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by Viallet, F and Bonnefoi-Kyriacou, D and Gayraud, D and Kiegel, P and Bissuel, J.P and Driencourt, J.B and Ruel, H and Guillaume, L and Ruffie, C and Sirodot, M and Valon, P and Michel-Bechet, L and Colin, B and Mourali, K and Olivier, P and Ziegler, B and Feissel, M and Cara, A and Faller, J.P and Braun, J.B and Chopard, J.L and Berges, S and Berger, E and Rouanet, F and Orgogozo, J.M and Devos, P and Testard, D and Bultel, J and Loubrieu, G and Le Bolloc’H, A and Fallut, M and Bouniol, B and Pomet, E and Mocquard, Y and Rouhart, F and Diraison, P and Goas, J.Y and Zagnoli, F and Duriez, F and Rivière, B and Brault, J.L and Colamarino, R and Claveloux, P and Deffond, D and Durieux, A and Tournilhac, M and Baldauf, E and Renglewicz-Destgynder, C and Rondepierre, P and Brunet, J.M and Julié-Coaquette, V and Delefosse, F and Voisin, H and Alibert, M and Naviaux, S and Campagne, J.B and Messin, R and Bakhache, E and Bouttement, C and Vanrenterghem, B and Masse, C and Lecat, N and Lenfant, F and Souyris, F and Lambert, P and Huttin, B and Gérard, D and Planque, E and Alexandre, J.L and Gilet, B and Limousin, P and Kok, G and Lizeretti, J and Verier, A and Delisse, B and Caparros-Lefebvre, D and Durieu-Couade, I and Godefroy, O and Goldstein, P and Henon, H and Lestavel, P and Leys, D and Lucas, C and Mounier-Vehier, F and Mathe, D and Clement, S and Ducluzeau, R and Meyran, S and Demaziere, J and Coppéré, B and Ninet, J and Madoux, M.H. Girard and Gabollet, C and Laplace, S and Matas, O and Turkie, B and Gavaud-Kennoz, C and Lafuma, H and Gallet, M and Lestrevel, M and ... and The Multicenter Acute Stroke Trial — Europe Study Group and Multicenter Acute Stroke Trial--Europe Study Group
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 07/1996, Volume 335, Issue 3, pp. 145 - 150
Journal Article
Multiple Sclerosis, ISSN 1352-4585, 06/2003, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp. 284 - 288
Background and objectives: Depression is frequently part of the clinical picture of multiple sclerosis (MS). Major depression affects one in two patients with... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Lavie, Caroline and Rollot, Fabien and Durand-Dubief, Françoise and Marignier, Romain and Ionescu, Iuliana and Casey, Romain and Moreau, Thibault and Tourniaire, Patricia and Hutchinson, Michael and D’Hooghe, Marie Béatrice and Laplaud, David-Axel and Clavelou, Pierre and De Sèze, Jérôme and Debouverie, Marc and Brassat, David and Pelletier, Jean and Lebrun-Frenay, Christine and Le Page, Emmanuelle and Castelnovo, Giovanni and Berger, Eric and Hautecoeur, Patrick and Heinzlef, Olivier and Durelli, Luca and Clerico, Marinella and Trojano, Maria and Patti, Francesco and Vukusic, Sandra and Alpérovitch, A and Carton, H and d’Hooghe, M.B and Hommes, O and Hutchinson, M and Adeleine, P and Biron, A and Cortinovis-Tourniaire, P and Grimaud, J and Hours, M and Moreau, T and Vukusic, S and Confavreux, C and Chauplannaz, G and Latombe, D and Clanet, M and Lau, G and Rumbach, L and Goas, J.Y and Rouhart, F and Mazingue, A and Roullet, E and Madigand, M and Hautecoeur, P and Brunet, P and Edan, G and Allaire, C and Riffault, G and Leche, J and Benoit, T and Simonin, C and Ziegler, F and Baron, J.C and Rivrain, Y and Dumas, R and Loche, D and Bourrin, J.C and Huttin, B and Delisse, B and Gibert, I and Boulay, C and Verceletto, M and Durand, G and Bonneviot, G and Gil, R and Hedreville, M.A and Belair, C and Poitevin, R.J and Devoize, J.L and Wyremblewski, P and Delestre, F and Setiey, A and Comi, G and Filippi, M and Ghezzi, A and Martinelli, V and Rossi, P and Zaffaroni, M and Tola, M.R and Amato, M.P and Fioretti, C and Meucci, G and Inglese, M and Mancardi, G.L and Gambi, D and Thomas, A and Cavazzuti, M and Citterio, A and Heltberg, A and Hansen, H.J and Fernandez, O and Romero, F and Arbizu, T and ... and PRIMS Investigator and POPARTMUS Investigator and PRIMS and POPARTMUS investigators
Multiple Sclerosis Journal, ISSN 1352-4585, 4/2019, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp. 591 - 600
Background: Obstetrical analgesia remains a matter of controversy because of the fear of neurotoxicity of local anesthetics on demyelinated fibers or their... 
neuraxial analgesia | post-partum | Multiple sclerosis | relapses | pregnancy | GUIDELINES | INTERFERON-BETA EXPOSURE | NEUROSCIENCES | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | WOMEN | ANESTHESIA | MULTIPLE-SCLEROSIS | PREDICTORS | DIAGNOSTIC-CRITERIA | Pregnancy | Analgesia | Neurotoxicity | Pain perception | Progestin | Data processing | Anesthetics | Estradiol | Local anesthetics | Life Sciences | Santé publique et épidémiologie
Journal Article
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, ISSN 0022-0981, 11/2012, Volume 432-433, pp. 83 - 93
Identifying habitats important to vulnerable life stages of reef fish is an important goal for the effective design and management of Marine Protected Areas... 
Hawaii | Benthic habitat mapping | Effectiveness of marine protected areas | Ontogenetic habitat use | Aquarium reef fish | MPA design | RECRUITMENT | ASSEMBLAGES | POPULATIONS | NETWORKS | CORAL-REEF | ABUNDANCE | YELLOW TANG | RESERVES | MARINE & FRESHWATER BIOLOGY | TANG ZEBRASOMA-FLAVESCENS | ECOLOGY | ECOSYSTEMS | Protection and preservation | Marine resources conservation | Fishes
Journal Article
Marine Ecology Progress Series, ISSN 0171-8630, 08/2008, Volume 365, pp. 217 - 232
A network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the west coast of the island of Hawaii (West Hawaii) has been shown to vary in its effectiveness to replenish... 
Coral reefs | Habitat mapping | Habitat use | Ontogenetic patterns | Aquarium fish | Marine Protected Area network | PREDATION | aquarium fish | ASSEMBLAGES | COMMUNITIES | ontogenetic patterns | CORAL-REEF | RECRUITMENT VARIATION | habitat mapping | ABUNDANCE | MICROHABITAT | coral reefs | MARINE & FRESHWATER BIOLOGY | OCEANOGRAPHY | VIRGIN-ISLANDS | habitat use | ECOLOGY | GROUPER EPINEPHELUS-STRIATUS
Journal Article
Multiple Sclerosis, ISSN 1352-4585, 10/2002, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp. 377 - 381
Background: Numerous data argue for initiating treatment with interferon-β(IFN-β) at an early stage in multiple sclerosis (MS). The consequences of its use may... 
Multiple sclerosis | Interferon-β1a | Quality of life
Journal Article
MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS JOURNAL, ISSN 1352-4585, 10/2002, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp. 377 - 381
Background: Numerous data argue for initiating treatment with interfron-beta (IFN-beta) at an early stage in multiple sclerosis (MS). The consequences of its... 
Journal Article
Postgraduate Medical Journal, ISSN 0032-5473, 1987, Volume 63, Issue 2, pp. 65 - 70
A host/vector system suitable for large-scale production of HBsAg has been constructed and optimized in terms of the expression plasmid and yeast host strain... 
Genetic Engineering - methods | Hepatitis B Surface Antigens - genetics | Plasmids | Saccharomyces cerevisiae - genetics | Base Sequence | Cloning, Molecular | Transcription, Genetic | DNA, Recombinant - immunology | Genetic Vectors | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, ISSN 0001-6314, 02/2003, Volume 107, Issue 2, pp. 154 - 157
Journal Article
Multiple Sclerosis, ISSN 1352-4585, 02/2004, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 92 - 92
Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Cachera, C and Baulac, M and Fagnani, F and Jallon, P and Leveau, J and Loiseau, P and Motte, J and Thomas, P and Vallee, L and Allaire, C and Autret, A and Baldy-Moulinier, M and Clanet, M and Dordain, G and Gastaut, JL and Giroud, M and Josien, E and Marescaux, C and Masnou, P and Mauguiere, F and Parain, D and Perret, J and Revol, M and Rumbach, L and Tapie, P and Weber, M and Adam, C and Attal, N and Attane, F and Aubrun, P and Ayrivie, N and Badinand-Hubert, N and Bapst-Reiter, J and Barthez-Carpentier, MA and Bartolomei, F and Bataillard, M and Bednarek, N and Belair, C and Benazet, M and Berges, S and Bergouignan, FX and Bernard, C and Bernard-Bourzeix, L and Bertran, F and Bertrand, P and Beuriat, P and Billard, C and Bille-Turc, F and Billy, C and Biraben, A and Blanc, A and Boidein, F and Bouayed, N and Boudon, S and Bouillat, J and Boulloche, J and Bredin, A and Brocard, O and Brosset, P and Brunet-Bourgin, F and Cenraud, B and Chaigne, D and Chaix, Y and Chaunu, MP and Chavot, D and Clavelou, P and Cohadon, S and Collombier, N and Contis, PE and Convers, P and Couchot, J and Cournelle, MA and Courtois, S and Croguennec, JM and Cuisset, JM and Cuvellier, JC and d'Anglejan, J and Damon, G and Danielli, A and Daubney, P and de Bellescize, J and de Lumley, L and de Recondo, A and de Swarte, M and Deffond, D and Delangre, T and Delisse, B and Derambure, P and Derambure, S and Desbordes, P and Desfrancois, F and Destee-Warot, M and Dien, J and Doremus, B and Dourneau-Lethiecq, MC and Dubois, F and Duche, B and Ducrocq, X and Duhurt, J and Duprey, J and ... and Grp CAROLE
REVUE NEUROLOGIQUE, ISSN 0035-3787, 05/2000, Volume 156, Issue 5, pp. 481 - 490
CAROLE is a prospective survey of children and adults who experienced epileptic unprovoked seizure(s) diagnosed for the first time between May 1 1995 and June... 
Journal Article
REVUE NEUROLOGIQUE, ISSN 0035-3787, 01/2002, Volume 158, Issue 1, pp. 65 - 69
Intravenous (IV) cyclophosphamide is currently used in secondary progressive (SP) and Primary progressive (PP) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but its efficacy remains... 
PLASMA-EXCHANGE | MULTICENTER | THERAPY | INTENSIVE IMMUNOSUPPRESSION | DOUBLE-BLIND | AZATHIOPRINE | DISABILITY | EXPERIENCE | DIAGNOSTIC-CRITERIA | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | FEATURES | Humans | Immunosuppressive Agents - therapeutic use | Adult | Female | Male | Retrospective Studies | Cyclophosphamide - therapeutic use | Disease Progression | Multiple Sclerosis - drug therapy | Index Medicus
Journal Article
ISSN 1352-4585, 10/2002, Volume 8, Issue 5, p. 377
  Numerous data argue for initiating treatment with interferon-beta (IFN-beta) at an early stage in multiple sderosis (MS). The consequences of its use may... 
Journal Article
Multiple sclerosis (Houndmills, Basingstoke, England), ISSN 1352-4585, 10/2002, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp. 377 - 381
Journal Article