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[sdu.astr]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph] (1) 1
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Proceedings of Science, 2017
Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of Science, 2017
Conference Proceeding
Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 11/2016, Volume 831, Issue 1, p. 1DUMMY
Journal Article
by An, Fengpeng and An, Guangpeng and An, Qi and Antonelli, Vito and Baussan, Eric and Beacom, John and Bezrukov, Leonid and Blyth, Simon and Brugnera, Riccardo and Avanzini, Margherita Buizza and Busto, Jose and Cabrera, Anatael and Cai, Hao and Cai, Xiao and Cammi, Antonio and Cao, Guofu and Cao, Jun and Chang, Yun and Chen, Shaomin and Chen, Shenjian and Chen, Yixue and Chiesa, Davide and Clemenza, Massimiliano and Clerbaux, Barbara and Conrad, Janet and D'Angelo, Davide and De Kerret, Hervé and Deng, Zhi and Deng, Ziyan and Ding, Yayun and Djurcic, Zelimir and Dornic, Damien and Dracos, Marcos and Drapier, Olivier and Dusini, Stefano and Dye, Stephen and Enqvist, Timo and Fan, Donghua and Fang, Jian and Favart, Laurent and Ford, Richard and Göger-Neff, Marianne and Gan, Haonan and Garfagnini, Alberto and Giammarchi, Marco and Gonchar, Maxim and Gong, Guanghua and Gong, Hui and Gonin, Michel and Grassi, Marco and Grewing, Christian and Guan, Mengyun and Guarino, Vic and Guo, Gang and Guo, Wanlei and Guo, Xin-Heng and Hagner, Caren and Han, Ran and He, Miao and Heng, Yuekun and Hsiung, Yee and Hu, Jun and Hu, Shouyang and Hu, Tao and Huang, Hanxiong and Huang, Xingtao and Huo, Lei and Ioannisian, Ara and Jeitler, Manfred and Ji, Xiangdong and Jiang, Xiaoshan and Jollet, Cécile and Kang, Li and Karagounis, Michael and Kazarian, Narine and Krumshteyn, Zinovy and Kruth, Andre and Kuusiniemi, Pasi and Lachenmaier, Tobias and Leitner, Rupert and Li, Chao and Li, Jiaxing and Li, Weidong and Li, Weiguo and Li, Xiaomei and Li, Xiaonan and Li, Yi and Li, Yufeng and Li, Zhi-Bing and Liang, Hao and Lin, Guey-Lin and Lin, Tao and Lin, Yen-Hsun and Ling, Jiajie and Lippi, Ivano and Liu, Dawei and Liu, Hongbang and Liu, Hu and Liu, Jianglai and Liu, Jianli and ... and Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, ISSN 0954-3899, 02/2016, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp. 30401 - 30588
Journal Article
Proceedings of Science, 2017
Conference Proceeding
by Tamburini, Christian and Canals, Miquel and de Maon, Xavier Durrieu and Houpert, Loic and Lefevre, Dominique and Martini, Verine and D'Ortenzio, Fabrizio and Robert, Anne and Testor, Pierre and Aguilar, Juan Antonio and Al Samarai, Imen and Albert, Arnaud and Ane, Michel and Anghinolfi, Marco and Anton, Gisela and Anvar, Shebli and Ardid, Miguel and Jesus, Ana Carolina Assis and Astraatmadja, Tri L and Aubert, Jean-Jacques and Baret, Bruny and Basa, Stephane and Bertin, Vincent and Biagi, Simone and Bigi, Armando and Bigongiari, Ciro and Bogazzi, Claudio and Bou-Cabo, Manuel and Bouhou, Boutayeb and Bouwhuis, Mieke C and Brunner, Jurgen and Busto, Jose and Camarena, Francisco and Capone, Antonio and Carloganu, Christina and Carminati, Giada and Carr, John and Cecchini, Stefano and Charif, Ziad and Charvis, Philippe and Chiarusi, Tommaso and Circella, Marco and Coniglione, Rosa and Costantini, Heide and Coyle, Paschal and Curtil, Christian and Decowski, Patrick and Dekeyser, Ivan and Deschamps, Anne and Donzaud, Corinne and Dornic, Damien and Dorosti, Hasankiadeh Q and uhin, Doriane and Eberl, Thomas and Emanuele, Umberto and Ernenwein, Jean-Pierre and Escoffier, Stephanie and Fermani, Paolo and Ferri, Marcelino and Flaminio, Vincenzo and Folger, Florian and Fritsch, Ulf and Fuda, Jean-Luc and Galata, Salvatore and Gay, Pascal and Giacomelli, Giorgio and Giordano, Valentina and Gomez-Gonzalez, Juan-Pablo and Graf, Kay and Guillard, Goulven and Halladjian, Garadeb and Hallewell, Gregory and van Haren, Hans and Hartman, Joris and Heijboer, Aart J and Hello, Yann and Hernandez-Rey, Juan Jose and Herold, Bjoern and Hossl, Jurgen and Hsu, Ching-Cheng and de Jong, Marteen and Kadler, Matthias and Kalekin, Oleg and Kappes, Alexander and Katz, Uli and Kavatsyuk, Oksana and Kooijman, Paul and Kopper, Claudio and Kouchner, Antoine and Kreykenbohm, Ingo and Kulikovskiy, Vladimir and Lahmann, Robert and Lamare, Patrick and Larosa, Giuseppina and Lattuada, Dario and Lim, Gordon and Lo Presti, Domenico and Loehner, Herbert and Loucatos, Sotiris and Mangano, Salvatore and ...
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 07/2013, Volume 8, Issue 7, p. e67523
Journal Article
Proceedings of Science, 2015, Volume 30-
Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of Science, 2015, Volume 30-
Conference Proceeding
Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, ISSN 1539-3755, 01/2014, Volume 89, Issue 1, p. 010102
We study the nonequilibrium critical behavior of the pair contact process with diffusion (PCPD) by means of nonperturbative functional renormalization group... 
Journal Article
by Aguilar, J. A and Al Samarai, I and Albert, A and Ane, M and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Anvar, S and Ardid, M and Jesus, A. C. Assis and Astraatmadja, T and Aubert, J. -J and Auer, R and Baret, B and Basa, S and Bazzotti, M and Bertin, V and Biagi, S and Bigongiari, C and Bogazzi, C and Bou-Cabo, M and Bouwhuis, M. C and Brown, A. M and Brunner, J and Busto, J and Camarena, F and Capone, A and Carloganu, C and Carminati, G and Carr, J and Cecchini, S and Charvis, Ph and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Coniglione, R and Costantini, H and Cottini, N and Coyle, P and Curtil, C and Decowski, M. P and Dekeyser, I and Deschamps, A and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti, Q and uhin, D and Eberl, T and Emanuele, U and Ernenwein, J. -P and Escoffier, S and Fehr, F and Flaminio, V and Folger, F and Fritsch, U and Fuda, J. -L and Galata, S and Gay, P and Giacomelli, G and Gomez-Gonzalez, J. P and Graf, K and Guillard, G and Halladjian, G and Hallewell, G and van Haren, H and Heijboer, A. J and Hello, Y and Hernandez-Rey, J. J and Herold, B and Hoessl, J and Hsu, C. C and de Jong, M and Kadler, M and Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N and Kalekin, O and Kappes, A and Katz, U and Kooijman, P and Kopper, C and Kouchner, A and Kulikovskiy, V and Lahmann, R and Lamare, P and Larosa, G and Lefevre, D and Lim, G and Lo Presti, D and Loehner, H and Loucatos, S and Lucarelli, F and Mangano, S and Marcelin, M and Margiotta, A and Martinez-Mora, J. A and Mazure, A and Meli, A and Montaruli, T and Morganti, M and Moscoso, L and Motz, H and Naumann, C and Neff, M and ...
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 01/2011, Volume 696, Issue 1-2, pp. 16 - 22
A search for a diffuse flux of astrophysical muon neutrinos, using data collected by the ANTARES neutrino telescope is presented. A (0.83 x 2 pi) sr sky was... 
LIMITS | Diffuse muon neutrino flux | PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | DETECTOR | MUONS | Neutrino telescope | ANTARES | MODEL
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2008, Volume 100, Issue 21, pp. 211101 - 211107
Journal Article
Proceedings of Science, 2017
Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 7/2018, Volume 10705, pp. 107051R - 107051R-16
We present an overview of the development of the end-to-end simulations programs developed for COLIBRI (Catching OpticaL and Infrared BRIght), a 1.3m robotic... 
Image simulator | COLIBRI | Gamma-Ray Burst | photometric redshift | end-to-end simulations | Exposure Time Calculator | SVOM | optical/NIR telescope
Conference Proceeding