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The Western and Southern Medical Recorder, 08/1873, Volume XVI, Issue 8, p. 460
Journal Article
The Youth's Companion (1827-1929), 03/1898, Volume 72, Issue 12, p. 139
DURING the late war in China the U.S.S. Petrel, in company with H. B. M. S. Firebrand, was ordered to winter in the Leao-ho at Niu-chwang, the most important... 
Journal Article
The Cincinnati Lancet & Observer (1858-1878), 08/1873, Volume 16, Issue 8, p. 460
...Translations Department of Medical Jurisprudence By ROBT DENIG Columbus Ohio POISONING BY NITRO-BENZINE --Cases of this kind are still rare notwithstanding... 
Journal Article
The Ohio Medical and Surgical Journal (1848-1878), 11/1858, Volume 11, Issue 2, p. 100
Drs. Dawson and Hamilton.--As recoveries after having taken strychnine in poisonous doses have not been very frequent, and anything calculated to throw light... 
Journal Article
The Ohio Medical and Surgical Journal, 09/1864, Volume XVI, Issue 5, p. 409
Journal Article
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