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by Aghamohammadi, Asghar and Abolhassani, Hassan and Kutukculer, Necil and Wassilak, Steve G and Pallansch, Mark A and Kluglein, Samantha and Quinn, Jessica and Sutter, Roland W and Wang, Xiaochuan and Sanal, Ozden and Latysheva, Tatiana and Ikinciogullari, Aydan and Bernatowska, Ewa and Tuzankina, Irina A and Costa-Carvalho, Beatriz T and Franco, Jose Luis and Somech, Raz and Karakoc-Aydiner, Elif and Singh, Surjit and Bezrodnik, Liliana and Espinosa-Rosales, Francisco J and Shcherbina, Anna and Lau, Yu-Lung and Nonoyama, Shigeaki and Modell, Fred and Modell, Vicki and Ozen, Ahmet and Berlin, Andrea and Chouikha, Anissa and Partida-Gaytán, Armando and Kiykim, Ayca and Prakash, Charu and Suri, Deepti and Ayvaz, Deniz Cagdas and Peláez, Dioselina and da Silva, Edson Elias and Deordieva, Ekaterina and Pérez-Sánchez, Elda Edith and Ulusoy, Ezgi and Dogu, Figen and Seminario, Gisela and Cuzcanci, Hacer and Triki, Hinda and Shimizu, Hiroyuki and Tezcan, Ilhan and Ben-Mustapha, Imen and Sun, Jinqiao and Mazzucchelli, Juliana T. Lessa and Orrego, Julio César and Pac, Malgorzata and Bolkov, Mikhail and Giraldo, Mónica and Belhaj-Hmida, Nabil and Mekki, Najla and Kuzmenko, Natalia and Karaca, Neslihan E and Rezaei, Nima and Diop, Ousmane Madiagne and Baris, Safa and Chan, Sau Man and Shahmahmoodi, Shohreh and Haskologlu, Sule and Ying, Wenjing and Wang, Ying and Barbouche, Mohamed-Ridha and McKinlay, Mark A and JMF Centers Network Investigators and JMF Centers Network Investigators and Study Collaborators and The JMF Centers Network Investigators and Study Collaborators
Frontiers in Immunology, ISSN 1664-3224, 06/2017, Volume 8, p. 685
Journal Article
Voprosy sovremennoĭ pediatrii, ISSN 1682-5527, 01/2020, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 393 - 400
Background. Shwachman-Diamond syndrome (SDS) is the rare genetic autosomal recessive disorder with pathogenic variants in SBDS gene. The spectrum of SBDS gene... 
symptoms | steatorrhea | children | sbds gene | shwachman-diamond syndrome | cytolysis syndrome | laboratory signs | stool elastase i
Journal Article
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