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alzheimer's (1) 1
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alzheimer’s disease (1) 1
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by Hollingworth, P and Harold, D and Sims, R and Gerrish, A and Lambert, J.C and Carrasquillo, M.M and Abraham, R and Hamshere, M.L and Pahwa, J.S and Moskvina, V and Dowzell, K and Jones, N and Stretton, A and Thomas, C and Richards, A and Ivanov, D and Widdowson, C and Chapman, J and Lovestone, S and Powell, J and Proitsi, P and Lupton, M.K and Brayne, C and Rubinsztein, D.C and Gill, M and Lawlor, B and Lynch, A and Brown, K.S and Passmore, P.A and Craig, D and McGuinness, B and Todd, S and Holmes, C and Mann, D and Smith, A.D and Beaumont, H and Warden, D and Wilcock, G and Love, S and Kehoe, P.G and Hooper, N.M and Vardy, E.R.L.C and Hardy, J and Mead, S and Fox, N.C and Rossor, M and Collinge, J and Maier, W and Jessen, F and Ruther, E and Schurmann, B and Heun, R and Kolsch, H and van den Bussche, H and Heuser, I and Kornhuber, J and Wiltfang, J and Dichgans, M and Frolich, L and Hampel, H and Gallacher, J and Hull, M and Rujescu, D and Giegling, I and Goate, A.M and Kauwe, J.S.K and Cruchaga, C and Nowotny, P and Morris, J.C and Mayo, K and Sleegers, K and Bettens, K and Engelborghs, S and de Deyn, P.P and Van Broeckhoven, C and Livingston, G and Bass, N.J and Gurling, H and McQuillin, A and Gwilliam, R and Deloukas, P and Al-Chalabi, A and Shaw, C.E and Tsolaki, M and Singleton, A.B and Guerreiro, R and Muhleisen, T. W and Nothen, M. M and Moebus, S and Jockel, K.H and Klopp, N and Wichmann, H. E and Pankratz, V.S and Sando, S.B and Aasly, J.O and Barcikowska, M and Wszolek, Z.K and Dickson, D.W and Graff-Radford, N.R. and others and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and EADI1 Consortium and CHARGE Consortium and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and EADI1 consortium and CHARGE consortium and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 5, pp. 429 - 435
Journal Article
by Deloukas, Panagiotis and Hamshere, Marian L and Lovestone, Simon and Mead, Simon and Nöthen, Markus M and Gerrish, Amy and O'Donovan, Michael and Hüll, Michael and Hardy, John and Hampel, Harald and Passmore, Peter A and Engelborghs, Sebastiaan and Abraham, Richard and Thomas, Charlene and Moskvina, Valentina and Brayne, Carol and Lawlor, Brian and Bass, Nicholas J and McQuillin, Andrew and Holmans, Peter A and Jones, Nicola and Pahwa, Jaspreet Singh and Morgan, Kevin and Klopp, Norman and Schürmann, Britta and Carrasquillo, Minerva M and Jessen, Frank and Tsolaki, Magda and McGuinness, Bernadette and Van Broeckhoven, Christine and De Deyn, Peter P and Cruchaga, Carlos and Mayo, Kevin and Wichmann, H-Erich and Brown, Kristelle S and Fox, Nick and Proitsi, Petroula and Mühleisen, Thomas W and Lupton, Michelle K and Lynch, Aoibhinn and Williams, Julie and Singleton, Andrew B and Moebus, Susanne and Dowzell, Kimberley and Livingston, Gill and Powell, John and Todd, Stephen and Wiltfang, Jens and Kornhuber, Johannes and Shaw, Christopher E and Pankratz, V Shane and Owen, Michael J and Holmes, Clive and Kehoe, Patrick G and Al-Chalabi, Ammar and Morgan, Angharad R and Heuser, Isabella and Williams, Amy and Mann, David and Gurling, Hugh and Kauwe, John S K and Goate, Alison M and Frölich, Lutz and Rubinsztein, David C and Love, Seth and Rossor, Martin and Rujescu, Dan and Hollingworth, Paul and Bettens, Karolien and Younkin, Steven G and Nowotny, Petra and Dichgans, Martin and Smith, A David and Collinge, John and van den Bussche, Hendrik and Gwilliam, Rhian and Guerreiro, Rita and Jöckel, Karl-Heinz and Sims, Rebecca and Morris, John C and Gill, Michael and Craig, David and Sleegers, Kristel and Harold, Denise and Stretton, Alexandra and Maier, Wolfgang
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Journal Article
BMC MEDICAL GENOMICS, ISSN 1755-8794, 09/2008, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 44 - 44
Background: Late-onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD) is an age related neurodegenerative disease with a high prevalence that places major demands on healthcare... 
DIAGNOSIS | ACCURATE | DEMENTIA | GENES | GENETICS & HEREDITY | RISK | SCALE | SINGLE-NUCLEOTIDE POLYMORPHISMS | ARRAYS | TOOL | Genetic aspects | Diagnosis | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Research | Alzheimer's disease | Genetic screening | Methods
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Proitsi, Petroula and Lupton, Michelle K and Velayudhan, Latha and Newhouse, Stephen and Fogh, Isabella and Tsolaki, Magda and Daniilidou, Makrina and Pritchard, Megan and Kloszewska, Iwona and Soininen, Hilkka and Mecocci, Patrizia and Vellas, Bruno and Williams, Julie and Harold, Denise and Sims, Rebecca and Gerrish, Amy and Chapman, Jade and Escott-Price, Valentina and Abraham, Richard and Hollingworth, Paul and Hamshere, Marian and Singh Pahwa, Jaspreet and Dowzell, Kimberley and Williams, Amy and Jones, Nicola and Thomas, Charlene and Stretton, Alexandra and Morgan, Angharad and Williams, Kate and Lovestone, Simon and Powell, John F and Proitsi, Petroula and Lupton, Michelle K and Brayne, Carol and Rubinsztein, David C and Gill, Michael and Lawlor, Brian and Lynch, Aoibhinn and Morgan, Kevin and Brown, Kristelle and Passmore, Peter and Craig, David and Mcguinness, Bernadette and Johnston, Janet A and Todd, Stephen and Holmes, Clive and Mann, David and Smith, A. David and Love, Seth and Kehoe, Patrick G and Hardy, John and Guerreiro, Rita and Singleton, Andrew and Mead, Simon and Fox, Nick and Rossor, Martin and Collinge, John and Maier, Wolfgang and Jessen, Frank and Heun, Reiner and Schürmann, Britta and Ramirez, Alfredo and Becker, Tim and Herold, Christine and Lacour, André and Drichel, Dmitriy and Van Den Bussche, Hendrik and Heuser, Isabella and Kornhuber, Johannes and Wiltfang, Jens and Dichgans, Martin and Frölich, Lutz and Hampel, Harald and Hüll, Michael and Rujescu, Dan and Goate, Alison and Kauwe, John S.K and Cruchaga, Carlos and Nowotny, Petra and Morris, John C and Mayo, Kevin and Livingston, Gill and Bass, Nicholas J and Gurling, Hugh and Mcquillin, Andrew and Gwilliam, Rhian and Deloukas, Panagiotis and Nöthen, Markus M and Holmans, Peter and O'donovan, Michael and Owen, Michael J and Williams, Julie and Stewart, Robert and Sham, Pak and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and GERAD1 Consortium and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and for the GERAD1 Consortium and for the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 09/2014, Volume 11, Issue 9, pp. e1001713 - e1001713
Journal Article
Journal Article