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by Lebo, Matthew S and Zakoor, Kathleen-Rose and Chun, Kathy and Speevak, Marsha D and Waye, John S and McCready, Elizabeth and Parboosingh, Jillian S and Lamont, Ryan E and Feilotter, Harriet and Bosdet, Ian and Tucker, Tracy and Young, Sean and Karsan, Aly and Charames, George S and Agatep, Ronald and Spriggs, Elizabeth L and Chisholm, Caitlin and Vasli, Nasim and Daoud, Hussein and Jarinova, Olga and Tomaszewski, Robert and Hume, Stacey and Taylor, Sherryl and Akbari, Mohammad R and Lerner-Ellis, Jordan and Ainsworth, Peter and Aronson, Melyssa and Basran, Raveen and Blavier, Andre and Blumenthal, Andrea and Boycott, Kym and Brudno, Michael and Buckley, Kathleen and Campbell, Jodi and Campeau, Philippe M and Care, Melanie and Carson, Nancy and Carter, Ronald and Chitayat, David and Chong, George and Chouinard, Edmond and Craddock, Kenneth J and Docking, Rod and Eisen, Andrea and Faghfoury, Hanna and Farrell, Sandra and Fernandez, Bridget and Fiume, Marc and Forster-Gibson, Cynthia and Friedman, Jan and Foulkes, William and Goodhand, Peter and Gu, Jessica and Hegele, Robert and Holter, Spring and Horsburgh, Sheri and Hughes, Lauren and Jewett, Franny and Junker, Anne and Khalouei, Sam and Knoll, Joan and Kolomeitz, Elena and Knoppers, Bartha and Maire, Georges and Marshall, Christian and Mitchell, Grant and Moorhouse, Michael J and Morel, Chantal and Nelson, Tanya and Noor, Abdul and O'Connor, Brian and O'Rielly, Darren and Ouellette, Francis and Racher, Hilary and Ray, Peter and Rehm, Heidi and Riddell, Christie and Riviere, Jean-Baptiste and Rosenblatt, David S and Rouleau, Guy and Ruchon, Andrea and Sabatini, Peter and Sadikovic, Bekim and Semotiuk, Kara and Scherer, Stephen W and Shuman, Cheryl and Silver, Josh and Siminovitch, Katherine and Solomon-Izsak, Lesley and Soucy, Jean-Francois and Stavropoulos, James and Stein, Lincoln and Tannenbaum, Rhonda and Terespolsky, Deborah and Wintle, Richard F and Wong, Beatrix and Wong, Nora and Wang, Marina and Watkins, Nicholas and White, Shana and ... and Canadian Open Genetics Repository and Canadian Open Genetics Repository Working Group and the Canadian Open Genetics Repository Working Group
Genetics in medicine, ISSN 1098-3600, 03/2018, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 294 - 302
Journal Article
Liverpool echo, 12/2015
Newspaper Article
Liverpool echo, 08/2016
Newspaper Article
Book Chapter
Liverpool echo, 03/2019
Newspaper Article
Liverpool echo, 07/2014
Newspaper Article
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