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Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism, ISSN 0334-018X, 03/2018, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp. 473 - 478
Background: Glycogen storage diseases (GSDs) are a collection of disorders related to glycogen synthesis or degradation that classically present in infancy... 
glycogen storage disease | hepatomegaly | short stature | late presentation | G6PC | AGL | DIAGNOSIS | MANAGEMENT | CLINICAL-COURSE | GENE | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | PEDIATRICS | MUTATIONS | Glycogenosis | Failure to thrive | Hepatomegaly | Development and progression | Diagnosis | Children | Hypoglycemia | Risk factors | Hypoglycemia in children | Diseases
Journal Article
Pediatrics, ISSN 0031-4005, 01/2014, Volume 133, Issue 1, pp. e235 - e239
Journal Article
Pediatrics, ISSN 0031-4005, 01/2014, Volume 133, Issue 1, pp. e235 - e235
Functional constipation is a common pediatric problem that is often treated through well-established algorithms. Fecal disimpaction is the initial therapeutic... 
Journal Article
Proceedings of the 21st international conference on parallel architectures and compilation techniques, ISSN 1089-795X, 09/2012, pp. 43 - 52
There is a growing utilization gap between modern hardware and modern programming languages for data analysis.Due to power and other constraints, recent... 
just-in-time compilation | r language | tracing | data parallel | R language | Data analysis | Runtime | Semantics | Parallel processing | Hardware | Virtual machining | Delays | Tracing | Just-in-time compilation | Data parallel
Conference Proceeding
World journal of orthopedics, ISSN 2218-5836, 11/2019, Volume 10, Issue 11, pp. 394 - 403
Magnetically controlled growing rods (MCGR) are a novel treatment option for early onset scoliosis (EOS). Although the complication profile with MCGR use has... 
Journal Article
by Sharpee, Tatyana O and Destexhe, Alain and Kawato, Mitsuo and Sekulić, Vladislav and Skinner, Frances K and Wójcik, Daniel K and Chintaluri, Chaitanya and Cserpán, Dorottya and Somogyvári, Zoltán and Kim, Jae Kyoung and Kilpatrick, Zachary P and Bennett, Matthew R and Josić, Kresimir and Elices, Irene and Arroyo, David and Levi, Rafael and Rodriguez, Francisco B and Varona, Pablo and Hwang, Eunjin and Kim, Bowon and Han, Hio-Been and Kim, Tae and McKenna, James T and Brown, Ritchie E and McCarley, Robert W and Choi, Jee Hyun and Rankin, James and Popp, Pamela Osborn and Rinzel, John and Tabas, Alejandro and Rupp, André and Balaguer-Ballester, Emili and Maturana, Matias I and Grayden, David B and Cloherty, Shaun L and Kameneva, Tatiana and Ibbotson, Michael R and Meffin, Hamish and Koren, Veronika and Lochmann, Timm and Dragoi, Valentin and Obermayer, Klaus and Psarrou, Maria and Schilstra, Maria and Davey, Neil and Torben-Nielsen, Benjamin and Steuber, Volker and Ju, Huiwen and Yu, Jiao and Hines, Michael L and Chen, Liang and Yu, Yuguo and Kim, Jimin and Leahy, Will and Shlizerman, Eli and Birgiolas, Justas and Gerkin, Richard C and Crook, Sharon M and Viriyopase, Atthaphon and Memmesheimer, Raoul-Martin and Gielen, Stan and Dabaghian, Yuri and DeVito, Justin and Perotti, Luca and Kim, Anmo J and Fenk, Lisa M and Cheng, Cheng and Maimon, Gaby and Zhao, Chang and Widmer, Yves and Sprecher, Simon and Senn, Walter and Halnes, Geir and Mäki-Marttunen, Tuomo and Keller, Daniel and Pettersen, Klas H and Andreassen, Ole A and Einevoll, Gaute T and Yamada, Yasunori and Steyn-Ross, Moira L and Alistair Steyn-Ross, D and Mejias, Jorge F and Murray, John D and Kennedy, Henry and Wang, Xiao-Jing and Kruscha, Alexandra and Grewe, Jan and Benda, Jan and Lindner, Benjamin and Badel, Laurent and Ohta, Kazumi and Tsuchimoto, Yoshiko and Kazama, Hokto and Kahng, B and Tam, Nicoladie D and Pollonini, Luca and Zouridakis, George and Soh, Jaehyun and Kim, DaeEun and Yoo, Minsu and ... and the EyeWirers
BMC Neuroscience, ISSN 1471-2202, 08/2016, Volume 17, Issue S1
Journal Article
BMC neuroscience, 08/2016, Volume 17 Suppl 1, p. 54
Journal Article
Gastroenterology, ISSN 0016-5085, 2010, Volume 138, Issue 5, pp. S-265 - S-266
Journal Article
by Lundqvist, Andreas and van Hoef, Vincent and Zhang, Xiaonan and Wennerberg, Erik and Lorent, Julie and Witt, Kristina and Sanz, Laia Masvidal and Liang, Shuo and Murray, Shannon and Larsson, Ola and Kiessling, Rolf and Mao, Yumeng and Sidhom, John-William and Bessell, Catherine A and Havel, Jonathan and Schneck, Jonathan and Chan, Timothy A and Sachsenmeier, Eliot and Woods, David and Berglund, Anders and Ramakrishnan, Rupal and Sodre, Andressa and Weber, Jeffrey and Zappasodi, Roberta and Li, Yanyun and Qi, Jingjing and Wong, Philip and Sirard, Cynthia and Postow, Michael and Newman, Walter and Koon, Henry and Velcheti, Vamsidhar and Callahan, Margaret K and Wolchok, Jedd D and Merghoub, Taha and Lum, Lawrence G and Choi, Minsig and Thakur, Archana and Deol, Abhinav and Dyson, Gregory and Shields, Anthony and Haymaker, Cara and Uemura, Marc and Murthy, Ravi and James, Marihella and Wang, Daqing and Brevard, Julie and Monaghan, Catherine and Swann, Suzanne and Geib, James and Cornfeld, Mark and Chunduru, Srinivas and Agrawal, Sudhir and Yee, Cassian and Wargo, Jennifer and Patel, Sapna P and Amaria, Rodabe and Tawbi, Hussein and Glitza, Isabella and Woodman, Scott and Hwu, Wen-Jen and Davies, Michael A and Hwu, Patrick and Overwijk, Willem W and Bernatchez, Chantale and Diab, Adi and Massarelli, Erminia and Segal, Neil H and Ribrag, Vincent and Melero, Ignacio and Gangadhar, Tara C and Urba, Walter and Schadendorf, Dirk and Ferris, Robert L and Houot, Roch and Morschhauser, Franck and Logan, Theodore and Luke, Jason J and Sharfman, William and Barlesi, Fabrice and Ott, Patrick A and Mansi, Laura and Kummar, Shivaani and Salles, Gilles and Carpio, Cecilia and Meier, Roland and Krishnan, Suba and McDonald, Dan and Maurer, Matthew and Gu, Xuemin and Neely, Jaclyn and Suryawanshi, Satyendra and Levy, Ronald and Khushalani, Nikhil and Wu, Jennifer and Zhang, Jinyu and Basher, Fahmin and Rubinstein, Mark and Bucsek, Mark and Qiao, Guanxi and ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, ISSN 2051-1426, 11/2016, Volume 4, Issue S1
Journal Article
Gastroenterology, ISSN 0016-5085, 2010, Volume 138, Issue 5, pp. S-621 - S-622
Journal Article
by Demirci, Jill and Bogen, Debra and Kotzias, Virginia and Ray, Kristin and Uscher-Pines, Lori and Douglas, Pamela and Ball, Helen and Taweel, Amal El and Yousef, Amel and Hasanin, Marwa and Sabour, Adly and Rashed, Laila and Morrell, Erica and Muddana, Anitha and Muddana, Anitha and Lougou, Delali and Harris, Hilary and Tester, Carson and Bartick, Melissa and Stuebe, Alison and Stuebe, Alison and Mullin, Suzanne and Laroia, Nirupama and Jopson, Justin and Hill-Goddard, Cynthia and Gottfried, Julie and Patel, Aloka and Hoban, Rebecca and Lai, Ching and Poeliniz, Clarisa Medina and Geddes, Donna and Meier, Paula and Bošnjak, Anita Pavičić and Al-Imari, Lina and Armano, Giovana and Knežević, Mirela Šentiija and Antolić, Slavko and Attarian, Stephanie and Peters, Robert and Amatya, Rina and Camp, Devon and Au, Katherine and Lallande, Laura and Hambly, Brooke and Thiele, Doria and Bartick, Melissa and Bartick, Melissa and Schwarz, Eleanor Bimla and Green, Brittany and Green, Brittany and Reinhold, Arnold and Colaizy, Tarah and Schaefer, Andrew and Stuebe, Alison and Jegier, Briana and Jegier, Briana and Jegier, Briana and Schwarz, Eleanor Bimla and Reinhold, Arnold and Stuebe, Alison and Baruth, Nichole and Francois, Marly and Walter, Hans von and Hart, Elaine and Behairy, Ola and Abulfadl, Azza and Sanad, Osama and Hassan, Amal and Attia, Mona and Bresnahan, Mary and Goldbort, Joanne and Bogdan-Lovis, Elizabeth and Haider, Steven and Zhu, Yi and Yan, Xiaodi and Gutierrez, Diana Bueno and Anguiano, Ana Lilia Armendariz and Castillo, Edgar Uriel Romero and Vasquez, Karla López and Chetwynd, Ellen and Costello, Rebecca and Goldstein, Ami and Sanchez, Amy and Singletary, Nicola and Sullivan, Catherine and Wulff, Siobhan and Fogleman, April and Conceiçao, Cristiane and Monteiro, Natalia and Parisi, Thais and Dornaus, Maria Fernanda and Costello, Rebecca and Dumas, Sarah and Chetwynd, Ellen and Carlough, Martha and Cunningham, Emilie and Darius, Yohmi and Wijaya, Lenny and Doyle, Elizabeth and Drover, Anne and ...
Breastfeeding Medicine, ISSN 1556-8253, 10/2017, Volume 12, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-34
Journal Article
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, ISSN 0960-894X, 2011, Volume 21, Issue 24, pp. 7287 - 7290
Novel P2X 7 antagonists were developed using a purine scaffold. These compounds were potent and selective at the P2X 7 receptor in human and rodent as well as... 
P2X 7 | Purine derivatives | Inflammatory pain | Neuropathic pain
Journal Article
Neuronal activity in the brain generates synchronous oscillations of the Local Field Potential (LFP). The traditional analyses of the LFPs are based on... 
Journal Article
The Journal of clinical investigation, ISSN 1558-8238, 02/2020
An in-depth understanding of immune escape mechanisms in cancer are likely to lead to innovative advances in immunotherapeutic strategies. However, much... 
Journal Article
Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on libraries, languages, and compilers for array programming, 06/2014, pp. 20 - 25
Dynamically typed vector languages are popular in data analytics and statistical computing. In these languages, vectors have both dynamic type and dynamic... 
data parallelism | just-in-time compilation | tracing | Just-in-time compilation | Data parallelism | Tracing
Conference Proceeding
by Rasic, Nivez F and Friesen, Robert M and Anderson, Bruce and Hoban, Shirley A and Olson, Nancy and Kress, Jacob and Lévesque, Simon and Lessard, Martin R and Lessard, Martin R and Lessard, Martin R and Nicole, Pierre and Nicole, Pierre and Langevin, Stéphan and Langevin, Stéphan and Langevin, Jacques and LeBlanc, François and Brochu, Jacques and Turgeon, Alexis and Nicole, Pierre C and Trépanier, Claude A and Marcoux, Sylvie and Lash, Vynka C and Anderson, Keith and Asenjo, J Francisco and Carli, Francesco and Engen, Dale A and Morewood, Gordon H and Ghazar, Nancy and Ashbury, Ted and VanDenKerkhof, Elizabeth G and VanDenKerkhof, Elizabeth G and VanDenKerkhof, Elizabeth G and Wang, Louie and Blight, Katherine R and Mazer, C David and Mazer, C David and Hare, Gregory M. T and Hare, Gregory M. T and Wang, Zhilan and Coackley, Carla and Qu, Rong and Qu, Rong and Robb, Malcolm and Stewart, Duncan J and Schricker, Thomas and Schricker, Thomas and Schricker, Thomas and Schricker, Thomas and Meterissian, Sarkis and Lattermann, Ralph and Carli, Franco and Carli, Franco and Carli, Franco and Carli, Franco and Carli, Franco and Carli, Franco and Dupuis, Jean-Yves and Dupuis, Jean-Yves and Dupuis, Jean-Yves and Wang, Feng and Wang, Feng and Nathan, Howard and Williams, Kathryn and Robblee, James A and Nathan, Howard J and Nathan, Howard J and Ko, Raynauld and Kruger, Marelise and McRae, Karen and Darling, Gail and Waddell, Thomas and Morrice, David and McGlade, Desmond and Cheung, Ken and Katz, Joel and Slinger, Peter and Baker, Andrew J and Hum, Kathryn M and Kim, Steve Y and Barr, Aiala and Friedman, Zeev and Wong, David T and Chung, Frances and Chung, Frances and Goldstein, David H and Blaine, William C and Rimmer, Michael J and Kolman, Jacelyn M and Hung, Orlando R and Beauprie, Ian G and Vandorpe, Robert and Baker, Chandran J and Rennie, William and Brown, Robert and Kenny, Susan and Kamming, Damon and McGrath, Brid and Curti, Bruna and King, Shirley and Lau, Brenda W and ...
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, ISSN 0832-610X, 6/2003, Volume 50, Issue S1, pp. A2 - A121
Journal Article
by Nivez F Rasic and Robert M Friesen and Bruce Anderson and Shirley A Hoban and Nancy Olson and Jacob Kress and Simon Lévesque and Martin R Lessard and Pierre Nicole and Stéphan Langevin and Jacques Langevin and François LeBlanc and Jacques Brochu and Alexis Turgeon and Pierre C Nicole and Claude A Trépanier and Sylvie Marcoux and Vynka C Lash and Keith Anderson and J Francisco Asenjo and Francesco Carli and Dale A Engen and Gordon H Morewood and Nancy Ghazar and Ted Ashbury and Elizabeth G VanDenKerkhof and Louie Wang and Katherine R Blight and C David Mazer and Gregory M T Hare and Zhilan Wang and Carla Coackley and Rong Qu and Malcolm Robb and Duncan J Stewart and Thomas Schricker and Sarkis Meterissian and Ralph Lattermann and Franco Carli and Jean-Yves Dupuis and Feng Wang and Howard Nathan and Kathryn Williams and James A Robblee and Howard J Nathan and Raynauld Ko and Marelise Kruger and Karen McRae and Gail Darling and Thomas Waddell and David Morrice and Desmond McGlade and Ken Cheung and Joel Katz and Peter Slinger and Andrew J Baker and Kathryn M Hum and Steve Y Kim and Aiala Barr and Zeev Friedman and David T Wong and Frances Chung and David H Goldstein and William C Blaine and Michael J Rimmer and Jacelyn M Kolman and Orlando R Hung and Ian G Beauprie and Robert Vandorpe and Chandran J Baker and William Rennie and Robert Brown and Susan Kenny and Damon Kamming and Brid McGrath and Bruna Curti and Shirley King and Brenda W Lau and Craig R Ries and Josie Schmid and Richard N Kraima and Toshimi Arai and Masao Yamashita and William Splinter and Uma R Parekh and Teresa Valois-Gomez and John G Muir and Andrew G Usher and Ramona A Kearney and Ban C H Tsui and D Shende and V Darlong and N Asit and Justin Richards and John Van Aerde and Alese Wagner and Dominic Cave and Ramona Kearney and Leeanne Philips and Kathy Reid and ...
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, ISSN 0832-610X, 06/2003, Volume 50, p. A69
Journal Article
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