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anatomy (5) 5
human anatomy (4) 4
anatomie (3) 3
anatomie humaine (3) 3
anatomy, human (3) 3
anatomy, pathological (3) 3
anatomía humana (3) 3
human anatomy. medicine (3) 3
humans (3) 3
science & technology (3) 3
adolescence (2) 2
adolescents (2) 2
anatomi (2) 2
anatomia (2) 2
anatomia artistica (2) 2
anatomia comparata (2) 2
anatomia umana (2) 2
anatomia vegetale (2) 2
anatomia veterinaria (2) 2
anatomies (2) 2
anatomische atlassen (2) 2
anatomía (2) 2
anatómia (2) 2
biologia umana (2) 2
cere anatomiche (2) 2
child development (2) 2
corpo umano (2) 2
cultural identity (2) 2
dissezione (2) 2
embriologia (2) 2
ethnic identity (2) 2
ethnicity (2) 2
ex-voto anatomici (2) 2
hispanics (2) 2
leermiddelen (2) 2
life sciences & biomedicine (2) 2
medicina (2) 2
psychology (2) 2
psychology, developmental (2) 2
psychology, educational (2) 2
racial identity (2) 2
social identification (2) 2
social sciences (2) 2
special section: ethnic and racial identity in child development (2) 2
70 plasma physics and fusion technology (1) 1
abdomen and pelvic regions (1) 1
abridged index medicus (1) 1
adenomatous polyposis coli (1) 1
adolescent (1) 1
adolescent development (1) 1
adolescent development - physiology (1) 1
adult (1) 1
adulthood (1) 1
aged (1) 1
agricultural science (1) 1
alzheimer disease - cerebrospinal fluid (1) 1
alzheimer disease - pathology (1) 1
alzheimer's disease (1) 1
alzheimer’s disease (1) 1
amyloid beta-peptides - cerebrospinal fluid (1) 1
amyloid-b (1) 1
amyloid-beta (1) 1
amyloid-β (1) 1
amyloid‐β (1) 1
anatomia humana (1) 1
anatomy and imaging (1) 1
anatomy, morbid (1) 1
anatomy, regional (1) 1
anatómia človeka (1) 1
antigen-presenting cells (1) 1
astronomical phenomena (1) 1
astrophysical plasmas (1) 1
astrophysics (1) 1
bile acid (1) 1
bile acids and salts - blood (1) 1
bile acids and salts - metabolism (1) 1
bioinformatics (1) 1
biological markers (1) 1
biology, life sciences (1) 1
biomarkers - cerebrospinal fluid (1) 1
biopsy (1) 1
brain glucose metabolism (1) 1
btla protein (1) 1
cancer immunotherapy (1) 1
cancer therapies (1) 1
cardiovascular medicine (1) 1
care and treatment (1) 1
chiropractic & osteopathy (1) 1
clinical & internal medicine (1) 1
clinical medicine (1) 1
clinical neurology (1) 1
cognitive dysfunction - cerebrospinal fluid (1) 1
cognitive dysfunction - pathology (1) 1
computer simulation (1) 1
conceptual overview (1) 1
continental population groups - ethnology (1) 1
continental population groups - psychology (1) 1
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2015, 3rd ed., Gray's Anatomy, ISBN 0702051314, xxv, 1161 pages
.... Obtain reliable, accessible coverage of everything you will learn in your contemporary anatomy classes with expert knowledge from a team of authors who share a wealth of diverse teaching and clinical experience... 
Anatomy | Human anatomy | Anatomy, Pathological
2010, 2nd ed., ISBN 9780443069529, xxv, 1103
2008, ISBN 044306721X, xvi, 558
by Dicker, D and Abay, SM and Abbasi, N and Abbastabar, H and Abdela, J and Abdulkader, RS and Abebe, HT and Aboyans, V and Abu-Raddad, LJ and Acharya, P and Adedeji, IA and Adedoyin, RA and Adetokunboh, OO and Adhikari, TB and Adou, AK and Adsuar, JC and Afaridern, M and Afshin, A and Agarwal, G and Aggarwal, R and Aghayan, SA and Ahmadi, M and Ahmadi, A and Ahmed, MLCB and Ahmed, S and Aichour, I and Akbari, ME and Akinyemiju, T and Akseer, N and Al-Aly, Z and Alam, K and Alebel, A and Aleman, AV and Al-Eyadhy, A and Alizadeh-Navaei, R and Alkerwi, A and Alonso, J and Al-Raddadi, RM and Alsharif, U and Amini, E and Andrei, CL and Animut, MD and Anjomshoa, M and Antonio, CAT and Aremu, O and Arnlov, J and Aroma, M and Artaman, A and Asadi-Lari, M and Asfaw, ET and Asgedom, SW and Athari, SS and Atre, SR and Awuah, B and Ayele, HT and Ayele, Y and Azzopardi, PS and Azzopardi-Muscat, N and Badawi, A and Balakrishnan, K and Bali, AG and Banstola, A and Basu, A and Beghi, E and Bekele, BB and Belachew, AB and Belay, E and Bello, AK and Bensenor, IM and Berhane, A and Berman, AE and Bhatt, S and Bhaumik, S and Bhutta, ZA and Bikbov, B and Bin Sayeed, MS and Bisanzio, D and Basara, BB and Bosetti, C and Boufous, S and Brant, LC and Cahuana-Hurtado, L and Campos-Nonato, IR and Cardenas, R and Casaneda-Orjuela, CA and Catala-Lopez, F and Chaiah, Y and Chang, HY and Chang, JC and Chen, WQ and Chisumpa, VH and Chung, SC and Ciobanu, LG and Cirillo, M and Claro, RM and Collado-Mateo, D and Constantin, MM and Cousin, E and Dachew, BA and Dadi, AF and ...
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 1474-547X, 2018, Volume 392, Issue 10159, p. 1684
Journal Article
Web Resource
by Davey, Gareth and Rato, Ricardo and Sneed, Rodlescia S and Cohen, Sheldon and Abdullah, Lazim and Steyn, Nelia and Dawson, Jill and Martinelli, Nicolò and Spiezia, Filippo and Marinozzi, Andrea and Sherval, Meg and Askew, Louise E and McGuirk, Pauline M and Roos, Leslie and Ostapyk, Tyler and Zhang, Yang and Drake, William and Simoes, Nádia and Diogo, Ana Paula and Brutschy, Susan and Zachary, Deanna and Iafrate, Raffaella and Bertoni, Anna and Donato, Silvia and Fischer, Judith L and Boden, Jeremy S and Niehuis, Sylvia and Kamo, Yoshinori and Hori, Makiko and Doohan, Eve-Anne M and Wanic, Rebekah and Leidy, Melinda S and Widmer, Eric D and Bookwala, Jamila and Underhill, Megan R and Lavner, Justin A and Bradbury, Thomas N and Howell, Patty and Larson, Jeffry and Carroll, Sarah June and Zhang, Xuelin and Hatfield, Michael and Campbell, Norah and O’Driscoll, Aidan and Liu, Yan and Wu, Amery D and Sanders, James P and Ono, Hiromi and Kalmijn, Matthijs and Soons, Judith P. M and Duffy, Dee and Fitriana, Efi and Srisayekti, Wilis and Niemela, Pauli and Kim, Seoyong and Lee, Paul S. N and Anagnostopoulos, Fotios and Muffels, Ruud and Huskey, Lee and Lind, Andrea and Rindfleisch, Aric and Ahuvia, Aaron and Garenne, Michel L and Clary, Lauren and Streisand, Randi and Shear, Benjamin R and Katz, Joel and Melzack, Ronald and Cohen, S. Robin and Scott, Wolf and Shear, Benjamin R and Liu, Yan and Wong, Paul T. P and Liang, Jiayin (Jaylene) and Hansson, Lars and Kral, Michael J and Idlout, Lori and Suen, Yi Nam and Cerin, Ester and Finch, Holmes and Castro Solano, Alejandro and Wall, Imogen and Kim, Hyung Min and Dickes, Paul and Borsenberger, Monique and Fleury, Charles and Goel, Rajeev K and Nelson, Michael A and Knutsen, Carl Henrik and Bänziger, Tanja and Latcheva, Rossalina and Holzhausen, Martin and Zheng, Buhong and Smith, W. James and Grummell, Bernie and Tofighi, Davood and Tofighi, Davood and Lloyd, Helen and Morley, David and Jenkinson, Crispin and ...
ISBN 9400707525
Book Chapter