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by Mancia, G and Fagard, R and Narkiewicz, K and Redon, J and Zanchetti, A and Bohm, M and Christiaens, T and Cifkova, R and De Backer, G and Dominiczak, A and Galderisi, M and Grobbee, DE and Jaarsma, T and Kirchhof, P and Kjeldsen, SE and Laurent, S and Manolis, AJ and Nilsson, PM and Ruilope, LM and Schmieder, RE and Sirnes, PA and Sleight, P and Viigimaa, M and Waeber, B and Zannad, F and Burnier, M and Ambrosioni, E and Caufield, M and Coca, A and Olsen, MH and Tsioufis, C and van de Borne, P and Zamorano, JL and Achenbach, S and Baumgartner, H and Bax, JJ and Bueno, H and Dean, V and Deaton, C and Erol, C and Ferrari, R and Fagard, DH and Hoes, AW and Knuuti, J and Kolh, P and Lancellotti, P and Linhart, A and Nihoyannopoulos, P and Piepoli, MF and Ponikowski, P and Tamargo, JL and Tendera, M and Torbicki, A and Wijns, W and Windecker, S and Clement, DL and Gillebert, TC and Rosei, EA and Anker, SD and Bauersachs, J and Hitij, JB and Caulfield, M and De Buyzere, M and De Geest, S and Derumeaux, GA and Erdine, S and Farsang, C and Funck-Brentano, C and Gerc, V and Germano, G and Gielen, S and Haller, H and Jordan, J and Kahan, T and Komajda, M and Lovic, D and Mahrholdt, H and Ostergren, J and Parati, G and Perk, J and Polonia, J and Popescu, BA and Reiner, Z and Ryden, L and Sirenko, Y and Stanton, A and Struijker-Boudier, H and Vlachopoulos, C and Volpe, M and Wood, DA and Hälsa, Aktivitet, Vård (HAV) and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för samhälls- och välfärdsstudier and Hälsouniversitetet
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Journal Article
by Gabelle, Audrey and Jaussent, Isabelle and Bouallègue, Fayçal Ben and Lehmann, Sylvain and Lopez, Régis and Barateau, Lucie and Grasselli, Caroline and Pesenti, Carole and de Verbizier, Delphine and Béziat, Séverine and Mariano‐Goulart, Denis and Carlander, Bertrand and Dauvilliers, Yves and Vellas, Bruno and Guyonnet, Sophie and Carrié, Isabelle and Brigitte, Lauréane and Faisant, Catherine and Lala, Françoise and Delrieu, Julien and Villars, Hélène and Combrouze, Emeline and Badufle, Carole and Zueras, Audrey and Andrieu, Sandrine and Cantet, Christelle and Morin, Christophe and Van Kan, Gabor Abellan and Dupuy, Charlotte and Rolland, Yves and Caillaud, Céline and Ousset, Pierre‐Jean and Lala, Françoise and Fougère, Bertrand and Willis, Sherry and Belleville, Sylvie and Gilbert, Brigitte and Fontaine, Francine and Dartigues, Jean‐François and Marcet, Isabelle and Delva, Fleur and Foubert, Alexandra and Cerda, Sandrine and Costes, Corinne and Rouaud, Olivier and Manckoundia, Patrick and Quipourt, Valérie and Marilier, Sophie and Franon, Evelyne and Bories, Lawrence and Pader, Marie‐Laure and Basset, Marie‐France and Lapoujade, Bruno and Faure, Valérie and Tong, Michael Li Yung and Malick‐Loiseau, Christine and Cazaban‐Campistron, Evelyne and Desclaux, Françoise and Blatge, Colette and Dantoine, Thierry and Laubarie‐Mouret, Cécile and Saulnier, Isabelle and Clément, Jean‐Pierre and Picat, Marie‐Agnès and Bernard‐Bourzeix, Laurence and Willebois, Stéphanie and Désormais, Iléana and Cardinaud, Noëlle and Bonnefoy, Marc and Livet, Pierre and Rebaudet, Pascale and Gédéon, Claire and Burdet, Catherine and Terracol, Flavien and Pesce, Alain and Roth, Stéphanie and Chaillou, Sylvie and Louchart, Sandrine and Sudres, Kristelle and Lebrun, Nicolas and Barro‐Belaygues, Nadège and Touchon, Jacques and Bennys, Karim and Gabelle, Audrey and Romano, Aurélia and Touati, Lynda and Marelli, Cécilia and Pays, Cécile and Douillet, Patrice and Robert, Philippe and Le Duff, Franck and Gervais, Claire and Gonfrier, Sébastien and Gasnier, Yves and Bordes, Serge and Begorre, Danièle and Carpuat, Christian and Khales, Khaled and Lefebvre, Jean‐François and El Idrissi, Samira Misbah and ... and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging I and Multi-Domain Intervention Alzheime and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and Multi-Domain Intervention Alzheimer's Prevention Trial study groups
Annals of Neurology, ISSN 0364-5134, 01/2019, Volume 85, Issue 1, pp. 74 - 83
Journal Article
Annals of Epidemiology, ISSN 1047-2797, 06/2019, Volume 34, pp. 65 - 70.e1
Frailty has become a major issue in the prevention of functional decline and disability in aged populations. Using repeated measurements of frailty over 3... 
Journal Article
by Giudici, KV and Guyonnet, S and Rolland, Y and Vellas, B and Barreto, PD and Nourhashemi, F and Carrie, I and Brigitte, L and Faisant, C and Lala, F and Delrieu, J and Villars, H and Combrouze, E and Badufle, C and Zueras, A and Andrieu, S and Cantet, C and Morin, C and Van Kan, GA and Dupuy, C and Caillaud, C and Ousset, PJ and Willis, S and Belleville, S and Gilbert, B and Fontaine, F and Dartigues, JF and Marcet, I and Delva, F and Foubert, A and Cerda, S and Marie-Noelle-Cuffi and Costes, C and Rouaud, O and Manckoundia, P and Quipourt, V and Marilier, S and Franon, E and Bories, L and Pader, ML and Basset, MF and Lapoujade, B and Faure, V and Tong, ML and Malick-Loiseau, C and Cazaban-Campistron, E and Desclaux, F and Blatge, C and Dantoine, T and Laubarie-Mouret, C and Saulnier, I and Clement, JP and Picat, MA and Bernard-Bourzeix, L and Willebois, S and Desormais, I and Cardinaud, N and Bonnefoy, M and Livet, P and Rebaudet, P and Gedeon, C and Burdet, C and Terracol, F and Pesce, A and Roth, S and Chaillou, S and Louchart, S and Sudres, K and Lebrun, N and Barro-Belaygues, N and Touchon, J and Bennys, K and Gabelle, A and Romano, A and Touati, L and Marelli, C and Pays, C and Robert, P and Le Duff, F and Gervais, C and Gonfrier, S and Gasnier, Y and Bordes, S and Begorre, D and Carpuat, C and Khales, K and Lefebvre, JF and El Idrissi, SM and Skolil, P and Salles, JP and Dufouil, C and Lehericy, S and Chupin, M and Mangin, JF and Bouhayia, A and Allard, M and Ricolfi, F and Dubois, D and Martel, MPB and Cotton, F and ... and MAPT DSA Grp and MAPT/DSA Group and on behalf of the MAPT/DSA Group
NUTRIENTS, ISSN 2072-6643, 06/2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p. 1371
Journal Article
International Journal of Cardiology, ISSN 0167-5273, 2014, Volume 177, Issue 2, pp. 448 - 454
Journal Article
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 05/2004, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp. 714 - 715
This editorial refers to "The sequential changes in myocardial thickness and thickening which occur during acute transmural infarction, infarct reperfusion and... 
INFARCTION | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | CORONARY-ARTERY | OCCLUSION | Myocardial Infarction - therapy | Myocardial Reperfusion Injury - diagnostic imaging | Humans | Risk Factors | Echocardiography - methods
Journal Article