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by Hollingworth, P and Harold, D and Sims, R and Gerrish, A and Lambert, J.C and Carrasquillo, M.M and Abraham, R and Hamshere, M.L and Pahwa, J.S and Moskvina, V and Dowzell, K and Jones, N and Stretton, A and Thomas, C and Richards, A and Ivanov, D and Widdowson, C and Chapman, J and Lovestone, S and Powell, J and Proitsi, P and Lupton, M.K and Brayne, C and Rubinsztein, D.C and Gill, M and Lawlor, B and Lynch, A and Brown, K.S and Passmore, P.A and Craig, D and McGuinness, B and Todd, S and Holmes, C and Mann, D and Smith, A.D and Beaumont, H and Warden, D and Wilcock, G and Love, S and Kehoe, P.G and Hooper, N.M and Vardy, E.R.L.C and Hardy, J and Mead, S and Fox, N.C and Rossor, M and Collinge, J and Maier, W and Jessen, F and Ruther, E and Schurmann, B and Heun, R and Kolsch, H and van den Bussche, H and Heuser, I and Kornhuber, J and Wiltfang, J and Dichgans, M and Frolich, L and Hampel, H and Gallacher, J and Hull, M and Rujescu, D and Giegling, I and Goate, A.M and Kauwe, J.S.K and Cruchaga, C and Nowotny, P and Morris, J.C and Mayo, K and Sleegers, K and Bettens, K and Engelborghs, S and de Deyn, P.P and Van Broeckhoven, C and Livingston, G and Bass, N.J and Gurling, H and McQuillin, A and Gwilliam, R and Deloukas, P and Al-Chalabi, A and Shaw, C.E and Tsolaki, M and Singleton, A.B and Guerreiro, R and Muhleisen, T. W and Nothen, M. M and Moebus, S and Jockel, K.H and Klopp, N and Wichmann, H. E and Pankratz, V.S and Sando, S.B and Aasly, J.O and Barcikowska, M and Wszolek, Z.K and Dickson, D.W and Graff-Radford, N.R. and others and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and EADI1 Consortium and CHARGE Consortium and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and EADI1 consortium and CHARGE consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 5, pp. 429 - 435
We sought to identify new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer's disease through a staged association study (GERAD+) and by testing suggestive loci reported by... 
IDENTIFIES VARIANTS | GENETICS & HEREDITY | GENE-EXPRESSION | RISK | LOCI | APOE | CR-1 | CLU | RECEPTOR TYROSINE KINASE | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | PICALM | Usage | Genetic aspects | Disease susceptibility | Research | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Drug therapy | Alzheimer's disease | Health aspects | Risk factors | Genomes | Medical imaging | Biomedical research | Alzheimers disease | Genes
Journal Article
by Meade, T and Sleight, P and Collins, R and Armitage, J and Parish, S and Barton, J and Bray, C and Wincott, E and Bowman, L and Clarke, R and Graham, I and Simpson, D and Warlow, C and Wilcken, D and Tobert, J and Musliner, T and Wilhelmsen, L and Doll, R and Fox, K.M and Hill, C and Sandercock, P and Peto, R and Webster, J and Jamieson, J and Nixon, A and Lackie, S and Thompson, J and Brown, M and Blackwood, S and Morgan, M and Rhoden, W and Saeed, B and Houghton, M and Nicholson, A and Simpson, C and Hoburn, B and Cooper, I and Gallivan, A and Pickerell, E and Hancock, J and Watkinson, J and Ryder, B and Jones, S and Burbridge, W and Kitchen, M and O'Leary, H and Verow, C and Meynell, L and Rollinson, L and Bain, S and Jones, A and Jewkes, C and Russon, C and Bateson, M and Gill, P and Nicol, J and Stansbie, D and Bayly, G and Andrews, G and Halestrap, M and Meredith, J and Best, R and Appleyard, D and Briggs, R and Wareing, H and Holmes, K and Holt, J and Kenyon, M and White, C and Khalifa, M and Newton, D and Wass, A and Watkinson, R and Creamer, J and Anderson, S and Bethell, A and Butler, C and Washington, M and Weston, E and Machin, J and Cleaver, K and Wray, R and Sinclair, J and Van Aalst, A and Been, M and Mattu, R and Bates, D and Burke, A and Gill, L and Walton, E and Cowley, M and Robson, H and Graham, A and Rose, G and Kerr, M and Mallinson, J and Peascod, B and Kalk, J and Scott, A and Donnelly, R and ... and The SEARCH Collaborative Group and SEARCH Collaborative Grp and SEARCH Collaborative Group and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för akut och kardiovaskulär medicin and Institute of Medicine, Department of Emergeny and Cardiovascular Medicine and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 08/2008, Volume 359, Issue 8, pp. 789 - 799
A genomewide screen of patients with myopathy who were taking high-dose simvastatin (80 mg per day) showed a strong association between myopathy and variants... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | POLYMORPHISMS | EFFICACY | SAFETY | TRANSPORTING POLYPEPTIDE 1B1 | SIMVASTATIN | CYP3A4 | ASSOCIATION | ATORVASTATIN | Simvastatin - therapeutic use | Simvastatin - adverse effects | Humans | Middle Aged | Diabetes Mellitus - drug therapy | Genotype | Male | Risk | Genetic Markers | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - pharmacokinetics | Organic Anion Transporters - genetics | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - adverse effects | Myocardial Infarction - drug therapy | Arterial Occlusive Diseases - drug therapy | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors - therapeutic use | Female | Aged | Myocardial Infarction - prevention & control | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Chromosomes, Human, Pair 12 | Muscular Diseases - chemically induced | Muscular Diseases - genetics | Solute Carrier Organic Anion Transporter Family Member 1b1 | Complications and side effects | Analysis | Muscle diseases | Genetic aspects | Dosage and administration | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Risk factors | Statins | Drug therapy | Kinases | Drug dosages | Cholesterol | Index Medicus | Abridged Index Medicus | MEDICIN OCH HÄLSOVETENSKAP | Single Nucleotide | genetics | Arterial Occlusive Diseases | pharmacokinetics | Muscular Diseases | Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors | Chromosomes | MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES | Human | drug therapy | chemically induced | Simvastatin | prevention & control | Diabetes Mellitus | Myocardial Infarction | Pair 12 | Organic Anion Transporters | adverse effects | therapeutic use | Polymorphism
Journal Article
Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 11/2013, Volume 18, Issue 11, pp. 1225 - 1234
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified a region upstream the BIN1 gene as the most important genetic susceptibility locus in Alzheimer's... 
Brain | Tau | BIN1 | Alzheimer | Drosophila | COMMON VARIANTS | PHOSPHORYLATION | PSYCHIATRY | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | MODEL | brain | ENDOCYTOSIS | NEUROSCIENCES | IDENTIFIES VARIANTS | DISEASE | AMPHIPHYSIN-II | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | Endophenotypes | Gene Expression - genetics | Humans | Transcription Factors - deficiency | Nerve Degeneration - genetics | tau Proteins - metabolism | Drosophila Proteins - metabolism | Drosophila melanogaster - genetics | Case-Control Studies | Alzheimer Disease - pathology | Brain - metabolism | Drosophila melanogaster - metabolism | Synaptosomes - pathology | Nuclear Proteins - biosynthesis | Tumor Suppressor Proteins - genetics | Nuclear Proteins - genetics | tau Proteins - antagonists & inhibitors | Genetic Predisposition to Disease - genetics | Plaque, Amyloid - pathology | Cells, Cultured | Transcription Factors - genetics | Nerve Degeneration - pathology | Transcription Factors - metabolism | Carrier Proteins - genetics | Animals | Carrier Proteins - metabolism | Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing - genetics | Alzheimer Disease - metabolism | Drosophila Proteins - deficiency | Brain - pathology | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide - genetics | Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing - biosynthesis | Mice | Drosophila Proteins - genetics | Alzheimer Disease - genetics | Tumor Suppressor Proteins - biosynthesis | Physiological aspects | Complications and side effects | Genetic aspects | Alzheimer's disease | Risk factors | Amyloid beta-protein | Index Medicus | Original
Journal Article
Physics Letters. Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, ISSN 0370-2693, 11/2011, Volume 705, Issue 4, pp. 361 - 368
We analyze the supersymmetric contributions to the direct CP asymmetries of the decays B arrow right IeK super(a and B arrow right IeK within Soft Collinear... 
Approximation | Asymmetry | Mathematical analysis | Decay | Elementary particles | Insertion | Mathematical models | Standards
Journal Article
by Mckay, James D and Therese Truong and Gaborieau, Valerie and Chabrier, Amelie and Chuang, Shu-Chun and Byrnes, Graham and Zaridze, David and Shangina, Oxana and Szeszenia-Dabrowska, Neonila and Lissowska, Jolanta and Rudnai, Peter and Fabianova, Eleonora and Bucur, Alexanu and Bencko, Vladimir and Holcatova, Ivana and Janout, Vladimir and Foretova, Lenka and Lagiou, Pagona and Trichopoulos, Dimitrios and Benhamou, Simone and Bouchardy, Christine and Ahrens, Wolfgang and Merletti, Franco and Richiardi, Lorenzo and Talamini, Renato and Barzan, Luigi and Kjaerheim, Kristina and Macfarlane, Gary J and Macfarlane, Tatiana V and Simonato, Lorenzo and Canova, Cristina and Agudo, Antonio and Castellsague, Xavier and Lowry, Ray and Conway, David I and McKinney, Patricia A and Healy, Claire M and Toner, Mary E and Znaor, Ariana and Curado, Maria Paula and Koifman, Sergio and Menezes, Ana M and Wuensch-Filho, Victor and Neto, Jose Eluf and Fernandez Garrote, Leticia and Boccia, Stefania and Cadoni, Gabriella and Arzani, Dario and Olshan, Anew F and Weissler, Mark C and Funkhouser, William K and Luo, Jingchun and Lubinski, Jan and Trubicka, Joanna and Lener, Marcin and Oszutowska, Dorota and Schwartz, Stephen M and Chen, Chu and Fish, Sherianne and Doody, David R and Muscat, Joshua E and Lazarus, Philip and Gallagher, Carla J and Chang, Shen-Chih and Zhang, Zuo-Feng and Wei, Qingyi and Sturgis, Erich M and Wang, Li-E and Franceschi, Silvia and Herrero, Rolando and Kelsey, Karl T and McClean, Michael D and Marsit, Carmen J and Nelson, Heather H and Romkes, Marjorie and Buch, Shama and Nukui, Tomoko and Zhong, Shilong and Lacko, Martin and Manni, Johannes J and Peters, Wilbert H. M and Hung, Rayjean J and McLaughlin, John R and Vatten, Lars and Njolstad, Inger and Goodman, Gary E and Field, John K and Liloglou, Triantafillos and Vineis, Paolo and Clavel-Chapelon, Francoise and Palli, Domenico and Tumino, Rosario and Krogh, Vittorio and Panico, Salvatore and Gonzalez, Carlos A and Ramon Quiros, J and Martinez, Carmen and Navarro, Carmen and Ardanaz, Eva and Larranaga, Nerea and ...
Plos Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 03/2011, Volume 7, Issue 3, p. e1001333
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been successful in identifying common genetic variation involved in susceptibility to etiologically complex... 
TOBACCO-RELATED CANCERS | LUNG-CANCER | EPIDEMIOLOGY CONSORTIUM | GENETICS & HEREDITY | SENSITIVITY PROTEIN MUS308 | POOLED ANALYSIS | SUSCEPTIBILITY LOCUS | ALCOHOL-DRINKING | FAMILY-HISTORY | NECK-CANCER | INTERNATIONAL HEAD | Disease susceptibility | Genetic aspects | Research | Genetic variation | Stomach cancer | Risk factors | Studies | Genetics | Genomes | Sensitivity analysis | Genes
Journal Article
by Auffret, Vincent and Lefevre, Thierry and Van Belle, Eric and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Iung, Bernard and Koning, René and Motreff, Pascal and Leprince, Pascal and Verhoye, Jean Philippe and Manigold, Thibaut and Souteyrand, Geraud and Boulmier, Dominique and Joly, Patrick and Pinaud, Frédéric and Himbert, Dominique and Collet, Jean Philippe and Rioufol, Gilles and Ghostine, Said and Bar, Olivier and Dibie, Alain and Champagnac, Didier and Leroux, Lionel and Collet, Frédéric and Teiger, Emmanuel and Darremont, Olivier and Folliguet, Thierry and Leclercq, Florence and Lhermusier, Thibault and Olhmann, Patrick and Huret, Bruno and Lorgis, Luc and Drogoul, Laurent and Bertrand, Bernard and Spaulding, Christian and Quilliet, Laurent and Cuisset, Thomas and Delomez, Maxence and Beygui, Farzin and Claudel, Jean-Philippe and Hepp, Alain and Jegou, Arnaud and Gommeaux, Antoine and Mirode, Anfani and Christiaens, Luc and Christophe, Charles and Cassat, Claude and Metz, Damien and Mangin, Lionel and Isaaz, Karl and Jacquemin, Laurent and Guyon, Philippe and Pouillot, Christophe and Makowski, Serge and Bataille, Vincent and Rodés-Cabau, Josep and Gilard, Martine and Le Breton, Hervé and Le Breton, Hervé and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Gilard, Martine and Iung, Bernard and Le Breton, Hervé and Lefevre, Thierry and Van Belle, Eric and Laskar, Marc and Leprince, Pascal and Iung, Bernard and Bataille, Vincent and Chevalier, Bernard and Garot, Philippe and Hovasse, Thomas and Lefevre, Thierry and Donzeau Gouge, Patrick and Farge, Arnaud and Romano, Mauro and Cormier, Bertrand and Bouvier, Erik and Bauchart, Jean-Jacques and Bodart, Jean-Christophe and Delhaye, Cédric and Houpe, David and Lallemant, Robert and Leroy, Fabrice and Sudre, Arnaud and Van Belle, Eric and Juthier, Francis and Koussa, Mohamed and Modine, Thomas and Rousse, Natacha and Auffray, Jean-Luc and Richardson, Marjorie and Berland, Jacques and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Godin, Mathieu and Koning, René and Bessou, Jean-Paul and Letocart, Vincent and Manigold, Thibaut and Roussel, Jean-Christian and Jaafar, Philippe and ... and FRANCE TAVI Investigators
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 07/2017, Volume 70, Issue 1, pp. 42 - 55
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp. 339 - 344
Journal Article
by Lambert, J and Grenier-Boley, Benjamin and Harold, Denise and Zelenika, Diana and Chouraki, Vincent and Kamatani, Yoichiro and Sleegers, Kristel and Ikram, Arfan and Hiltunen, Mikko and Reitz, Christiane and Mateo, Ignacio and Feulner, Thomas and Bullido, Maria and Galimberti, Daniela and Concari, L and Alvarez, Victoria and Sims, Rebecca and Gerrish, Amy and Chapman, Jade and Deniz-Naranjo, C and Solfrizzi, Vincenzo and Sorbi, Sano and Arosio, Beatrice and Spalletta, Gianfranco and Siciliano, Gabriele and Epelbaum, Jacques and Hannequin, Didier and Dartigues, J.-F and Tzourio, Christophe and Berr, Claudine and Schrijvers, Elisabeth M. C and Rogers, R and Tosto, G and Pasquier, Florence and Bettens, Karolien and Cauwenberghe, Caroline and Fratiglioni, Laura and Graff, Maud J.L and Delepine, Marc and Ferri, Raffaele and Reynolds, C and Lannfelt, Lars and Ingelsson, Martin and Prince, Jonathan and Chillotti, Caterina and Pilotto, Alberto and Seripa, Davide and Boland, Anne and Mancuso, M and Bossù, Paola and Annoni, Giorgio and Nacmias, Benedetta and Bosco, Paolo and Panza, Francesco and Sanchez Garcia, Florentino and Zompo, Maria and Coto, Eliecer and Owen, Michael and O'Donovan, Michael and Valdivieso, Fernando and Caffara, P and Scarpini, Elio and Combarros, Onofre and Buee, Luc and Campion, Dominique and Soininen, H and Breteler, Monique and Riemenschneider, Matthias and Broeckhoven, Christine and Alperovitch, Annick and Lathrop, Mark and Tregouet, David-Alexane and Williams, Julie and Amouyel, Philippe and EADI Consortium and GERAD Consortium and EADI consortium, GERAD consortium and Stockholms universitet and Centrum för forskning om äldre och åldrande (ARC), (tills m KI) and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten
Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 04/2013, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp. 461 - 470
Journal Article