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Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, ISSN 1098-7339, 09/2016, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 628 - 631
Journal Article
by Battaglieri, Marco and Belloni, Alberto and Chou, Aaron and Cushman, Priscilla and Echenard, Bertrand and Essig, Rouven and Estrada, Juan and Feng, Jonathan L and Flaugher, Brenna and Fox, Patrick J and Graham, Peter and Hall, Carter and Harnik, Roni and Hewett, JoAnne and Incandela, Joseph and Izaguirre, Eder and McKinsey, Daniel and Pyle, Matthew and Roe, Natalie and Rybka, Gray and Sikivie, Pierre and Tait, Tim M. P and Toro, Natalia and Van De Water, Richard and Weiner, Neal and Zurek, Kathryn and Adelberger, Eric and Afanasev, Andrei and Alexander, Derbin and Alexander, James and Antochi, Vasile Cristian and Asner, David Mark and Baer, Howard and Banerjee, Dipanwita and Baracchini, Elisabetta and Barbeau, Phillip and Barrow, Joshua and Bastidon, Noemie and Battat, James and Benson, Stephen and Berlin, Asher and Bird, Mark and Blinov, Nikita and Boddy, Kimberly K and Bondi, Mariangela and Bonivento, Walter M and Boulay, Mark and Boyce, James and Brodeur, Maxime and Broussard, Leah and Budnik, Ranny and Bunting, Philip and Caffee, Marc and Caiazza, Sabato Stefano and Campbell, Sheldon and Cao, Tongtong and Carosi, Gianpaolo and Carpinelli, Massimo and Cavoto, Gianluca and Celentano, Andrea and Chang, Jae Hyeok and Chattopadhyay, Swapan and Chavarria, Alvaro and Chen, Chien-Yi and Clark, Kenneth and Clarke, John and Colegrove, Owen and Coleman, Jonathon and Cooke, David and Cooper, Robert and Crisler, Michael and Crivelli, Paolo and D'Eramo, Francesco and D'Urso, Domenico and Dahl, Eric and Dawson, William and De Napoli, Marzio and De Vita, Raffaella and DeNiverville, Patrick and Derenzo, Stephen and Di Crescenzo, Antonia and Di Marco, Emanuele and Dienes, Keith R and Diwan, Milind and Dongwi, Dongwi Handiipondola and Drlica-Wagner, Alex and Ellis, Sebastian and Ezeribe, Anthony Chigbo and Farrar, Glennys and Ferrer, Francesc and Figueroa-Feliciano, Enectali and Filippi, Alessandra and Fiorillo, Giuliana and Fornal, Bartosz and Freyberger, Arne and Frugiuele, Claudia and Galbiati, Cristian and Galon, Iftah and Gardner, Susan and Geraci, Andrew and ...
This white paper summarizes the workshop "U.S. Cosmic Visions: New Ideas in Dark Matter" held at University of Maryland on March 23-25, 2017. 
Journal Article
02/1987, 4
The present invention relates to an improved tie system (10) for shoes (13), and comprises an elongated strap element (17) that passes under the arch (21) of a... 
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