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feature films (61) 61
films for the hearing impaired (51) 51
video recordings for the hearing impaired (40) 40
man-woman relationships (27) 27
dvd-video discs (25) 25
fiction films (21) 21
film adaptations (20) 20
comedy films (17) 17
drama (17) 17
documentary films (15) 15
history (14) 14
digital video discs (13) 13
foreign films (13) 13
motion pictures (12) 12
social conditions (12) 12
digital videodiscs (11) 11
dvd videodiscs (11) 11
closed caption video recordings (9) 9
deaf, video recordings for the (9) 9
murder (9) 9
video captioning (9) 9
video recordings for the deaf (9) 9
detective and mystery films (8) 8
motion pictures, french (8) 8
social aspects (8) 8
feature-length films (7) 7
features (7) 7
thrillers (7) 7
women (7) 7
action and adventure films (6) 6
families (6) 6
films for people with visual disabilities (6) 6
science fiction films (6) 6
triangles (6) 6
united states (6) 6
world war, 1939-1945 (6) 6
biographical films (5) 5
female-male relationships (5) 5
french subtitles (5) 5
fun movies (5) 5
investigation (5) 5
male-female relationships (5) 5
men (5) 5
men-women relationships (5) 5
musical films (5) 5
nonfiction films (5) 5
relations with men (5) 5
relations with women (5) 5
relationships, man-woman (5) 5
spanish language materials (5) 5
woman-man relationships (5) 5
women-men relationships (5) 5
captain america (4) 4
comedy (4) 4
description and travel (4) 4
french language materials (4) 4
historical films (4) 4
interpersonal relations (4) 4
man-woman relationships drama (4) 4
production and direction (4) 4
slavery (4) 4
social life and customs (4) 4
spanish subtitles (4) 4
superheroes (4) 4
television adaptations (4) 4
video recordings for people with visual disabilities (4) 4
actresses (3) 3
adultery (3) 3
african americans (3) 3
avengers (3) 3
boxing (3) 3
conspiracies (3) 3
crime (3) 3
crime films (3) 3
cyborgs (3) 3
dating (3) 3
environmental aspects (3) 3
family (3) 3
film noir (3) 3
foreign language films (3) 3
friendship (3) 3
good and evil (3) 3
government policy (3) 3
horror films (3) 3
human-alien encounters (3) 3
legal status, laws, etc (3) 3
married people (3) 3
musical theater (3) 3
police (3) 3
politics and government (3) 3
popular music (3) 3
relaciones hombre-mujer (3) 3
religion (3) 3
short films (3) 3
suspense films (3) 3
teenagers (3) 3
western films (3) 3
1900 - 1999 (2) 2
academy awards (2) 2
actors (2) 2
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Library Location Library Location
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Media Commons - Audio Visual (115) 115
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - Audio Visual (16) 16
UofT at Scarborough - Stacks (13) 13
Media Commons - Library or classroom use (6) 6
UofT at Mississauga - 1st Floor (5) 5
UofT Schools - Special Collections (2) 2
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OISE - Curriculum Resources (1) 1
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Dutch (2) 2
Indonesian (2) 2
Italian (2) 2
Japanese (2) 2
Norwegian (2) 2
Polish (2) 2
Russian (2) 2
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Czech (1) 1
Danish (1) 1
Finnish (1) 1
German (1) 1
Greek (1) 1
Hindi (1) 1
Hungarian (1) 1
Panjabi (1) 1
Persian (1) 1
Swedish (1) 1
Turkish (1) 1
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by Bochco, Steven, 1943- creator,screenwriter and Kozoll, Michael, creator,screenwriter and Hoblit, Gregory, television producer,screenwriter,television director and Butler, Robert, 1927- television director and Yerkovich, Anthony, screenwriter,television producer and Brown, Georg Stanford, television director and Zlotoff, Lee David, screenwriter and Laven, Arnold, television director and Taub, Bill, screenwriter and Kaplan, E. Jack, screenwriter and Starrett, Jack, 1936-1989, television director and Thompson, Robert C. television director. (Bob) and Rachins, Alan, screenwriter and Allen, Corey, 1934-2010, television director and Anspaugh, David, television producer,television director and Crais, Robert, screenwriter and Lewis, Jeffrey, screenwriter,television producer and Holcomb, Rod, television director and Haines, Randa, television director and Wagner, Michael, 1947-1992, screenwriter and Bleckner, Jeff, television director and Carter, Thomas, 1953- television director and Thomas, Thom, screenwriter and Levy, Lawrence (Television director), television director and Brazil, Scott, television producer,television director and Milch, David, 1945- screenwriter and Hall, Karen Lynne, screenwriter and Earll, Robert, screenwriter and Frost, Mark, 1953- screenwriter,television director and Kelljan, Bob, 1930-1982, television director and Gunn, Joseph, screenwriter and Nyby, Christian I., television director and Scott, Oz, television director and Combest, Phil, screenwriter and Rosenbloom, David television director. (David L.) and Wallace, Rick (Producer), television director and Schneider, Sascha, television producer and Singer, Alexander, 1932- television director and Duke, Bill, 1943- television director and Silverman, Peter (Television writer), screenwriter and Seidelman, Arthur Allan, television director and Beaumont, Gabrielle, 1942- television director and Ray, Darrell (Actor), screenwriter and Toy, Alan, 1950- screenwriter and Cooper, Dennis, screenwriter and Wellborn, Stanley N., screenwriter and Compton, Richard, 1938-2007, television director and Director, Roger, screenwriter and Stenn, David, screenwriter and Byars, Floyd, screenwriter and Katz, Elia, screenwriter and Epstein, Jacob, screenwriter and Patterson, John, 1940-2005, television director and South, Frank, screenwriter and Vittes, Michael, television producer and Green, Walon, screenwriter and Kaplan, Barry Jay, screenwriter and Bolt, Ben, 1952- television director and Wolf, Dick, screenwriter and Lathan, Stan, television director and Ward, Robert (Television writer and producer), screenwriter and Hancock, John, 1939- television director and Mankiewicz, John, 1954- screenwriter and Woody, Russ, screenwriter and See, John William, screenwriter and Brown, Jerry Patrick, screenwriter and Schlitt, Robert, screenwriter and Smith, Duncan, screenwriter and Lemkin, Jonathan, screenwriter and Switzer, Michael, television director and Romano, John, 1948 October 2- screenwriter and Vienna, Darrell, 1946- screenwriter and Fox, Terry Curtis, screenwriter and Bello, Steve, screenwriter and Weis, Don, 1922-2000, television director and White, Dale (Television director), television director and Sherin, Edwin television director and Black, David, 1945- screenwriter and David, Marjorie, 1950- screenwriter and Mamet, David screenwriter and Adams, Penny (Television producer), television producer and Williams, Christian, 1943- screenwriter and Woodward, Bob, 1943- screenwriter and Eglash, Neil, screenwriter and Koertge, Ronald, screenwriter and Goldsmith, George, screenwriter and Melvoin, Jeff, screenwriter and Portman, Jerome, screenwriter and Litvack, John, screenwriter and Worth, Jody, screenwriter and Lavet, Ken, television director and Post, Mike, composer (expression) and Travanti, Daniel J., actor and Warren, Michael, 1946- actor and Hamel, Veronica, 1943- actor and Conrad, Michael, actor and Babcock, Barbara, 1937- actor and Weitz, Bruce, actor and Blacque, Taurean, actor and Thomas, Betty, 1948- actor and ... and MTM Enterprises, production company and Shout! Factory (Firm), film distributor
Video Recording
by Iannucci, Armando, 1963- creator,television producer,television director,screenwriter and Godsick, Christopher, television producer and Rich, Frank, television producer and Blackwell, Simon, 1966- television producer,screenwriter and Roche, Tony, television producer,screenwriter and Louis-Dreyfus, Julia, televison producer,actor and Laing, Stephanie, television producer and Addison, Chris, 1971- television director and Martin, Becky, television director and Morris, Christopher, 1965- television director and Kirkby, Tim, television director and Gray, Sean, 1983- screenwriter and Smith, Will, 1971- screenwriter and Drew, Roger (Television writer), screenwriter and Martin, Ian (Television writer), screenwriter and Cecil, Kevin, 1969- screenwriter and Riley, Andy, screenwriter and Pritchett, Georgia, screenwriter and Quantick, David, screenwriter and Chlumsky, Anna, actor and Hale, Tony, actor and Scott, Reid, 1977- actor and Simons, Timothy, actor and Walsh, Matt, 1964- actor and Dunn, Kevin, 1956- actor and Bradshaw, Sufe, actor and Cole, Gary, 1956- actor and Najimy, Kathy, actor and Whitlock, Isiah, actor and Moynihan, Christopher, 1973- actor and Park, Randall, actor and Meloni, Chris, actor and St. Clair, Jessica, actor and Findley, Edwina, actor and Reeves, Phil, actor and Thoms, Tracie, 1975- actor and Baltz, Tim, actor and Bader, Diedrich, 1966- actor and Woods, Zach, 1984- actor and Phillips, Sally, 1970- actor and Boyd, Darren, 1971- actor and Edwards, Justin, 1972- actor and Stinton, Colin, actor and Lenehan, Nancy, 1953- actor and Feather, Jay, director of photography and Gloster, Jim, production designer and Gregson-Williams, Rupert, composer (expression) and HBO Home Entertainment (Firm), publisher and HBO Entertainment (Firm), production company and Warner Home Video (Firm), film distributor and Dundee Productions, production company and Home Box Office (Firm), publisher
2015, ISBN 0111822084
Video Recording
by Eagger, Fiona, television producer and Cox, Deb (Producer), television producer,screenwriter and Sklan, Carole, television producer and Masters, Sue, television producer and Dunphy, Kristen, screenwriter and Dean, Ysabelle, screenwriter and Banas, John, screenwriter and Offen, Michelle, screenwriter and Corbett, Chris, screenwriter and Tolhurst, Mia, screenwriter and Coleman, Elizabeth (Screenwriter), screenwriter and Tilse, Tony, television director and Cameron, Ken, 1946- television director and Eames, Declan, television director and Davies, Sian (Director), television director and Andrikidis, Peter, television director and Millar, Catherine (Director), television director and Davis, Essie, actor and Page, Nathan (Actor), actor and Johnstone-Burt, Hugo, actor and Cummings, Ashleigh, 1992- actor and Margolyes, Miriam, actor and Atkinson, Kate, 1972- actor and Pasvolsky, Jonny, actor and Blake, Julia, 1936- actor and Wyllie, Dan, actor and Mitchell, Heather (Actress), actor and Garvey, Damien, actor and Blake, Rachael, actor and Hope, Nicholas, 1959- actor and Fitz-Gerald, Lewis, actor and Hall, Craig (Actor), actor and Picot, Geneviève, 1956- actor and Walker, Kerry, 1948- actor and Burke, Simon, actor and Noble, John, 1948- actor and Lanser, Roger, director of photography and Perkins, Robbie, production designer and Boyce, Marion, costume designer and Evans, Stephen (Film editor), film editor and Wild, Nathan, film editor and Walker, Greg J., composer (expression) and Greenwood, Kerry and Film Victoria, production company and ABC Television Network, film distributor and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, production company and Every Cloud (Firm), production company and Acorn Media (Firm), film distributor and Screen Australia, production company and All 3 Media International (Firm), film distributor
2014, ISBN 1621722074
Video Recording
by Corman, Roger, 1926- film producer and Joyce, Adrien, screenwriter and Nicholson, Jack, film producer,screenwriter,actor and Hellman, Monte, 1932- film producer,film director and Hutchins, Will, 1932- actor and Perkins, Millie, 1938- actor and Oates, Warren, 1928-1982 actor and Eastman, Charles, 1929-2009, actor and Tsosie, Guy El, actor and Carroll, Brandon, actor and Merholz, B. J., actor and Moon, Wally, actor,art director and Mackleprang, William, actor and Campbell, James, 1932-2010, actor and Mitchell, Cameron, 1918-1994, actor and Squire, Katherine, 1903-1995, actor and Mitchell, George, 1905-1972, actor and Crosse, Rupert actor and Stanton, Harry Dean, 1926-2017 actor and Hackett, John, actor and Filer, Tom, actor and Cannon, Peter, actor and Keller, William A., actor and Summer, Neil, 1944- actor and Phelps, Walter, actor and Kent, Gary, 1933- actor and Sandor, Gregory (Cinematographer), director of photography and Markowitz, Richard, composer (expression) and Milton, Bill, costume designer and Campbell, James, art director and Drasnin, Robert, composer (expression) and Brohn, Bill, commentator and Lucas, Blake, commentator and Perlin, Jake, interviewer (expression) and Kurtz, Gary interviewee (expression) and Johnson, Calvin, interviewee (expression) and Morgan, Kim, screenwriter,narrator and Atkinson, Michael, 1962- writer of supplementary textual content and Criterion Collection (Firm), film distributor and Proteus Films, production company and Santa Clara Productions, production company and SGF Properties, Inc., production company
2014, Director-approved two-DVD special edition., Criterion collection, ISBN 1604658908, Volume 734-735.
Video Recording
Video Recording
by Reed, Carol, 1906-1976, film director,film producer and Rank, J. Arthur, 1888-1972 presenter and Del Giudice, F. 1892-1963, production manager. (Filippo) and Green, F. L. 1902-1953, screenwriter. (Frederick Lawrence) and Sherriff, R. C. 1896-1975 screenwriter. (Robert Cedric) and Mason, James, 1909-1984 actor and Newton, Robert, 1905-1956, actor and Cusack, Cyril, 1910-1993, actor and McCormick, F. J., approximately 1890-1947, actor and Hartnell, William, 1908-1975, actor and Compton, Fay, 1894-1978, actor and O'Dea, Denis, 1905-1978, actor and Fay, W. G. 1872-1947, actor. (William George) and Delaney, Maureen, 1888-1961, actor and Brook-Jones, Elwyn, 1911-1962, actor and Beatty, Robert, 1909-1992, actor and O'Herlihy, Dan, 1919-2005 actor and Kirwan, Kitty, actor and Measor, Beryl, actor and Irving, Roy, 1911-1996, actor and Tomelty, Joseph, 1910-1995, actor and Hambling, Arthur, 1888-1952, actor and Clery, Ann, actor and Milligan, Maura, actor and Cusack, Maureen, 1920-1977, actor and Byrne, Eddie, 1911-1981, actor and Ryan, Kathleen, 1922-1985, actor and Krasker, Robert, director of photography and Furse, Roger, production designer and Brinton, Ralph, art director and McDonell, Fergus, 1910-1984, film editor and Alwyn, William, 1905-1985 composer (expression) and Mathieson, Muir, conductor and Green, F. L. 1902-1953. (Frederick Lawrence) and Smith, Imogen Sara, writer of supplementary textual content and Criterion Collection (Firm), film distributor and London Symphony Orchestra performer and Two Cities Films, production company and Janus Films, production company
2015, Two-DVD special edition., The Criterion collection, ISBN 9781604659771, Volume 754.
Video Recording
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