channel change | Ireland | intertidal fisheries
Journal Article
Journal of Wetland Archaeology, ISSN 1473-2971, 09/2014, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 6 - 21
At the spring tides, during the summer of 2011, a team from the School of Archaeology, University College Dublin, made several research trips to a complex of... 
medieval | tree-ring studies | Ireland | intertidal fisheries | detailed chronology
Journal Article
12/2017, Issue 85, p. Web
Reassessment of Andrei Tarkovski's "Ivan’s childhood" as part of a dossier commemorating the centenary of the Russian Revolution. 
Journal Article
by Antoniou, Antonis C and Sinilnikova, Olga M and Simard, Jacques and Léoné, Mélanie and Dumont, Martine and Neuhausen, Susan L and Struewing, Jeffery P and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique and Barjhoux, Laure and Hughes, David J and Coupier, Isabelle and Belotti, Muriel and Lasset, Christine and Bonadona, Valérie and Bignon, Yves-Jean and Rebbeck, Timothy R and Wagner, Theresa and Lynch, Henry T and Domchek, Susan M and Nathanson, Katherine L and Garber, Judy E and Weitzel, Jeffrey and Narod, Steven A and Tomlinson, Gail and Olopade, Olufunmilayo I and Godwin, Andrew and Isaacs, Claudine and Jakubowska, Anna and Lubinski, Jan and Gronwald, Jacek and Górski, Bohdan and Byrski, Tomasz and Huzarski, Tomasz and Peock, Susan and Cook, Margaret and Baynes, Caroline and Murray, Alexandra and Rogers, Mark and Daly, Peter A and Dorkins, Huw and Schmutzler, Rita K and Versmold, Beatrix and Engel, Christoph and Meindl, Alfons and Arnold, Norbert and Niederacher, Dieter and Deissler, Helmut and Spurdle, Amanda B and Chen, Xiaoqing and Waddell, Nicola and Cloonan, Nicole and Kirchhoff, Tomas and Offit, Kenneth and Friedman, Eitan and Kaufmann, Bella and Laitman, Yael and Galore, Gilli and Rennert, Gad and Lejbkowicz, Flavio and Raskin, Leon and Andrulis, Irene L and Ilyushik, Eduard and Ozcelik, Hilmi and Devilee, Peter and Vreeswijk, Maaike P.G and Greene, Mark H and Prindiville, Sheila A and Osorio, Ana and Benítez, Javier and Zikan, Michal and Szabo, Csilla I and Kilpivaara, Outi and Nevanlinna, Heli and Hamann, Ute and Durocher, Francine and Arason, Adalgeir and Couch, Fergus J and Easton, Douglas F and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Kathleen Cuningham Consortium for Research into Familial Breast Cancer (kConFab) and German Consortium for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (GCHBOC) and Genetic Modifiers of Cancer Risk in BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers Study (GEMO) and Epidemiological Study of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers (EMBRACE) and Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 (CIMBA)
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 2007, Volume 81, Issue 6, pp. 1186 - 1200
Journal Article
by Couch, Fergus J and Wang, Xianshu and McGuffog, Lesley and Lee, Anew and Olswold, Curtis and Kuchenbaecker, Karoline B and Soucy, Penny and Fredericksen, Zachary and Barrowdale, Daniel and Dennis, Joe and Gaudet, Mia M and Dicks, Ed and Kosel, Matthew and Healey, Sue and Sinilnikova, Olga M and Lee, Adam and Bacot, François and Vincent, Daniel and Hogervorst, Frans B. L and Peock, Susan and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique and Jakubowska, Anna and Radice, Paolo and Schmutzler, Rita Katharina and Domchek, Susan M and Piedmonte, Marion and Singer, Christian F and Friedman, Eitan and Thomassen, Mads and Hansen, Thomas V. O and Neuhausen, Susan L and Szabo, Csilla I and Blanco, Ignacio and Greene, Mark H and Karlan, Beth Y and Garber, Judy and Phelan, Catherine M and Weitzel, Jeffrey N and Montagna, Marco and Olah, Edith and Anulis, Irene L and Godwin, Anew K and Yannoukakos, koulis and Goldgar, David E and Caldes, Trinidad and Nevanlinna, Heli and Osorio, Ana and Terry, Mary Beth and Daly, Mary B and van Rensburg, Elizabeth J and Hamann, Ute and Ramus, Susan J and Toland, Amanda Ewart and Caligo, Maria A and Olopade, Olufunmilayo I and Tung, Nadine and Claes, Kathleen and Beattie, Mary S and Southey, Melissa C and Imyanitov, Evgeny N and Tischkowitz, Marc and Janavicius, Ramunas and John, Esther M and Kwong, Ava and Diez, Orland and Balmaña, Judith and Barkardottir, Rosa B and Arun, Banu K and Rennert, Gad and teo, Soo-Hwang and Ganz, Patricia A and Campbell, Ian and van der Hout, Annemarie H and van Deurzen, Carolien H. M and Seynaeve, Caroline and Gómez Garcia, Encarna B and van Leeuwen, Flora E and Meijers-Heijboer, Hanne E. J and Gille, Johannes J. P and Ausems, Margreet G. E. M and Blok, Marinus J and Ligtenberg, Marjolijn J. L and Rookus, Matti A and Devilee, Peter and Verhoef, Senno and van Os, Theo A. M and Wijnen, Juul T and Frost, Debra and Ellis, Steve and Fineberg, Elena and Platte, Radka and Evans, D. Gareth and Izatt, Louise and Eeles, Rosalind A and Adlard, Julian and Eccles, Diana M and Cook, Jackie and Brewer, Carole and Douglas, Fiona and Hodgson, Shirley and ... and KConFab Investigators and Ontario Canc Genetics Network and EMBRACE and GEMO Study Collaborators and CIMBA and HEBON and BCFR and SWE-BRCA and Ontario Cancer Genetics Network and kConFab Investigators and on behalf of CIMBA and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Onkologi and Hälsouniversitetet
PLoS genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp. e1003212 - e1003212
Journal Article
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 09/2010, Volume 304, Issue 9, pp. 967 - 975
Journal Article
by Antoniou, Antonis C and Spurdle, Amanda B and Sinilnikova, Olga M and Healey, Sue and Pooley, Karen A and Schmutzler, Rita K and Versmold, Beatrix and Engel, Christoph and Meindl, Alfons and Arnold, Norbert and Hofmann, Wera and Sutter, Christian and Niederacher, Dieter and Deissler, Helmut and Caldes, Trinidad and Kämpjärvi, Kati and Nevanlinna, Heli and Simard, Jacques and Beesley, Jonathan and Chen, Xiaoqing and Neuhausen, Susan L and Rebbeck, Timothy R and Wagner, Theresa and Lynch, Henry T and Isaacs, Claudine and Weitzel, Jeffrey and Ganz, Patricia A and Daly, Mary B and Tomlinson, Gail and Olopade, Olufunmilayo I and Blum, Joanne L and Couch, Fergus J and Peterlongo, Paolo and Manoukian, Siranoush and Barile, Monica and Radice, Paolo and Szabo, Csilla I and Pereira, Lutecia H. Mateus and Greene, Mark H and Rennert, Gad and Lejbkowicz, Flavio and Barnett-Griness, Ofra and Andrulis, Irene L and Ozcelik, Hilmi and Gerdes, Anne-Marie and Caligo, Maria A and Laitman, Yael and Kaufman, Bella and Milgrom, Roni and Friedman, Eitan and Domchek, Susan M and Nathanson, Katherine L and Osorio, Ana and Llort, Gemma and Milne, Roger L and Benítez, Javier and Hamann, Ute and Hogervorst, Frans B.L and Manders, Peggy and Ligtenberg, Marjolijn J.L and van den Ouweland, Ans M.W and Peock, Susan and Cook, Margaret and Platte, Radka and Evans, D. Gareth and Eeles, Rosalind and Pichert, Gabriella and Chu, Carol and Eccles, Diana and Davidson, Rosemarie and Douglas, Fiona and Godwin, Andrew K and Barjhoux, Laure and Mazoyer, Sylvie and Sobol, Hagay and Bourdon, Violaine and Eisinger, François and Chompret, Agnès and Capoulade, Corinne and Bressac-de Paillerets, Brigitte and Lenoir, Gilbert M and Gauthier-Villars, Marion and Houdayer, Claude and Stoppa-Lyonnet, Dominique and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Easton, Douglas F and EMBRACE and CIMBA and GEMO and Swedish BRCA1 & BRCA2 Study Collab and DNA-HEBON Collaborators and Kathleen Cuningharn Consortium Res and OCGN and Kathleen Cuningham Consortium for Research into Familial Breast Cancer and DNA-HEBON collaborators and Swedish BRCA1 and BRCA2 study collaborators
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 04/2008, Volume 82, Issue 4, pp. 937 - 948
Journal Article
Gut, ISSN 0017-5749, 02/2013, Volume 62, Issue 2, pp. 220 - 226
Objective The gut microbiota is an environmental regulator of fat storage and adiposity. Whether the microbiota represents a realistic therapeutic target for... 
ENERGY-BALANCE | VANCOMYCIN | HIGH-FAT-DIET | LACTOBACILLUS-SALIVARIUS | INSULIN-RESISTANCE | MOUSE | ENDOTOXEMIA | NECROSIS-FACTOR-ALPHA | MICE | BACTERIOCINS | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Intestines - drug effects | Probiotics - administration & dosage | Obesity - drug therapy | Bacteriocins - administration & dosage | Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha - blood | Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha - genetics | Bacteria - drug effects | Diet, High-Fat - adverse effects | Male | Obesity - microbiology | Inflammation - blood | Intestinal Mucosa - drug effects | Drug Delivery Systems | Vancomycin - pharmacology | Obesity - etiology | Weight Gain - drug effects | Gene Expression | Metagenome - drug effects | Vancomycin - administration & dosage | Mice, Inbred C57BL | Intestinal Mucosa - microbiology | Probiotics - pharmacology | Obesity - metabolism | Blood Glucose - drug effects | Animals | Intestines - microbiology | Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha - drug effects | Triglycerides - blood | Bacteriocins - pharmacology | Anti-Bacterial Agents - pharmacology | Lactobacillus - physiology | Mice | Anti-Bacterial Agents - administration & dosage | Obesity | Probiotics | Care and treatment | Microbiota (Symbiotic organisms) | Dosage and administration | Research | Vancomycin | Bacteriocins | Studies | Load | Diet | Rodents | Antimicrobial agents | Diabetes | Gene expression | Metabolic disorders | Index Medicus | Abridged Index Medicus | Clinical Medicine | Medical and Health Sciences | Klinisk medicin | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Gastroenterology and Hepatology | Gastroenterologi
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Michailidou, Kyriaki and Lindström, Sara and Dennis, Joe and Beesley, Jonathan and Hui, Shirley and Kar, Siddhartha and Lemaçon, Auey and Soucy, Penny and Glubb, Dylan and Rostamianfar, Asha and Bolla, Manjeet K and Wang, Qin and Tyrer, Jonathan and Dicks, Ed and Lee, Anew and Wang, Zhaoming and Allen, Jamie and Keeman, Renske and Eilber, Ursula and French, Juliet D and Qing Chen, Xiao and Fachal, Laura and McCue, Karen and McCart Reed, Amy E and Ghoussaini, Maya and Carroll, Jason S and Jiang, Xia and Finucane, Hilary and Adams, Marcia and Adank, Muriel A and Ahsan, Habibul and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Antonenkova, Natalia N and Arndt, Volker and Aronson, Kristan J and Arun, Banu and Auer, Paul L and Bacot, François and Barrdahl, Myrto and Baynes, Caroline and Beckmann, Matthias W and Behrens, Sabine and Benitez, Javier and Bermisheva, Marina and Bernstein, Leslie and Blomqvist, Carl and Bogdanova, Natalia V and Bojesen, Stig E and Bonanni, Bernardo and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Brand, Judith S and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brennan, Paul and Brenner, Hermann and Brinton, Louise and Broberg, Per and Brock, Ian W and Broeks, Annegien and Brooks-Wilson, Angela and Brucker, Sara Y and Brüning, Thomas and Burwinkel, Barbara and Butterbach, Katja and Cai, Qiuyin and Cai, Hui and Caldés, Trinidad and Canzian, Federico and Carracedo, Angel and Carter, Brian D and Castelao, Jose E and Chan, Tsun L and David Cheng, Ting-Yuan and Seng Chia, Kee and Choi, Ji-Yeob and Christiansen, Hans and Clarke, Christine L and Collée, Margriet and Conroy, Don M and Cordina-Duverger, Emilie and Cornelissen, Sten and Cox, David G and Cox, Angela and Cross, Simon S and Cunningham, Julie M and Czene, Kamila and Daly, Mary B and Devilee, Peter and Doheny, Kimberly F and Dörk, Thilo and Dos-Santos-Silva, Isabel and Dumont, Martine and Durcan, Lorraine and Dwek, Miriam and Eccles, Diana M and Ekici, Arif B and Eliassen, A. Heather and Ellberg, Carolina and Elvira, Mingajeva and Engel, Christoph and ... and KConFab AOCS Investigators and ABCTB Investigators and NBCS Collaborators and ConFab/AOCS Investigators and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Ortopedi and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för kirurgiska vetenskaper
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2017, Volume 551, Issue 7678, pp. 92 - 94
Journal Article