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by Al-Shahi Salman, Rustam and Minks, David P and Minks, David and Mitra, Dipayan and Rodrigues, Mark A and Bhatnagar, Priya and du Plessis, Johannes and du Plessis, Johann C and Joshi, Yogish and Dennis, Martin S and Dennis, Martin and Murray, Gordon D and Newby, David E and Sandercock, Peter A G and Sprigg, Nikola and Stephen, Jacqueline and Sudlow, Cathie and Sudlow, Cathie L M and Werring, David and Werring, David J and Whiteley, William N and Whiteley, William and Wardlaw, Joanna M and White, Julie and White, Philip M and White, James and White, Susan and Baigent, Colin and Lasserson, Daniel and Sullivan, Frank and Carrie, Johanna and Rojas, Javier and Amoils, Shannon and Bamford, John and Armitage, Jane and Rinkel, Gabriel and Lowe, Gordon and Emberson, Jonathan and Innes, Karen and Dinsmore, Lynn and Drever, Jonathan and Williams, Rebecca and Williams, Carol and Perry, David and Perry, Jack and McGill, Connor and Buchanan, David and Walker, Susannah and Walker, Marion and Walker, Pauli and Walker, Allan and Hutchison, Aidan and Matthews, Christopher and Fraser, Ruth and McGrath, Aileen and Deary, Ann and Anderson, Rosemary and Hansen, Christian and Parker, Richard and Rodriguez, Aryelly and Macleod, Malcolm and Gattringer, Thomas and Palmer, Jeb and Sakka, Eleni and Adil-Smith, Jennifer and Lerpiniere, Christine and O'Brien, Eoin and O'Brien, Richard and Burgess, Seona and Burgess, Laura and Mead, Denise and Mead, Gillian and Paulton, Ruth and Doubal, Fergus and McCormick, Katrina and Hunter, Neil and Hunter, Annemarie and Taylor, Vicky and Taylor, Pat and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Blair, Caroline and Blair, Gordon and MacRaild, Allan and Parry-Jones, Adrian and Johnes, Mary and Lee, Stephanie and Shaw, Louise and Shaw, Kelly Marie and Burger, Ilse and Punter, Martin and Ingham, Andrea and Perez, Jane and Naing, Zin and Morell, Jordi and Marsden, Tracy and Hall, Andrea and Marshall, Sally and Harrison, Thomas and Harrison, Melanie and Harrison, Louise and ... and RESTART Collaboration
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 07/2019, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp. 643 - 652
Findings from the RESTART trial suggest that starting antiplatelet therapy might reduce the risk of recurrent symptomatic intracerebral haemorrhage compared... 
MICROBLEEDS | SUPERFICIAL SIDEROSIS | SIGNS | AMYLOID ANGIOPATHY | ACUTE ISCHEMIC-STROKE | ANTITHROMBOTIC THERAPY | ASPIRIN | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | Atrophy | Neuroimaging | Anticoagulants | Stroke | Aspirin | Statistical analysis | Medical imaging | Magnetic resonance imaging | Computed tomography | Biomarkers | Hemorrhage
Journal Article
by Dennis, Martin and Mead, Gillian and Mead, Denise and Forbes, John and Graham, Julie and Graham, Susan and Graham, Libby and Graham, Catriona and Hackett, Maree and Hankey, Graeme J and House, Allan and Lewis, Stephanie and Lundström, Erik and Sandercock, Peter and Innes, Karen and Williams, Carol and Williams, Sandra and Williams, Rhys and Williams, Richard and Williams, Rebecca and Williams, Max and Williams, Sarah and Drever, Jonathan and Mcgrath, Aileen and Deary, Ann and Fraser, Greig and Fraser, Ruth and Anderson, Rosemary and Walker, Rachel and Walker, Elaine and Walker, Pauli and Walker, Susannah and Perry, David and Perry, Jack and Mcgill, Connor and Buchanan, David and Chun, Yvonne and Dinsmore, Lynn and Maschauer, Emma and Barugh, Amanda and Mikhail, Shadia and Blair, Gordon and Hoeritzauer, Ingrid and Scott, Jon and Scott, Rhona and Scott, Maggie and Lawrence, Tara and Lawrence, Katherine and Shaw, Alison and Williamson, Sue and Williamson, Judith and Burgess, David and Burgess, Seona and Burgess, Laura and Macleod, Fiona and Macleod, Malcolm and Macleod, Mary Joan and Morales, Dan and Sullivan, Frank and Brady, Marian and French, Ray and Van Wijck, Frederike and Watkins, Caroline and Proudfoot, Fiona and Skwarski, Joanna and Mcgowan, Diane and Murphy, Peter and Murphy, Rachael and Rutherford, William and Mccormick, Katrina and Buchan, Ruaridh and Macraild, Allan and Paulton, Ruth and Fazal, Adnan and Taylor, Vicky and Taylor, Caroline and Taylor, Pat and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Hunter, Neil and Hunter, Nadia and Bamford, Elizabeth and Bamford, John and Waugh, Darren and Waugh, Dean and Veraque, Emelda and Bedford, Caroline and Bedford, Elizabeth and Kambafwile, Mary and Idrovo, Luis and Makawa, Linetty and Smalley, Paula and Randall, Marc and Thirugnana-Chandran, Tharani and Hassan, Hanna and Hassan, Muhammad and Hassan, Ahamad and Vowden, Richard and Jackson, Samantha and Jackson, Tracy and Jackson, Linda and ... and FOCUS Trial Collaboration
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10168, pp. 265 - 274
Journal Article
by Al-Shahi Salman, Rustam and Dennis, Martin S and Murray, Gordon D and Innes, Karen and Drever, Jonathan and Dinsmore, Lynn and Williams, Carol and White, Philip M and Whiteley, William N and Sandercock, Peter A.G and Sudlow, Cathie L.M and Newby, David E and Sprigg, Nikola and Werring, David J and Dennis, Martin and Sudlow, Cathie and Whiteley, William and Lerpiniere, Christine and McCormick, Katrina and Perry, Jack and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Hunter, Neil and Doubal, Fergus and Paulton, Ruth and O'Brien, Richard and Burgess, Seona and Mead, Gillian and Taylor, Pat and MacLeod, Mary-Joan and Maclennan, Beverly and Clarke, Rebecca and Taylor, Vicky and Klaasen, Katrina and Crouch, Nichola and Jagpal, Baljit and Furnace, Jacqueline and Irvine, Janice and Gow, Heather and Joyson, Anu and Nelson, Sandra and Ross, Sarah and Davies, Ruth and Jose, Deepa and Robinson, Naomi and Codd, Laura and Dodd, Angela and Moroney, Helen and Weir, Pauline and Little, Victoria and Gott, Valerie and Sangster, Graeme and Owings, Paula and Cherian, Suja and Downham, Susan and Epstein, Daniel and Webber, Adam and Qureshi, Sammie and Nicholas, Paul and Krishnamurthy, Vinodh and Shukla, Avani and Jones, Ifan and Ahmed, Ashraf and Cunningham, Mishell and Zahoor, Tajammal and Johnson, Sharon and Denniss, Carol and Albazzaz, Mo and Ramadan, Hawraman and Maguire, Stuart and Patterson, Chris and Bellfield, Ruth and Hairsine, Brigid and Quinn, Outi and Hooley, Michaela and Nair, Anand and Alam, Mohammad Irfan and Greig, Jill and Rana, Pratap and Robinson, Matthew and Sajid, Mahmud and Ball, Margaret and Gascoyne, Rachel and Ghaly, George and Raghunathan, Senthil and Clarke, Judith and Wilkes, Gwendoline and Law, Zhe and Appleton, Jason and Matias, Oliver and Jackson, Benjamin and Keshvara, Rekha and Whittamore, Katherine and Jordan, Carla and Sheikh, Saima and Roffe, Jack and Gilzeane, Nicola and Krishnan, Kailash and Buck, Amanda and Havard, Diane and Hedstrom, Amanda and ... and RESTART Collaborators and RESTART collaborators and the RESTART collaborators
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 03/2018, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 162 - 11
Journal Article