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by Olldashi, Fatos and Muzha, Itan and Filipi, Nikolin and Lede, Roberto and Copertari, Pablo and Traverso, Carolina and Copertari, Alejandro and Vergara, Enrique Alfredo and Montenegro, Carolina and De Huidobro, Roberto Ruiz and Surt, Karina and Cialzeta, José and Lazzeri, Silvio and Piñero, Gustavo and Ciccioli, Fabiana and Videtta, Walter and Barboza, María Fernanda and Svampa, Silvana and Sciuto, Victor and Domeniconi, Gustavo and Bustamante, Marcelo and Waschbusch, Maximiliano and Gullo, María Paula and Drago, Daniel Alberto and Linares, Juan Carlos Arjona and Camputaro, Luis and Tróccoli, Gustavo and Galimberti, Hernán and Tallott, Mandy and Eybner, Christian and Buchinger, Walter and Fitzal, Sylvia and Mazairac, Guy and Oleffe, Véronique and Grollinger, Thierry and Delvaux, Philippe and Carlier, Laurent and Braet, Veronique and Jacques, Jean-Marie and De Knoop, Danielle and Nasi, Luiz and Choi, Humberto Kukhuyn and Schmitt, Mara and Gentil, André and Nacul, Flavio and Barrios, Pedro Bedoya and Xinkang, Chen and Hua, Lin Shao and Tian, Huang Han and Xiaodong, Cai and Gualteros, Wilson and Otero, Alvaro Ardila and Arango, Miguel and Ciro, Juan and Jaramillo, Hector and Garcia, Gloria and Gonzalez, Ignacio and Gomez, Carolina and Arias, Arturo and Fonseca, Marco and Mora, Carlos and Cabrera, Edgar Giovanni Luna and Betancurth, José Luis and Muñoz, Porfirio and Quiñónez, Jesus Alberto and Castillo, Maria Esther Gonzalez and Lopez, Orlando and Yepes, Rafael Perez and Cuellar, Diana Leon and Paez, Gerson and Chaves, Hernán Delgado and Ordoñez, Pablo Emilio and Plata, Ricardo and Pineda, Martha and Pulido, Libardo Enrique and Jaramillo, John Sergio Velez and Rebolledo, Carlos and Palma, Oscar and Soler, Caridad and Pastrana, Irene and Falero, Raul and Perera, Mario Domínguez and García, Agustín Arocha and Oliva, Raydel and Delgado, Hubiel López and Carnero, Aida Madrazo and López, Boris Leyva and Gallardo, Angel Lacerda and Morales, Amarilys Ortega and Lezcano, Humberto and Ferrer, Marcos Iraola and Bess, Irene Zamalea and Canino, Gladys Rivas and Ruiz, Ernesto Miguel Piferrer and Cruz, Orlando Garcia and Svoboda, Petr and Kantorová, Ilona and Ochmann, Jiří and Scheer, Peter and Kozumplík, Ladislav and ... and CRASH Trial Collaborators and CRASH trial collaborators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 10/2004, Volume 364, Issue 9442, pp. 1321 - 1328
Journal Article
Archivo Médico de Camagüey, ISSN 1025-0255, 2005, Volume 9, Issue 3
Journal Article
Revista Archivo Médico de Camagüey, ISSN 1025-0255, 06/2006, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 38 - 50
El neurotrauma tiene una mortalidad entre un 70 y un 80 %, sin embargo, con el desarrollo del neurointensivismo y técnicas modernas para el control y... 
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugia, ISSN 0034-7493, 1997, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 96 - 101
Este trabajo se realizó como parte de un protocolo de estudio, el cual fue aplicado a 57 pacientes atendidos por el servicio de Neurocirugía del Hospital... 
Journal Article
Revista Archivo Médico de Camagüey, ISSN 1025-0255, 10/2005, Volume 9, Issue 5, pp. 85 - 95
Se realizó un estudio retrospectivo y descriptivo a los pacientes tratados y diagnosticados de muerte encefálica en las unidades de atención al grave (Terapia... 
Journal Article
by Suarez, Jose I and Martin, Renee H and Bauza, Colleen and Georgiadis, Alexandros and Venkatasubba Rao, Chethan P and Calvillo, Eusebia and Hemphill, J. Claude and Sung, Gene and Oddo, Mauro and Taccone, Fabio Silvio and LeRoux, Peter D and Layon, A.J and Sarwal, Aarti and Ali, Abbas and Lele, Abhijit and Jarquin-Valdivia, Adrian A and Misiewska-Kaczur, Agnieszka and Ahmad, Ahmad and Deeb, Ahmad M and Jabbary, Ahmed Al and Fathy, Ahmed and Chan, Alexander and Kern, Alexander and Gritsan, Alexey and Bshabshe, Ali Al and Malek, Ali and Schiefecker, Alois and Neto, Alvaro Reao and Hassan, Ameer and Zahrani, Amer Rashed Al and Sukumaran, Anakara V and Sarma, Anand K and Aneman, Anders and Kramer, Andreas and Naidech, Andrew and Lacerda Gallardo, Angel J and Miller, Angela and O’Connor, Anne and Kim, Anthony and Afshinnik, Arash and Katila, Ari and Paulson, Audrey and Parra, Augusto and Rosengart, Axel and Almemari, Ayesha and Sanchez, Baltasar and Ray, Banambar and McCrum, Barbara and Tegedor, Barbara Vidal and Nathan, Barnett and Tan, Benedict and Emanuel, Benjamin and Pfaulser, Bettina and Nazliel, Bijen and Gil, Bladimir and Hightower, Bradley and Francis, Brandon and Roberts, Brigit and Chaudhry, Burhan and Romero, Carlos and Graffagnino, Carmelo and Berghe, Caroline and Hobohm, Carsten and Dias, Celeste and Bradford, Celia and Basignani, Cherlynn and Chang, Cherylee and Junker, Christopher and Lazaridis, Christos and McArthur, Colin and Williamson, Craig and Hebert, Cullen and Ethan Kahn, D and Harvey, Daniel and Laskowitz, Daniel T and Milzman, Dave and Chung, David and Greer, David and Seder, David and Miller, David W and Barge, Deborah and Roberts, Debra and Jordan, Dedrick and Bhonagiri, Deepak and Nair, Deepak and Aggarwal, Deepesh G and Kutsogiannis, Demetrios Jim and Laiwattana, Denchai and Pinto, Diego Barahona and Bautista, Diego and Perez, Diego and Herrera, Edgar Avalos and Singares, Eduardo Smith and Manno, Edward and Wilensky, Eileen Maloney and Giraldo, Elias A and Jenkinson, Elizabeth and Yarad, Elizabeth and Zavala, Elizabeth and Tesoro, Eljim and ... and PRINCE Study Investigators and The PRINCE Study Investigators
Neurocritical Care, ISSN 1541-6933, 2019
Neurocritical care focuses on the care of critically ill patients with an acute neurologic disorder and has grown significantly in the past few years. However,... 
Prospective | Critical care | Observational study | Neurocritical care | Outcomes
Journal Article
Revista Archivo Médico de Camagüey, ISSN 1025-0255, 06/2005, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp. 26 - 40
Se realizó un estudio retrospectivo transversal a todos los pacientes ingresados en los servicios de Neurocirugía y Traumatología del Hospital Manuel Ascunce... 
Journal Article
Revista Cubana de Cirugía, ISSN 1561-2945, 08/1997, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 96 - 101
Este trabajo se realizó como parte de un protocolo de estudio, el cual fue aplicado a 57 pacientes atendidos por el servicio de Neurocirugía del Hospital... 
Journal Article
Revista Archivo Médico de Camagüey, ISSN 1025-0255, 06/2001
Se presenta un estudio explicativo y retrospectivo de diez pacientes ingresados en las salas de terapia intensiva y traumatología del Hospital Provincial... 
Journal Article
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