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Hydrological Processes, ISSN 0885-6087, 07/2014, Volume 28, Issue 16, pp. 4614 - 4625
We present a case study of observed and modelled C‐band microwave backscatter signatures for a complexly‐layered snow cover on smooth, land‐fast, first‐year... 
complex‐layering | backscatter | model | snow | microwave | sea ice | Microwave | Model | Complex-layering | Snow | Backscatter | Sea ice | MICROWAVE BACKSCATTER | POLARIMETRIC SIGNATURES | complex-layering | SNOWCOVER | WATER RESOURCES | CLIMATE | Analysis
Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 09/2009, Volume 68, Issue 9, pp. 1428 - 1432
Journal Article
Optics express, ISSN 1094-4087, 06/2019, Volume 27, Issue 12, p. 16540
The tolerance of continuous-variable quantum key distribution to co-propagating DWDM channels is investigated. The quantum channel is operated in the S-band or... 
Journal Article
Hydrological Processes, ISSN 0885-6087, 07/2014, Volume 28, Issue 16, pp. 4614 - 4625
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Rheumatology, ISSN 0315-162X, 11/2010, Volume 37, Issue 11, pp. 2226 - 2231
Objective. C-C chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) plays an important role in inflammation. A 32 base-pair (Delta 32) deletion in the CCR5 gene leads to a... 
Journal Article
by Aaron-Morrison, Arlene P and Ackerman, Steven A and Adams, Nicolaus G and Adler, Robert F and Albanil, Adelina and Alfaro, Eric J and Allan, Rob and Alves, Lincoln M and Amador, Jorge A and Aneassen, L. M and Arendt, A and Arévalo, Juan and Arndt, Derek S and Arzhanova, N. M and Aschan, M. M and Azorin-Molina, César and Banzon, Viva and Bardin, M. U and Barichivich, Jonathan and Baringer, Molly O and Barreira, Sana and Baxter, Stephen and Bazo, Juan and Becker, Aneas and Bedka, Kristopher M and Behrenfeld, Michael J and Bell, Gerald D and Belmont, M and Benedetti, Angela and Bernhard, G and Berrisford, Paul and Berry, David I and Bettolli, María L and Bhatt, Uma S and Bidegain, Mario and Bill, Brian D and Billheimer, Sam and Bissolli, Peter and Blake, Eric S and Blunden, Jessica and Bosilovich, Michael G and Boucher, Olivier and Boudet, Dagne R and Box, Jason E and Boyer, Tim and Braathen, Geir O and Bromwich, David H and Brown, R and Bulygina, Olga N and Burgess, D and Calderón, Blanca and Camargo, Suzana J and Campbell, Jayaka D and Cappelen, J and Carrasco, Gualberto and Carter, Brendan R and Chambers, Don P and Chandler, Elise and Christiansen, Hanne H and Christy, John R and Chung, Daniel and Chung, E.S and Cinque, Kathy and Clem, Kyle R and Coelho, Caio A and Cogley, J.G and Coldewey-Egbers, Melanie and Colwell, Steve and Cooper, Owen R and Copland, L and Cosca, Catherine E and Cross, Jessica N and Crotwell, Molly J and Crouch, Jake and Davis, Sean M and De Eyto, Elvira and De Jeu, Richard A.M and De Laat, Jos and Degasperi, Curtis L and Degenstein, Doug and Demircan, M and Derksen, C and Destin, Dale and Di Girolamo, Larry and Di Giuseppe, F and Diamond, Howard J and Dlugokencky, Ed J and Dohan, Kathleen and Dokulil, Martin T and Dolgov, A. V and Dolman, A. Johannes and Domingues, Catia M and Donat, Markus G and Dong, Shenfu and Dorigo, Wouter A and Dortch, Quay and Doucette, Greg and zdov, Dmitry S and Ducklow, Hugh and Dunn, Robert J.H and ... and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States) and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Biologiska sektionen and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för ekologi och genetik and Limnologi
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 08/2017, Volume 98, Issue 8, pp. Si - S280
Journal Article
The EMBO Journal, ISSN 0261-4189, 10/2008, Volume 27, Issue 19, pp. 2603 - 2615
Journal Article
by Blunden, Jessica and Arndt, Derek S and Willett, Kate M and Dolman, A. Johannes and Hurst, Dale F and Rennie, Jared and Thorne, Peter W and Donat, Markus G and Dunn, Robert J. H and Long, Craig S and Christy, John R and Noetzli, Jeannette and Christiansen, Hanne H and Gugliemin, Mauro and Romanovsky, Vladimir E and Shiklomanov, Nicolai I and Smith, Sharon L and Zhao, Lin and Robinson, David A and Pelto, Mauri S and Mears, Carl A and Ho, Shu-Oeng Ben and Peng, Liang and Wang, Junhong and Vose, Russell S and Hilburn, Kyle and Yin, Xungang and Kruk, Michael C and Becker, Andreas and Foster, Michael J and Ackerman, Steven A and Heidinger, Andrew K and Maddux, Brent C and Stengel, M and Kim, Hyuanjun and Oki, Taikan and Rodell, Matthew and Chambers, Don P and Famiglietti, James S and Dorigo, Wouter A and Chung, D and Parinussa, Robert M and Reimer, C and Hahn, S and Liu, Y.Y and Wagner, Wolfgang W and de Jeu, Rochard A. M and Paulik, C and Wang, Guojie and Allan, Rob and Folland, Chris K and Tobin, Isabelle and Berrisford, Paul and Vautard, Robert and McVicar, Tim R and Kratz, David P and Stackhouse, Paul W and Wong, Takmeng and Sawaengphokhai, P and Wilber, Anne C and Gupta, Shashi K and Loeb, Norman G and Lantz, Kathy O and Dlugokencky, Ed J and Hall, Bradley D and Montzka, Stephen A and Dutton, Geoff S and Mühle, Jens and Elkins, James W and Benedetti, Angela and Jones, Luke T and Kaiser, Johannes W and Morcrette, Jean-Jacques and Rémy, Samuel and Weber, Mark and Steinbrecht, Wolfgang and van der A, Ronald J and Coldewey-Egbers, Melanie and Fioletov, Vitali E and Frith, Stacey M and Loyola, Diego and Wild, Jeannette D and Davis, Sean M and Rosenlof, Karen H and Cooper, Owen R and Ziemke, Jerry and Flemming, Johannes and Inness, Antje and Quegan, Shaun and Ciais, Phillipe and Santoro, M and Pinty, Bernard and Gobron, Nadine and van der Werf, Guido R and Newlin, Michele L and Gregg, Margarita C and Xue, Yan and Hu, Zeng-Zhen and Kumar, Arun and Banzon, Viva and ... and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Institutionen för geovetenskaper and Gothenburg University and Department of Earth Sciences and Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology and Institutionen för kemi och molekylärbiologi
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 2014, Volume 95, Issue 7, pp. S1 - S279
Journal Article
Cancer Cell, ISSN 1535-6108, 2011, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 370 - 383
Journal Article
Blood, ISSN 0006-4971, 11/2011, Volume 118, Issue 21, pp. 526 - 526
Abstract Abstract 526 IgG-mediated disorders like fetal or neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT) and the autoimmune acute immune thrombocytopenia (ITP),... 
Journal Article
by Aaron-Morrison, A.P and Ackerman, S.A and Adams, N.G and Adler, R.F and Albanil, A and Alfaro, E.J and Allan, R and Alves, L.M and Amador, J.A and Aneassen, L.M and Arendt, A and Arévalo, J and Arndt, D.S and Arzhanova, N.M and Aschan, M.M and Azorin-Molina, C and Banzon, V and Bardin, M.U and Barichivich, J and Baringer, M.O and Barreira, S and Baxter, S and Bazo, J and Becker, A and Bedka, K.M and Behrenfeld, M.J and Bell, G.D and Belmont, M and Benedetti, A and Bernhard, G and Berrisford, P and Berry, D.I and Bettolli, M.L and Bhatt, U.S and Bidegain, M and Bill, B.D and Billheimer, S and Bissolli, P and Blake, E.S and Blunden, J and Bosilovich, M.G and Boucher, O and Boudet, D and Box, J.E and Boyer, T and Braathen, G.O and Bromwich, D.H and Brown, R and Bulygina, O.N and Burgess, D and Calderón, B and Camargo, S.J and Campbell, J.D and Cappelen, J and Carrasco, G and Carter, B.R and Chambers, D.P and Chandler, E and Christiansen, H.H and Christy, J.R and Chung, D and Chung, E.-S and Cinque, K and Clem, K.R and Coelho, C.A and Cogley, J.G and Coldewey-Egbers, M and Colwell, S and Cooper, O.R and Copland, L and Cosca, C.E and Cross, J.N and Crotwell, M.J and Crouch, J and Davis, S.M and De Eyto, E and De Jeu, R.A.M and De Laat, J and Degasperi, C.L and Degenstein, D and Demircan, M and Derksen, C and Destin, D and Di Girolamo, L and Di Giuseppe, F and Diamond, H.J and Dlugokencky, E.J and Dohan, K and Dokulil, M.T and Dolgov, A.V and Dolman, A.J and Domingues, C.M and Donat, M.G and Dong, S and Dorigo, W.A and Dortch, Q and Doucette, G and zdov, D.S and Ducklow, H and Dunn, R.J.H and ... and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, ISSN 0003-0007, 2016, Volume 97, Issue 8, pp. S1 - S275
In 2015, the dominant greenhouse gases released into Earth’s atmosphere—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide—all continued to reach new high levels. At... 
Journal Article