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European Neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 2015, Volume 25, pp. S447 - S447
Journal Article
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 04/2018, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp. 716 - 718
Journal Article
The Oncologist, ISSN 1083-7159, 12/2018, Volume 23, Issue 12, pp. 1500 - 1510
Background 1p/19q‐codeleted anaplastic gliomas have variable clinical behavior. We have recently shown that the common 9p21.3 allelic loss is an independent... 
Glioma | Survival | Genomics | Machine learning | Oligodendroglioma | DATABASE | ONCOLOGY | LANDSCAPE | MODEL | TUMORS | Life Sciences
Journal Article
Neurology, ISSN 0028-3878, 10/2015, Volume 85, Issue 15, pp. 1325 - 1331
Journal Article
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by Pouget, Celso and Hergalant, Sébastien and Lardenois, Emilie and Lacomme, Stéphanie and Houlgatte, Rémi and Carpentier, Catherine and Dehais, Caroline and Rech, Fabien and Taillandier, Luc and Sanson, Marc and Appay, Romain and Colin, Carole and Figarella‐Branger, Dominique and Battaglia‐Hsu, Shyue‐Fang and Gauchotte, Guillaume and Desenclos, Christine and Sevestre, H and Menei, Philippe and Rousseau, A and Cruel, T and Lopez, S and Mihai, M.I and Petit, A and Seizeur, R and Quintin‐Roué, I and Adam, C and Parker, F and Eimer, S and Loiseau, H and Bekaert, L and Chapon, F and Ricard, D and Godfraind, C and Khallil, T and Cazals‐Hatem, D and Faillot, T and Gaultier, C and Tortel, M. C and Carpiuc, I and Richard, P and Lahiani, W and Aubriot‐Lorton, H and Ghiringhelli, F and Maurage, C‐A and Rhun, E. Le and Gueye, E. M and Labrousse, F and Ducray, F and Meyronet, D and Chinot, O and Bauchet, L and Rigau, V and Beauchesne, P and Campone, M and Loussouarn, D and Fontaine, D and Vandenbos‐Burel, F and Floch, A. Le and Roger, P and Blechet, C and Fesneau, M and Carpentier, A and Idbaih, A and Delattre, J. Y and Mokhtari, K and Bielle, F and Hamdi, S and Polivka, M and Milin, S and Colin, P and Diebold, M. D and Chiforeanu, D and Vauleon, E and Langlois, O and Laquerriere, A and Forest, F and Motso‐Fotso, M. J and Andraud, M and Runavot, G and Lhermitte, B and Noel, G and Gaillard, S and Villa, C and Desse, N and Rousselot‐Denis, C and Zemmoura, I and Cohen‐Moyal, E and Uro‐Coste, E and Dhermain, F
Brain Pathology, ISSN 1015-6305, 10/2019
Anaplastic oligodendroglioma (AO), IDH‐mutant and 1p/19q codeleted (IDHmut+/1p19qcodel), is a high‐grade glioma with only limited prognostic markers. The... 
Bioengineering | Methodology | Neurons and Cognition | Biochemistry, Molecular Biology | Genomics | Neurobiology | Cellular Biology | Statistics | Tissues and Organs | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology | Databases | Imaging | Computer Science | Subcellular Processes | Molecular Networks | Bioinformatics | Cancer
Journal Article
Journal of Translational Medicine, ISSN 1479-5876, 04/2019, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 133 - 12
Journal Article
by Barker, C. A and Chang, M and Lassman, A. B and Beal, K and Chan, T. A and Hunter, K and Grisdale, K and Ritterhouse, M and Moustakas, A and Iwamoto, F. M and Kreisl, T. N and Sul, J and Kim, L and Butman, J and Albert, P and Fine, H. A and Chamberlain, M. C and Alexandru, D and Glantz, M. J and Bota, D. A and Takahashi, K and Ikeda, N and Kajimoto, Y and Miyatake, S and Kuroiwa, T and Iwamoto, F and Lamborn, K and Kuhn, J and Wen, P and Yung, W. K. A and Gilbert, M and Chang, S and Lieberman, F and Prados, M and Fine, H and Lu-Emerson, C and Norden, A. D and Drappatz, J and Quant, E. C and Ciampa, A. S and Doherty, L. M and LaFrankie, D. C and Wen, P. Y and Sherman, J. H and Moldovan, K and Yeoh, H. K and Starke, B. M and Pouratian, N and Shaffrey, M. E and Schiff, D and O'Connor, P. C and Kroon, H.-A and Recht, L and Montano, N and Cenci, T and Martini, M and D'Alessandris, Q. G and Banna, G. L and Maira, G and De Maria, R and Larocca, L. M and Pallini, R and Kim, C. H and Yang, M. S and Cheong, J. H and Kim, J. M and Shonka, N and Alfred Yung, W. K and Piao, Y and Liu, J and Bekele, N and Chen, A and Heymach, J and de Groot, J and Gilbert, M. R and Wang, M and Aldape, K and Sorensen, A. G and Mikkelsen, T and Bokstein, F and Woo, S. Y and Chmura, S. J and Choucair, A. K and Mehta, M and Perez Segura, P and Gil, M and Balana, C and Chacon, I and Munoz, J and Martin, M and Flowers, A and Salner, A and Gaziel, T. B and Soerensen, M and Hasselbalch, B and Poulsen, H. S and Lassen, U and Peyre, M and Cartalat-Carel, S and Meyronet, D and ... and on behalf of the ANOCEF Group and Roger Stupp on behalf of the EF-11 study investigators
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by Figarella-Branger, Dominique and Mokhtari, Karima and Dehais, Caroline and Jouvet, Anne and Uro-Coste, Emmanuelle and Colin, Carole and Carpentier, Catherine and Forest, Fabien and Maurage, Claude-Alain and Vignaud, Jean-Michel and Polivka, Marc and Lechapt-Zalcman, Emmanuelle and Eimer, Sandrine and Viennet, Gabriel and Quintin-Roué, Isabelle and Aubriot-Lorton, Marie-Hélène and Diebold, Marie-Danièle and Loussouarn, Delphine and Lacroix, Catherine and Rigau, Valérie and Laquerrière, Annie and Vandenbos, Fanny and Michalak, Sophie and Sevestre, Henri and Peoch, Michel and Labrousse, François and Christov, Christo and Kemeny, Jean-Louis and Chenard, Marie-Pierre and Chiforeanu, Danchristian and Ducray, François and Idbaih, Ahmed and Desenclos, Christine and Menei, Philippe and Al Nader, Edmond and Godard, Joel and Servagi-Vernat, Stéphanie and Carpentier, Antoine and Loiseau, Hugues and Dam-Hieu, Phong and Guillamo, Jean Sebastien and Emery, Evelyne and Verelle, Pierre and Durando, Xavier and Faillot, Thierry and Le Guerinel, Caroline and Ghiringhelli, François and Parker, Fabrice and Adam, Clovis and Dubois, François and Ramirez, Carole and Gueye, Edouard Marcel and Honnorat, Jerome and Chinot, Olivier and Bauchet, Luc and Beauchesne, Patrick and Campone, Mario and Frenel, Jean Sébastien and Fontaine, Denys and Campello, Chantal and Roger, Pascal and Heitzmann, Anne and Fesneau, Mélanie and Delattre, Jean Yves and Elouadhani-Hamdi, Selma and Ricard, Damien and Colin, Philippe and Vauléon, Elodie and Langlois, Olivier and Fotso, Marie Janette Motsuo and Andraud, Marie and Mouton, Servane and Noel, Georges and Desse, Nicolas and Soulard, Raoulin and Cohen-Moyal, Elisabeth and Lubrano, Vincent and Dhermain, Frederic and POLA Network and the POLA Network
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Journal Article
Nature Medicine, ISSN 1078-8956, 01/2019, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp. 176 - 187
Journal Article