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nuclear science & technology (42) 42
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engineering sciences (40) 40
physics, particles & fields (37) 37
physics, nuclear (35) 35
detectors and experimental techniques (28) 28
[phys.phys.phys-ins-det]physics [physics]/physics [physics]/instrumentation and detectors [physics.ins-det] (27) 27
optics (25) 25
electronics (23) 23
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application specific integrated circuits (20) 20
asic (20) 20
life sciences & biomedicine (19) 19
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sciences of the universe (17) 17
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materials (14) 14
materials science, multidisciplinary (14) 14
microelectronics (14) 14
spectroscopy (14) 14
archaeology and prehistory (13) 13
custom integrated circuits (13) 13
humanities and social sciences (13) 13
humans (13) 13
telescopes (13) 13
[spi.mat]engineering sciences [physics]/materials (12) 12
experiment (12) 12
high energy physics (12) 12
micromegas (12) 12
radiation hardening (12) 12
testing (12) 12
[phys.phys.phys-optics]physics [physics]/physics [physics]/optics [physics.optics] (11) 11
[spi]engineering sciences [physics] (11) 11
analog-digital conversion (11) 11
high energy astrophysical phenomena (11) 11
radiation detectors (11) 11
complementary metal oxide semiconductors (10) 10
high energy physics - experiment (10) 10
nuclear experiment (10) 10
particle identification (10) 10
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (10) 10
research (10) 10
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arrays (9) 9
cmos (9) 9
data acquisition (9) 9
gamma rays (9) 9
metallurgy & metallurgical engineering (9) 9
silicon (9) 9
social sciences (9) 9
[sdu.astr.im]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (8) 8
[shs.archeo]humanities and social sciences/archaeology and prehistory (8) 8
astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi (8) 8
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (8) 8
energy consumption (8) 8
engineering, electrical & electronic (8) 8
fysik (8) 8
instrumentation and methods for astrophysic (8) 8
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (8) 8
lithic technology (8) 8
natural sciences (8) 8
naturvetenskap (8) 8
precipitation (8) 8
prototypes (8) 8
science & technology - other topics (8) 8
[phys.astr.im]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/instrumentation and methods for astrophysic [astro-ph.im] (7) 7
[spi.tron]engineering sciences [physics]/electronics (7) 7
animals (7) 7
astroparticle physics (7) 7
astropartikelfysik (7) 7
carbides (7) 7
channels (7) 7
clocks (7) 7
electronics: readout (7) 7
equipment and supplies (7) 7
imaging (7) 7
kundenschaltung (7) 7
large hadron collider (7) 7
micro and nanotechnologies (7) 7
neutrino sources (7) 7
neutrino telescope (7) 7
neutrons (7) 7
noise (7) 7
photon detection (7) 7
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by Actis, M and Aharonian, F and Aleksić, J and Aliu, E and Allan, D and Allekotte, I and Antico, F and Antonelli, L. A and Antoranz, P and Aravantinos, A and Arlen, T and Arnaldi, H and Asano, K and Asorey, H and Bajtlik, S and Balis, D and Bamba, A and Barbier, C and Barceló, M and Barnstedt, J and Barres de Almeida, U and Barrio, J. A and Basso, S and Bastieri, D and Becerra, J and Becherini, Y and Beckmann, V and Belluso, M and Benallou, M and Berdugo, J and Berger, K and Bernlöhr, K and Biland, A and Billotta, S and Bird, T and Birsin, E and Blake, S and Blanch, O and Bobkov, A. A and Bogdan, M and Boisson, C and Boix, J and Bolmont, J and Botner, O and Bottani, A and Bourgeat, M and Boutonnet, C and Bouvier, A and Brau-Nogué, S and Braun, I and Bretz, T and Briggs, M. S and Brun, P and Brunetti, L and Buckley, J. H and Bugaev, V and Bühler, R and Bulik, T and Busetto, G and Byrum, K and Cailles, M and Cameron, R and Canestrari, R and Cantu, S and Carmona, E and Carr, J and Carton, P. H and Casiraghi, M and Castarede, H and Cavazzani, S and Cazaux, S and Cerruti, B and Cerruti, M and Chiang, J and Chikawa, M and Cieślar, M and Ciesielska, M and Cillis, A and Clerc, C and Colomé, J and Compin, M and Conconi, P and Connaughton, V and Conrad, J and Contreras, J. L and Coppi, P and Corlier, M and Corpace, O and Corti, D and Costantini, H and Cotter, G and Courty, B and Couturier, S and Covino, S and Croston, J and Daniel, M. K and Angelis, A. de and de Cea del Pozo, E and de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M and de la Calle Pérez, I and ... and The CTA Consortium and CTA Consortium
Experimental astronomy, ISSN 1572-9508, 11/2011, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 193 - 316
Journal Article
by Ageron, M and Aguilar, J.A and Al Samarai, I and Albert, A and Ameli, F and André, M and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Anvar, S and Ardid, M and Arnaud, K and Aslanides, E and Assis Jesus, A.C and Astraatmadja, T and Aubert, J.-J and Auer, R and Barbarito, E and Baret, B and Basa, S and Bazzotti, M and Becherini, Y and Beltramelli, J and Bersani, A and Bertin, V and Beurthey, S and Biagi, S and Bigongiari, C and Billault, M and Blaes, R and Bogazzi, C and de Botton, N and Bou-Cabo, M and Boudahef, B and Bouwhuis, M.C and Brown, A.M and Brunner, J and Busto, J and Caillat, L and Calzas, A and Camarena, F and Capone, A and Caponetto, L and Cârloganu, C and Carminati, G and Carmona, E and Carr, J and Carton, P.H and Cassano, B and Castorina, E and Cecchini, S and Ceres, A and Chaleil, Th and Charvis, Ph and Chauchot, P and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Compère, C and Coniglione, R and Coppolani, X and Cosquer, A and Costantini, H and Cottini, N and Coyle, P and Cuneo, S and Curtil, C and D'Amato, C and Damy, G and van Dantzig, R and De Bonis, G and Decock, G and Decowski, M.P and Dekeyser, I and Delagnes, E and Desages-Ardellier, F and Deschamps, A and Destelle, J.-J and Di Maria, F and Dinkespiler, B and Distefano, C and Dominique, J.-L and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti, Q and Drogou, J.-F and Drouhin, D and Druillole, F and Durand, D and Durand, R and Eberl, T and Emanuele, U and Engelen, J.J and Ernenwein, J.-P and Escoffier, S and Falchini, E and Favard, S and Fehr, F and Feinstein, F and Ferri, M and Ferry, S and Fiorello, C and ...
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 11/2011, Volume 656, Issue 1, pp. 11 - 38
Journal Article
by Abbon, P and Albrecht, E and Alexakhin, V.Yu and Alexandrov, Yu and Alexeev, G.D and Alekseev, M.G and Amoroso, A and Angerer, H and Anosov, V.A and Badełek, B and Balestra, F and Ball, J and Barth, J and Baum, G and Becker, M and Bedfer, Y and Berglund, P and Bernet, C and Bertini, R and Bettinelli, M and Birsa, R and Bisplinghoff, J and Bordalo, P and Bosteels, M and Bradamante, F and Braem, A and Bravar, A and Bressan, A and Brona, G and Burtin, E and Bussa, M.P and Bytchkov, V.N and Chalifour, M and Chapiro, A and Chiosso, M and Ciliberti, P and Cicuttin, A and Colantoni, M and Colavita, A.A and Costa, S and Crespo, M.L and Cristaudo, P and Dafni, T and d’Hose, N and Dalla Torre, S and d’Ambrosio, C and Das, S and Dasgupta, S.S and Delagnes, E and De Masi, R and Deck, P and Dedek, N and Demchenko, D and Denisov, O.Yu and Dhara, L and Diaz, V and Dibiase, N and Dinkelbach, A.M and Dolgopolov, A.V and Donati, A and Donskov, S.V and Dorofeev, V.A and Doshita, N and Durand, D and Duic, V and Dünnweber, W and Efremov, A and Eversheim, P.D and Eyrich, W and Faessler, M and Falaleev, V and Fauland, P and Ferrero, A and Ferrero, L and Finger, M and Finger, M and Fischer, H and Franco, C and Franz, J and Fratnik, F and Friedrich, J.M and Frolov, V and Fuchs, U and Garfagnini, R and Gatignon, L and Gautheron, F and Gavrichtchouk, O.P and Gerassimov, S and Geyer, R and Gheller, J.M and Giganon, A and Giorgi, M and Gobbo, B and Goertz, S and Gorin, A.M and Gougnaud, F and Grabmüller, S and Grajek, O.A and Grasso, A and Grube, B and ...
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 2007, Volume 577, Issue 3, pp. 455 - 518
Journal Article
Laser & photonics reviews, ISSN 1863-8880, 07/2017, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp. 1700043 - n/a
Ultra‐short laser pulses with only a few optical cycles duration have gained increasing importance during the recent decade and are currently employed in many... 
Optical parametric amplification | Few‐cycle pulses | high power lasers | nonlinear compression | Few-cycle pulses | Optics | Physics, Condensed Matter | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology | Physics, Applied | Equipment and supplies | College teachers | Lasers | Analysis | Fiber optics | Amplification | Compressing | Laboratories | Infrared lasers | Scaling | Pulse compression | Repetition
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 1, p. 2801
In a bulk solid, optical control of atomic motion provides a better understanding of its physical properties and functionalities. Such studies would benefit... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology
Journal Article
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 2013, Volume 42, p. 7
A recent analysis of the Fermi Large Area Telescope data provided evidence for a high-intensity emission of high-energy gamma rays with a E 2 spectrum from two large areas, spanning 50 above and below... 
Journal Article
by Adrián-Martínez, S and Ageron, M and Aguilar, J.A and Aharonian, F and Aiello, S and Albert, A and Alexandri, M and Ameli, F and Anassontzis, E.G and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Anvar, S and Ardid, M and Assis Jesus, A and Aubert, J.-J and Bakker, R and Ball, A.E and Barbarino, G and Barbarito, E and Barbato, F and Baret, B and de Bel, M and Belias, A and Bellou, N and Berbee, E and Berkien, A and Bersani, A and Bertin, V and Beurthey, S and Biagi, S and Bigongiari, C and Bigourdan, B and Billault, M and de Boer, R and Boer Rookhuizen, H and Bonori, M and Borghini, M and Bou-Cabo, M and Bouhadef, B and Bourlis, G and Bouwhuis, M and Bradbury, S and Brown, A and Bruni, F and Brunner, J and Brunoldi, M and Busto, J and Cacopardo, G and Caillat, L and Calvo Díaz-Aldagalán, D and Calzas, A and Canals, M and Capone, A and Carr, J and Castorina, E and Cecchini, S and Ceres, A and Cereseto, R and Chaleil, Th and Chateau, F and Chiarusi, T and Choqueuse, D and Christopoulou, P.E and Chronis, G and Ciaffoni, O and Circella, M and Cocimano, R and Cohen, F and Colijn, F and Coniglione, R and Cordelli, M and Cosquer, A and Costa, M and Coyle, P and Craig, J and Creusot, A and Curtil, C and D’Amico, A and Damy, G and De Asmundis, R and De Bonis, G and Decock, G and Decowski, P and Delagnes, E and De Rosa, G and Distefano, C and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti-Hasankiadeh, Q and Drogou, J and Drouhin, D and Druillole, F and Drury, L and Durand, D and Durand, G.A and Eberl, T and Emanuele, U and Enzenhöfer, A and Ernenwein, J.-P and Escoffier, S and ... and The KM3NeT Collaboration and KM3NeT Collaboration
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 02/2013, Volume 42, pp. 7 - 14
Journal Article