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2015, Geological Society special publication, ISBN 1862397260, Volume 419, vi, 187
This Special Publication will be an important tool for geoscientists, aimed at increasing the awareness of their societal role and responsibility in conducting... 
Geology | Social aspects | Natural disasters | Earth scientists | Professional ethics
by Bousquet, Jean and Hellings, Peter W and Agache, Ioana and Amat, Flore and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella and Ansotegui, Ignacio J and Anto, Josep M and Bachert, Claus and Bateman, Eric D and Bedbrook, Anna and Bennoor, Kazi and Bewick, Mickael and Bindslev-Jensen, Carsten and Bosnic-Anticevich, Sinthia and Bosse, Isabelle and Brozek, Jan and Brussino, Luisa and Canonica, Giorgio W and Cardona, Victoria and Casale, Thomas and Cepeda Sarabia, Alfonso M and Chavannes, Niels H and Cecchi, Lorenzo and Correia de Sousa, Jaime and Costa, Elisio and Cruz, Alvaro A and Czarlewski, Wienczyslawa and De Feo, Giulia and Demoly, Pascal and Devillier, Philippe and Dykewicz, Mark S and El-Gamal, Yehia and Eller, Esben E and Fonseca, Joao A and Fontaine, Jean-François and Fokkens, Wytske J and Haahtela, Tari and Illario, Maddalena and Ivancevich, Juan-Carlos and Kaidashev, Igor and Kalayci, Omer and Keil, Thomas and Klimek, Ludger and Kowalski, Marek L and Kuna, Piotr and Kvedariene, Violeta and Larenas-Linnemann, Desiree and Laune, Daniel and Carlsen, Karin Lodrup and Lourenço, Olga and Mahboub, Bassam and Mair, Alpana and Menditto, Enrica and Milenkovic, Branislava and Morais-Almeida, Mario and Mösges, Ralph and Mullol, Joaquim and Murray, Ruth and Naclerio, Robert and Namazova-Baranova, Leyla and Novellino, Ettore and O'Hehir, Robyn E and Ohta, Ken and Okamoto, Yoshitaka and Onorato, Gabrielle L and Palkonen, Susanna and Papadopoulos, Nikos G and Park, Hae-Sim and Paulino, Ema and Pawankar, Ruby and Pfaar, Oliver and Plavec, Davor and Popov, Ted A and Potter, Paul and Prokopakis, Emmanuel P and Ryan, Dermot and Salimäki, Johanna and Samolinski, Boleslaw and Sanchez-Borges, Mario and Schunemann, Holger J and Sisul, Juan-Carlos and Rajabian-Söderlund, Rojin and Sooronbaev, Talant and Stellato, Cristiana and To, Teresa and Todo-Bom, Ana-Maria and Tomazic, Peter-Valentin and Toppila-Salmi, Sanna and Valero, Antonio and Valiulis, Arunas and Valovirta, Erkka and Wagenmann, Martin and Wang, De Yun and Wallace, Dana and Waserman, Susan and Wickman, Magnus and Yorgancioglu, Arzu and Zhang, Luo and Zhong, Nanshan and Zuberbier, Torsten and ... and Mobile Airways Sentinel Network (MASK) Study Group and Mobile Airways Sentinel Network M
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 03/2019, Volume 143, Issue 3, pp. 864 - 879
Journal Article
2015, Cambridge companions to culture., ISBN 0521898072, xxi, 330
Dwight F. Reynolds brings together a collection of essays by leading international scholars to provide a comprehensive and accessible survey of modern Arab culture, from the early nineteenth to the twenty-first century... 
Arab countries Intellectual life | Civilization, Arab | Arab countries
by Adam, T and Agafonova, N and Aleksandrov, A and Altinok, O and Alvarez Sanchez, P and Anokhina, A and Aoki, S and Ariga, A and Ariga, T and Autiero, D and Badertscher, A and Ben Dhahbi, A and Bertolin, A and Bozza, C and Brugière, T and Brugnera, R and Brunet, F and Brunetti, G and Buontempo, S and Carlus, B and Cavanna, F and Cazes, A and Chaussard, L and Chernyavsky, M and Chiarella, V and Chukanov, A and Colosimo, G and Crespi, M and D’Ambrosio, N and De Lellis, G and De Serio, M and Déclais, Y and del Amo Sanchez, P and Di Capua, F and Di Crescenzo, A and Di Ferdinando, D and Di Marco, N and Dmitrievsky, S and Dracos, M and Duchesneau, D and Dusini, S and Dzhatdoev, T and Ebert, J and Efthymiopoulos, I and Egorov, O and Ereditato, A and Esposito, L S and Favier, J and Ferber, T and Fini, R A and Fukuda, T and Garfagnini, A and Giacomelli, G and Giorgini, M and Giovannozzi, M and Girerd, C and Goldberg, J and Göllnitz, C and Golubkov, D and Goncharova, L and Gornushkin, Y and Grella, G and Grianti, F and Gschwendtner, E and Guerin, C and Guler, A M and Gustavino, C and Hagner, C and Hamada, K and Hara, T and Enikeev, R and Hierholzer, M and Hollnagel, A and Ieva, M and Ishida, H and Ishiguro, K and Jakovcic, K and Jollet, C and Jones, M and Juget, F and Kamiscioglu, M and Kawada, J and Kim, S H and Kimura, M and Kiritsis, E and Kitagawa, N and Klicek, B and Knuesel, J and Kodama, K and Komatsu, M and Kose, U and Kreslo, I and Lazzaro, C and Lenkeit, J and Ljubicic, A and Longhin, A and Malgin, A and Mandrioli, G and Marteau, J and Matsuo, T and ... and OPERA Collaboration and The OPERA collaboration
The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 10/2012, Volume 2012, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 37
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 08/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 12
Accelerated warming in the Arctic, as compared to the rest of the globe, might have profound impacts on mid-latitude weather. Most studies analyzing Arctic... 
Chemistry(all) | Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology(all) | Physics and Astronomy(all) | Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Weather | Amplification | Jet streams (meteorology) | Polar environments | Summer | Latitude | Snow cover | Ice cover | Risk factors | Equator | Sea ice | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
Journal Article
by Bousquet, J and Bedbrook, A and Czarlewski, W and Onorato, G. L and Arnavielhe, S and Laune, D and Mathieu-Dupas, E and Fonseca, J and Costa, E and Lourenço, O and Morais-Almeida, M and Todo-Bom, A and Illario, M and Menditto, E and Canonica, G. W and Cecchi, L and Monti, R and Napoli, L and Ventura, M. T and De Feo, G and Fokkens, W. J and Chavannes, N. H and Reitsma, S and Cruz, A. A and da Silva, J and Serpa, F. S and Larenas-Linnemann, D and Fuentes Perez, J. M and Huerta-Villalobos, Y. R and Rivero-Yeverino, D and Rodriguez-Zagal, E and Valiulis, A and Dubakiene, R and Emuzyte, R and Kvedariene, V and Annesi-Maesano, I and Blain, H and Bonniaud, P and Bosse, I and Dauvilliers, Y and Devillier, P and Fontaine, J. F and Pépin, J. L and Pham-Thi, N and Portejoie, F and Picard, R and Roche, N and Rolland, C and Schmidt-Grendelmeier, P and Kuna, P and Samolinski, B and Anto, J. M and Cardona, V and Mullol, J and Pinnock, H and Ryan, D and Sheikh, A and Walker, S and Williams, S and Becker, S and Klimek, L and Pfaar, O and Bergmann, K. C and Mösges, R and Zuberbier, T and Roller-Wirnsberger, R. E and Tomazic, P. V and Haahtela, T and Salimäki, J and Toppila-Salmi, S and Valovirta, E and Vasankari, T and Gemicioğlu, B and Yorgancioglu, A and Papadopoulos, N. G and Prokopakis, E. P and Tsiligianni, I. G and Bosnic-Anticevich, S and O’Hehir, R and Ivancevich, J. C and Neffen, H and Zernotti, M. E and Kull, I and Melén, E and Wickman, M and Bachert, C and Hellings, P. W and Brusselle, G and Palkonen, S and Bindslev-Jensen, C and Eller, E and Waserman, S and Boulet, L. P and Bouchard, J and Chu, D. K and Schünemann, H. J and Sova, M and De Vries, G and van Eerd, M and Agache, I and ... and The MASK study group and MASK Study Grp
Clinical and translational allergy, ISSN 2045-7022, 03/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 16 - 16
.... T. Ventura18, * G. De Feo19, * W. J. Fokkens20, * N. H. Chavannes21, * S. Reitsma20, * A. A. Cruz22, * J. da Silva23, * F. S. Serpa24, 25, * D. Larenas-Linnemann26, * J. M... 
App | Care pathways | Rhinitis | mHealth | DG Santé | Asthma | MASK | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Allergy | Science & Technology | Physical fitness | Chronic diseases | Strategic planning (Business) | Air pollution | Pharmacists | Allergic reaction | Medicine | Initiatives | Collaboration | Nose | Patients | Allergies | Chronic illnesses | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology
Journal Article