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05/2020, ISBN 1433832666, 231
All children deserve the best possible future. But in this era of increasing economic and social inequality, more and more children are being denied their fair... 
Stress Variables | Decision Making | Networks | Poverty | Public Policy | Nutrition | Mothers | Access to Education | Futures (of Society) | Federal Programs | Friendship | Educational Quality | Family Programs | Social Differences | Parent Child Relationship | Physiology | Child Health | Educational Opportunities | Child Care | Equal Education
2009, ISBN 9780231144087, xxix, 414
Family life has been radically transformed over the past three decades. Half of all households are unmarried, while only a quarter of all married households... 
Parenting | Family | United States | Sociology | Marriage | Families
2019, 6
Book Chapter
by Acock, Alan and Acs, Gregory and Adams, Michele and Adams, Ryan and Adler, Marina A and Adler‐Baeder, Francesca and Ainsworth, James W and Anderson, Kathryn and Anderson, Peter and Anderson, Siwan and Angel, Jacqueline and Arrighi, Barbara and Atkinson, Alice M and Avellar, Sarah and Babcock, Renee and Baber, Kristine and Bachman, Heather and Badgett, M. V. Lee and Bahr, Kathleen S and Baker, Paul and Barnes, Grace M and Barnett, Rosalind C and Bartell, Denise S and Bartkowski, John and Bartle‐Haring, Suzanne and Bass, Brenda L and Batson, Christie D and Baum II, Charles L and Bauman, Karl E and Belcastro, Philip and Benin, Mary and Benson, Mark and Berardo, Felix M and Berger, Lawrence M and Berke, Debra L and Berry, Brent and Beutel, Ann M and Bielby, Denise D and Binstock, Georgina and Bjarnason, Thoroddur and Blair, Clancy and Blaisure, Karen R and Blieszner, Rosemary and Bõgin, Catherine and Bornstein, Marc and Borsella, Angela and Bouchard, Genevieve and Bouchey, Heather and Bould, Sally and Bozick, Robert and Bradbury, Thomas N and Brady‐Smith, Christy and Bratter, Jenifer and Braun, Bonnie and Brayfield, April A and Brennom, Jennifer M and Britto, Pia and Brown, J. Brian and Brown, Susan L and Bryson, Alex and Buchanan, Christy and Bumpass, Larry L and Burdette, Amy M and Burgoyne, Carole and Burr, Jeffrey A and Butler, Amy C and Butler, Sarah M and Bygren, Magnus and Campbell, Lori and Carlson, Elwood and Carlson, Marcy J and Carney, Dana R and Caron, Sandra and Carpenter, Brian and Cassidy, Margaret L and Castle, Kathryn and Cate, Rodney M and Chan, Willaim and Hee Chee, Kyong and Chen, Zeng‐yin and Chesley, Noelle and Chito Childs, Erica and Christensen, Andrew and Christopher, Karen L and Christopher, F. Scott and Ciabattari, Teresa and Coatsworth, Doug and Cody, Susan and Cody‐Rydzewski, Susan R and Cognard‐Black, Andrew and Cohan, Catherine and Coles, Roberta L and Coltrane, Scott and Cook, Cynthia T and Cordova, James V and Cornelius, Tara and Crawford, Duane and Cready, Cynthia M and Crosnoe, Robert and Crowder, Kyle D and ...
Journal of marriage and family, ISSN 0022-2445, 12/2005, Volume 67, Issue 5, pp. 1355 - 1358
Journal Article
by Ziol-Guest, Kathleen M and Turley, Ruth N. López and Betancourt, Jeanette and Kohrt, Brandon A and Johnson, Anna D and Alkon, Abbey and Fernald, Lia C. H and Towe-Goodman, Nissa and Spicer, Paul and Kostelny, Kathleen and Evans, Gary W and Pungello, Elizabeth Puhn and Gardner-Neblett, Nicole and Lende, Daniel and Widom, Cathy Spatz and Kalil, Ariel and McCurdy, Karen and Beardslee, William R and Boyce, W. Thomas and Maholmes, Valerie and Nikulina, Valentina and King, Rosalind and Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne and Brown, Susan L and Gorman-Smith, Deborah and Lane, Tonya and Hidrobo, Melissa and Conger, Rand D and Chen, Edith and Huberman, Harris S and Gertler, Paul J and Sastry, Narayan and Musante, Danila S and Vernon-Feagans, Lynne and Gorman, Kathleen S and Sarche, Michelle and Huston, Aletha C and Seeman, Teresa and Cohen, David and Kogan, Steven M and French, Quade Y. S and Betancourt, Theresa S and Singer, Daniel A and Smith, Erin N and Propper, Cathi and Grant-Marsney, Holly A and Kotler, Jennifer A and Reeb, Ben T and Metallinos-Katsaras, Elizabeth and Hunt, Elizabeth Grisa and Dolan, Jen H and Wessells, Michael G and Craine, Jessica L and Farah, Martha J and Duran, Petra A and Gamoran, Adam and Panter-Brick, Catherine and Grau, Josefina M and Crosnoe, Robert and Webb, Mary Bruce and Wu, Nina and Hetzner, Nina M. Philipsen and Shaw, Daniel S and Ingoldsby, Erin M and Mills-Koonce, W. Roger and Garrett-Peters, Patricia and Kisler, Tiffani S and Wolff, Brian and Dunifon, Rachel E and Wilson, Kathryn S and Grotevant, Harold D and Little, Wendy M and Lengua, Liliana J and Kutlesic, Vesna and Shelleby, Elizabeth and Grange, Christina M and Robertson, Dylan and Truglio, Rosemarie and Bonazzo, Claude and Mendelsohn, Alan L and Martin, Monica J and Lansford, Jennifer E and Glick, Jennifer E and De Marco, Allison and Clark, Rebecca and Brody, Gene H and Conger, Katherine Jewsbury and Miller, Gregory and Hackman, Daniel A and Fiel, Jeremy and Shebloski, Barbara and Castellanos, Patricia and Bratsch-Hines, Mary
05/2012, Oxford Library of Psychology, ISBN 9780199769100, Volume 1
This Introduction explains how this book came about. The book is an outgrowth of an research initiative called the Science and Ecology of Early Development... 
child development | health outcomes | new science | scientific issues | SEED | Health outcomes | Scientific issues | Child development | New science
Book Chapter
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