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by Diener, Markus K and Hüttner, Felix J and Kieser, Meinhard and Knebel, Phillip and Dörr-Harim, Colette and Distler, Marius and Grützmann, Robert and Wittel, Uwe A and Schirren, Rebekka and Hau, Hans-Michael and Kleespies, Axel and Heidecke, Claus-Dieter and Tomazic, Ales and Halloran, Christopher M and Wilhelm, Torsten J and Bahra, Marcus and Beckurts, Tobias and Börner, Thomas and Glanemann, Matthias and Steger, Ulrich and Treitschke, Frank and Staib, Ludger and Thelen, Karsten and Bruckner, Thomas and Mihaljevic, André L and Werner, Jens and Ulrich, Alexis and Hackert, Thilo and Büchler, Markus W and Rossion, Inga and Kunz, Alexandra and Hund, Evelin and Limprecht, Ronald and Schlitt, Hans Jürgen and Mössner, Joachim and Seiler, Christoph M and Ihorst, Gabriele and Di Sebastiano, Pierluigi and Witzigmann, Helmut and Klein, Fritz and Berthold, Heike and Körnlein, Heike and Hopt, Ulrich and Sick, Olivia and Keck, Tobias and Partecke, Lars Ivo and Peters, Sebastian and Lerch, Markus M and Maichle, Barbara and Erni, Birgit and Bunjes-Schmieger, Sabine and Igel, Sarah and Stemmle, Svenja and Neoptolemos, John P and Raraty, Michael G T and Petric, Miha and Niedergethmann, Marco and Schwarzmeier, Claudia and Renz, Bernhard and Schreib, Brigitte and Thasler, Wolfgang E and Schoenberg, Michael H and Friess, Helmut and Reim, Daniel and Ceyhan, Güralp O and Diehl-Bein, Monika and Simon, Thomas and Gehrig, Tobias and Hoffer, Marion and Germer, Christoph Thomas and ChroPac Trial Group and ChroPac Trial Grp
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10099, pp. 1027 - 1037
Journal Article
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