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by Chen, F and Hochleitner, G and Groll, J and Dalton, P and Hrynevich, A and Brook, G and Groll, J and Dalton, P and Di Luca, A and Gunnewiek, M. Klein and Longoni, A and Benetti, E and Mota, C and Vancso, J and van Blitterswijk, C and Sutoko, S. L and Horimoto, Y and Anzai, M and Niino, T and Sakai, Y and Cassano, J. M and Kennedy, J. G and Ross, K. A and Fraser, E. J and Goodale, M. B and Fortier, L. A and Kumar, P and Kumar, P and Kumar, P and Satyam, A and Satyam, A and Satyam, A and Pandit, A and Pandit, A and Pandit, A and Pandit, A and Zeugolis, D and Zeugolis, D and Zeugolis, D and Creane, M and Howard, L and O'Brien, T and Niada, S and Franchi, S and Ferreira, L. M and Amodeo, G and Milani, A and Sacerdote, P. G and Tremblay, C and Laterreur, V and Galbraith, T and Germain, L and Auger, F. A and Ruel, J and Morticelli, L and Morticelli, L and Sarikouch, S and Tudorache, I and Cebotari, S and Haverich, A and Korossis, S and Smits, A. I and Talacua, H and Muylaert, D. E and Janssen, H. M and Bosman, A and Verhaar, M. C and Dankers, P. Y and Driessen, A and Kluin, J and Baaijens, F. P and Struß, M and Schiffer, F and Heidelberg, F and Munakata, H and Huynh, K and Stoldt, V. R and Lichtenberg, A and Akhyari, P and Reimer, J and Reimer, J and Schmidt, J and Lahti, M and Berry, J and Bianco, R and Tranquillo, R and Tranquillo, R and Gerner, C and Kreil, D and Rosser, J and Gabner, S and Egerbacher, M and Jenner, F and Tuan, R. S and Telling, N. D and Henstock, J. R and El Haj, A. J and De Nijs, N and Rojas-Pena, M and Stevens, H and ...
Tissue Engineering Part A, ISSN 1937-3341, 09/2015, Volume 21, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-413
Journal Article
by Heo, S and Bursac, N and Walker, B. W and Yu, C. H and Sani, E. Shirzaei and Kimball, W and Sapru, S and Naskar, D and Kundu, B and Ghosh, A. K and Mandal, M and Reis, R. L and Reis, R. L and Mi, H and Turng, L and Musson, D. S and Naot, D and da Silva, L. P and Bastos, A. R and Costa, J. B and Oliveira, J. M and Oliveira, J. M and Correlo, V. M and Reis, R. L and Reis, R. L and Cornish, J and Estevez, M and Sreeram, A and Cuskey, S and Fedorchak, N and Ashton, R and Milbreta, U and Pinese, C and Park, J and Wetzel, I and Cho, H and Robles, U. Aregueta and Gilmour, A and Goding, J and Lovell, N. H and Martens, P. J and Green, R. A and Zirretta, L and Stapp, D and Grundeen, S and Kaplan, D. L and Maximova, N. V and Krasheninnikov, M. E and Klabukov, I. D and Pomytkin, I. A and Lyundup, A. V and Sproul, E. P and Nandi, S and Roosa, C. A and Brown, A. C and Brown, A. C and Gandhi, A and Attar, P and Korn, S and Lam, K and Lam, K and Saini, S and Hyoju, S and Zaborina, O and Alverdy, J and Teymour, F and Papavasiliou, G and Beyer, S and Walus, K and Thain, K and Pan, S and Mohamed, T and De Riccardis, G and Alexander, P. G and Raimondi, M. T and Tuan, R. S and Lerman, M. J and Kingsbury, T. J and Civin, C. I and Fisher, J. P and Fisher, J. P and Felder, M and Williams, C and Sikavitsas, V and Suzuki, K and Komura, H and Lankford, S. K and Andersson, K and Tedeschi, A. M and Gjinovci, A and Russo, S and Camilli, C and Cossu, G and Mantero, S and De Coppi, P and Badylak, S. F and Badylak, S. F and Badylak, S. F and Zakhem, E and Bohl, J and ...
Tissue Engineering Part A, ISSN 1937-3341, 12/2017, Volume 23, Issue S1, pp. S-1 - S-159
Cardiomyocytes (CM) in the adult mammalian heart have limited capacity to proliferate following injury. [...]therapies to induce endogenous regeneration of the... 
Abstracts | Biodegradation | Heart | Hydrogels | Tissue engineering | Cardiomyocytes | Metastasis | Biopolymers | Cell adhesion & migration | Biomaterials | Medicine | Musculoskeletal system | Biomedical materials | Stem cells | Cell cycle | Biocompatibility | Hypoxia | Growth factors | Binding sites | Cancer | Tumors
Journal Article
by Dimova, I and Hlushchuk, R and Makanya, A and Djonov, V and Theurl, M and Schgoer, W and Albrecht, K and Beer, A and Patsch, J. R and Schratzberger, P and Mahata, S and Kirchmair, R and Didie, M and Christalla, P and Rau, T and Eschenhagen, T and Schumacher, U and Lin, Q and Zenke, M and Zimmmermann, W and Hoch, M and Fischer, P and Stapel, B and Missol-Kolka, E and Erschow, S and Scherr, M and Drexler, H and Hilfiker-Kleiner, D and Diebold, I and Petry, A and Kennel, P and Djordjevic, T and Hess, J and Goerlach, A and Castellano, J and Aledo, R and Sendra, J and Costales, P and Badimon, L and Llorente-Cortes, V and Dworatzek, E and Mahmoodzadeh, S and Regitz-Zagrosek, V and Posa, A and Varga, C and Berko, A and Veszelka, M and Szablics, P and Vari, B and Pavo, I and Laszlo, F and Brandenburger, M and Wenzel, J and Bogdan, R and Richardt, D and Reppel, M and Hescheler, J and Terlau, H and Dendorfer, A and Heijman, J and Rudy, Y and Westra, R and Volders, P and Rasmusson, R and Bondarenko, V and Ertas Gokhan, M. D and Ural Ertan, M. D and Karaoz Erdal, P. H. D and Aksoy Ayca, P. H. D and Kilic Teoman, M. D and Kozdag Guliz, M. D and Vural Ahmet, M. D and Ural Dilek, M. D and Poulet, C and Christ, T and Wettwer, E and Ravens, U and Van Der Pouw Kraan, C and Schirmer, S and Fledderus, J and Moerland, P and Leyen, T and Piek, J and Van Royen, N and Horrevoets, A and Fleissner, F and Jazbutyte, V and Fiedler, J and Galuppo, P and Mayr, M and Ertl, G and Bauersachs, J and Thum, T and Protze, S and Bussek, A and Li, F and Hoo, R and Lam, K and Xu, A and Subramanian, P and ...
Cardiovascular Research, ISSN 0008-6363, 06/2010, Volume 87, Issue Supplement 1, pp. S45 - S88
Journal Article
by Saquet, E and Emelyanov, N and Robert, V and Arlot, J.-E and Anbazhagan, P and Baillié, K and Bardecker, J and Berezhnoy, A.A and Bretton, M and Campos, F and Capannoli, L and Carry, B and Castet, M and Charbonnier, Y and Chernikov, M.M and Christou, A and Colas, F and Coliac, J.-F and Dangl, G and Dechambre, O and Delcroix, M and Dias-Oliveira, A and Drillaud, C and Duchemin, Y and Dunford, R and Dupouy, P and Ellington, C and Fabre, P and Filippov, V.A and Finnegan, J and Foglia, S and Font, D and Gaillard, B and Galli, G and Garlitz, J and Gasmi, A and Gaspar, H.S and Gault, D and Gazeas, K and George, T and Gorda, S.Y and Gorshanov, D.L and Gualdoni, C and Guhl, K and Halir, K and Hanna, W and Henry, X and Herald, D and Houdin, G and Ito, Y and Izmailov, I.S and Jacobsen, J and Jones, A and Kamoun, S and Kardasis, E and Karimov, A.M and Khovritchev, M.Y and Kulikova, A.M and Laborde, J and Lainey, V and Lavayssiere, M and Le Guen, P and Leroy, A and Loader, B and Lopez, O.C and Lyashenko, A.Y and Lyssenko, P.G and Machado, D.I and Maigurova, N and Manek, J and Marchini, A and Midavaine, T and Montier, J and Morgado, B.E and Naumov, K.N and Nedelcu, A and Newman, J and Ohlert, J.M and Oksanen, A and Pavlov, H and Petrescu, E and Pomazan, A and Popescu, M and Pratt, A and Raskhozhev, V.N and Resch, J.-M and Robilliard, D and Roschina, E and Rothenberg, E and Rottenborn, M and Rusov, S.A and Saby, F and Saya, L.F and Selvakumar, G and Signoret, F and Slesarenko, V.Y and Sokov, E.N and Soldateschi, J and Sonka, A and Soulie, G and ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 03/2018, Volume 474, Issue 4, pp. 4730 - 4739
Journal Article
by Arakawa, Y and Fujimoto, K.-i and Murata, D and Nakamoto, Y and Okada, T and Miyamoto, S and Bahr, O and Harter, P. N and Weise, L and You, S.-J and Ronellenfitsch, M. W and Rieger, J and Steinbach, J. P and Hattingen, E and Jurcoane, A and Daneshvar, K and Pilatus, U and Mittelbronn, M and Carrillo, J and Bota, D and Handwerker, J and Su, L. M.-Y and Chen, T and Stathopoulos, A and Yu, H and Chang, J. H and Kim, E. H and Kim, S. H and Mi and Yun, J and Pytel, P and Collins, J and Choi, Y and Lukas, R and Nicholas, M and Colen, R and Jafrani, R and Zinn, P and Ashour, O and Vangel, M and Gutman, D and Hwang, S and Wintermark, M and Jain, R and Jilwan-Nicolas, M and Chen, J and Raghavan, P and Holder, C and Rubin, D and Huang, E and Kirby, J and Freymann, J and Jaffe, C and Flanders, A and Dahiya, S and Statsevych, V and Elson, P and Xie, H and Chao, S and Peereboom, D and Stevens, G and Barnett, G and Ahluwalia, M and Daras, M and Karimi, S and Abrey, L and Sanchez, J and Beal, K and Gutin, P and Kaley, T and Grommes, C and Correa, D and Reiner, A and Briggs, S and Omuro, A and Verburg, N and Hoefnagels, F and Pouwels, P and Boellaard, R and Barkhof, F and Hoekstra, O and Wesseling, P and Reijneveld, J and Heimans, J and Vandertop, P and Zwinderman, K and Hamer, h. D. W and Elinzano, H and Kadivar, F and Yadav, P. O and Breese, V. L and Jackson, C. L and Donahue, J. E and Boxerman, J. L and Ellingson, B and Pope, W and Lai, A and Nghiemphu, P and Cloughesy, T and Chen, W and ... and TCGA Phenotype Group and TCGA Glioma Phenotype Research Group
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii191 - iii205
Journal Article
by Garcia Martin, A and Fernandez Golfin, C and Salido Tahoces, L and Fernandez Santos, S and Jimenez Nacher, J and Moya Mur, J and Velasco Valdazo, E and Hernandez Antolin, R and Zamorano Gomez, J and Veronesi, F and Corsi, C and Caiani, E and Lamberti, C and Tsang, W and Holmgren, C and Guo, X and Bateman, M and Iaizzo, P and Vannier, M and Lang, R and Patel, A and Adamayn, K and Tumasyan, L. R and Chilingaryan, A and Nasr, G and Eleraki, A and Farouk, N and Axelsson, A and Langhoff, L and Jensen, M and Vejlstrup, N and Iversen, K and Bundgaard, H and Watanabe, T and Iwai-Takano, M and Attenhofer Jost, C. H and Pfyffer, M and Seifert, B and Scharf, C and Candinas, R and Medeiros-Domingo, A and Chin, J.-Y and Yoon, H and Vollbon, W and Singbal, Y and Rhodes, K and Wahi, S and Katova, T. M and Simova, I. I and Hristova, K and Kostova, V and Pauncheva, B and Bircan, A and Sade, L and Eroglu, S and Pirat, B and Okyay, K and Bal, U and Muderrisoglu, H and Heggemann, F and Buggisch, H and Welzel, G and Doesch, C and Hansmann, J and Schoenberg, S and Borggrefe, M and Wenz, F and Papavassiliu, T and Lohr, F and Roussin, I and Drakopoulou, M and Rosen, S and Sharma, R and Prasad, S and Lyon, A and Carpenter, J and Senior, R and Breithardt, O.-A and Razavi, H and Arya, A and Nabutovsky, Y and Ryu, K and Gaspar, T and Kosiuk, J and Eitel, C and Hindricks, G and Piorkowski, C and Pires, S and Nunes, A and Cortez-Dias, N and Belo, A and Zimbarra Cabrita, I and Sousa, C and Pinto, F and Baron, T and Johansson, K and Flachskampf, F and Christersson, C and Santoro, A and Federico Alvino, F and ... and Resamont2
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2013, Volume 14, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii99 - ii126
Journal Article
by Shahgaldi, K and Hegner, T and Da Silva, C and Fukuyama, A and Takeuchi, M and Uema, A and Kado, Y and Nagata, Y and Hayashi, A and Otani, K and Fukuda, S and Yoshitani, H and Otsuji, Y and Morhy, S and Lianza, A and Afonso, T and Oliveira, W and Tavares, G and Rodrigues, A and Vieira, M and Warth, A and Deutsch, A and Fischer, C and Tezynska-Oniszk, I and Turska-Kmiec, A and Kawalec, W and Dangel, J and Maruszewski, B and Bokiniec, R and Burczynski, P and Borszewska-Kornacka, K and Ziolkowska, L and Zuk, M and Troshina, A and Dzhalilova, D and Poteshkina, N and Hamitov, F and Warita, S and Kawasaki, M and Tanaka, R and Yagasaki, H and Minatoguchi, S and Wanatabe, T and Ono, K and Noda, T and Wanatabe, S and Angelis, A and Ageli, K and Vlachopoulos, C and Felekos, I and Ioakimidis, N and Aznaouridis, K and Vaina, S and Abdelrasoul, M and Tsiamis, E and Stefanadis, C and Cameli, M and Sparla, S and D'ascenzi, F and Fineschi, M and Favilli, R and Pierli, C and Henein, M and Mondillo, S and Lindqvist, P and Tossavainen, E and Gonzalez, M and Soderberg, S and Holmgren, A and Strachinaru, M and Catez, E and Jousten, I and Pavel, O and Janssen, C and Morissens, M and Chatzistamatiou, E and Moustakas, G and Memo, G and Konstantinidis, D and Mpampatzeva Vagena, I and Manakos, K and Traxanas, K and Vergi, N and Feretou, A and Kallikazaros, I and Tsai, W.-C and Sun, Y.-T and Lee, W.-H and Yang, L.-T and Liu, Y.-W and Lee, C.-H and Li, W.-T and Mizariene, V and Bieseviciene, M and Karaliute, R and Verseckaite, R and Vaskelyte, J and Lesauskaite, V and Mpampatseva Vagena, I and Mitsakis, O and ... and eSUM Dzieciaki Mazowsza and Predict -CRT and The Asklepios Investigators and Grupo de Estudio de CArdiotoxicidad por MEdicamentos
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2014, Volume 15, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii109 - ii136
Journal Article
by Altman, M and Bergerot, C and Thibault, H and Aussoleil, A and Skuldadt Davidsen, E and Barthelet, M and Derumeaux, G. A and Grapsa, J and Zimbarra Cabrita, I and Afilalo, J and Paschou, S and Dawson, D and Durighel, G and O'regan, D and Howard, L and Gibbs, J and Nihoyannopoulos, P and Morenate Navio, M and Mesa Rubio, M and Ortega, M. D and Ruiz Ortiz, M and Castillo Bernal, F and Del Pino, C. L and Toledano, F and Alvarez-Ossorio, M. P and Ojeda Pineda, S and Lezo Cruz-Conde, J. S. D and Jasaityte, R and Claus, P and Teske, A and Herbots, L and Verheyden, B and Rademakers, F and D'hooge, J and Tocchetti, C. G and Coppola, C and Rea, D and Quintavalle, C and Guarino, L and Castaldo, N and De Lorenzo, C and Condorelli, G and Arra, C and Maurea, N and Voilliot, D and Huttin, O and Camara, Y and Djaballah, W and Carillo, S and Zinzius, P and Sellal, J and Angioi, M and Juilliere, Y and Selton-Suty, C and Dobrowolski, P and Klisiewicz, A and Florczak, E and Prejbisz, A and Szwench, E and Rybicka, J and Januszewicz, A and Hoffman, P and Jurado Roman, A and De Dios Perez, S and De Nicolas, J. M. M and Diaz Anton, B and Rubio Alonso, B and Martin Asenjo, R and Mayordomo Gomez, S and Villagraz Tecedor, L and Blazquez, L and De Meneses, R. T and Bernard, A and Hernandez, A. I and Reynaud, A and Lerclercq, C and Daubert, J and Donal, E and Arjan Singh, R and Sivarani, S and Lim, S and Azman, W and Almeida, M and Cardim, N and Fonseca, V and Carmelo, V and Santos, S and Santos, T and Toste, J and Kosmala, W and Orda, A and Karolko, B and Mysiak, A and Przewlocka-Kosmala, M and Farsalinos, K and Tsiapras, D and Kyrzopoulos, S and Avramidou, E and Vassilopoulou, D and Voudris, V and ...
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2012, Volume 13, Issue suppl 1, pp. i169 - i192
Journal Article
Experimental Astronomy, ISSN 0922-6435, 11/2014, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp. 91 - 191
Journal Article
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 8/2016, Volume 97, Issue 8, pp. 1391 - 1408
Journal Article
by Nubé, Menso J and Peters, Sanne A E and Blankestijn, Peter J and Canaud, Bernard and Davenport, Anew and Grooteman, Muriel P C and Asci, Gulay and Locatelli, Francesco and Maduell, Francisco and Morena, Marion and Ok, Ercan and Torres, Ferran and Bots, Michiel L and Moreso, Francesc and Pons, Mercedes and Ramos, Rosa and Mora-Macià, Josep and Carreras, Jordi and Soler, Jordi and Campistol, Josep M and Martinez-Castelao, Alberto and Insensé, B and Perez, C and Feliz, T and Barbetta, M and Soto, C and Mora, J and Juan, A and Ibrik, O and Foraster, A and Nin, J and Fernández, A and Arruche, M and Sánchez, C and Vidiella, J and Barbosa, F and Chiné, M and Hurtado, S and Llibre, J and Ruiz, A and Serra, M and Salvó, M and Poyuelo, T and Maduell, F and Carrera, M and Fontseré, N and Arias, M and Merín, A and Ribera, L and Galceran, J. M and Mòdol, J and Moliner, E and Ramirez, A and Aguilera, J and Alvarez, M and De La Torre, B and Molera, M and Casellas, J and Martín, G and Anes, E and Coll, E and Valles, M and Martínez, C and Castellote, E and Casals, J. M and Gabàs, J and Romero, M and Martinez-Castelao, A and Fulladosa, X and Ramirez-Arellano, M and Fulquet, M and Pelegrí, A and El Manouari, M and Ramos, N and Bartolomé, J and Sans, R and Fernández, E and Sarró, F and Compte, T and Marco, F and Mauri, R and Bronsoms, J and Arnaiz, J. A and Beleta, H and Pejenaute, A and Ríos, J and Lara, J and Ter Wee, P. M and Van Den Dorpel, M. A and Dorval, M and Lévesque, R and Koopman, M. G and Konings, C. J A M and Haanstra, W. P and Kooistra, M and Van Jaarsveld, B and Noordzij, T and Feith, G. W and Peltenburg, H. G and Van Buren, M and ... and HDF Pooling Project Investigators and HDF Pooling Project investigators and on behalf of the HDF Pooling Project investigators
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 03/2017, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 548 - 555
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 8/2001, Volume 98, Issue 18, pp. 10439 - 10444
Age-related degeneration of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons (BFCNs) contributes to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome. With... 
Cholinergics | Biological Sciences | Receptors | Phenotypes | Neuroscience | Neurons | Internalization | Septum | Forebrain | Mice | Hippocampus | SENILE DEMENTIA | TRKA | RAT BASAL FOREBRAIN | NUCLEUS BASALIS | ATROPHY | ALZHEIMERS-DISEASE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | NEURONS |