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by Pericà S, Juan M and Carrizo, Enara and Navas, Enrique and Hidalgo-Tenorio, Carmen and Fernández Sánchez, Fernando and Rosas, Gabriel and Victoria Boado, María and Irurzun Zuazabal, Josu and López-Soria, Leire and Nieto, Javier and Vitoria, Yolanda and García López, Victoria and Ivanova Georgieva, Radka and Ojeda, Guillermo and Fuerte, Ana and Izaguirre Yarza, Alberto and Climent, Vicente and Llamas, Patricio and Reus, Sergio and Miguez Rey, Enrique and Sousa Regueiro, Dolores and Castro, Beatriz and García Rosado, Dácil and Antonia Miguel Gómez, Ma and Lacalzada, Juan and Fernández Suárez, Jonnathan and León Arguero, Víctor and López Menéndez, José and Palomo, Carmen and Paya Martínez, Begoña and Rodríguez Esteban, Ángeles and Rodríguez García, Raquel and Bodro, Marta and Falces, Carlos and Fita, Guillermina and García-Valls, Laura and Llopis Pérez, Jaume and Pereda, Daniel and Pericás, Juan M and Pomar, José L and Rovira, Irene and Téllez, Adrián and Bermejo, Javier and Bouza, Emilio and Cuerpo Caballero, Gregorio and Fernández Cruz, Ana and Eugenia García Leoni, Ma and González-Ramallo, Víctor and Kestler Hernández, Martha and Muñoz, Patricia and Rodríguez-Créixems, Marta and Pinilla, Blanca and Verde Moreno, Eduardo and Rial Bastón, Verónica and Romero, María and Arnaiz, Ana and García, Iván and González Rico, Claudia and Gutiérrez-Cuadra, Manuel and Gutiérrez DÍez, José and Pajarón, Marcos and Teira, Ramón and Domínguez, Fernando and García Pavía, Pablo and Ramos, Antonio and Luis Moya, José and Ruiz Rodríguez, Soledad and De Cueto, Marina and Gálvez Acebal, Juan and Ramón Blanco, José and Gurguí, Mercé and Pacho, Cristina and Vega, Marino and Canut Blasco, Andrés and Cordo Mollar, José and García Uriarte, Oscar and Ortiz De Zárate, Zuriñe and García Domínguez, Gloria and Ma Arribas Leal, José and Blázquez, Ana and De La Morena Valenzuela, Gonzalo and Alonso, Ángel and Aramburu, Javier and Elena Calvo, Felicitas and Moreno Rodríguez, Anai and Heredero Gálvez, Eva and Largo Pau, José and Antonia Sepúlveda, Ma and Egea Serrano, Pilar and Peña Monje, Alejandro and Sánchez Cabrera, Valme and Cifuentes Luna, Carmen and Núñez Morcillo, Juana and Matamala Adell, Marta and Carlos Porres, Juan and Jimeno Almazán, Amaya and Ortín Freire, Alejandro and Ángels Ribas Blanco, Ma and Ruiz De Gopegui Bordes, Enrique and Carlos Segura Luque, Juan and Spanish Collaboration Endocarditis and Spanish Collaboration on Endocarditis-Grupo de Apoyo al Manejo de la Endocarditis Infecciosa en España (GAMES) investigators
Clinical infectious diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 11/2019, Volume 69, Issue 10, pp. 1690 - 1700
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ferrando, Carlos and Unzueta, Ma Carmen and Suárez, Fernando and Librero, Julián and Llombart, Alicia and Rovira, Lucas and Granell, Manuel and Aldecoa, César and Diaz, Oscar and Garutti, Ignacio and Gonzalez, Rafael and Durán, Eugenia and Gallego, Lucia and del Valle, Santiago García and Redondo, Francisco J and Diaz, Pedro and Pestaña, David and Rodríguez, Aurelio and García, Jose M and Espinosa, Elena and Charco, Pedro and Rodríguez, Clara and Belda, Javier and Unzueta, Carmen and Company, Roque and Alonso, Teresa and Durán, Ma Eugenia and Redondo, Javier and Ibáñez, Maite and Villar, Jesus and Jaber, Samir and Esther Romero, Salvador Peiró and Romero, Carolina and Moreno, Tania and Gracia, Estefanía and Izquierdo, Ana and Socorro, Tania and Rubio, Concepción and Valls, Paola and Duca, Alejandro and Jurado, Ana and Carrizo, Juan and Villena, Abigail and Serralta, Ferran and Carbonell, Jose A and Puig, Jaume and Pastor, Ernesto and Gutierrez, Andrea and Mugarra, Ana and de Fez, Mario and Nieves, Jesus and Alvarez, Carlos and Brunelli, Andrea and Cegarra, Virginia and Pérez, Jose M and de Andrés, Jose A and Hernández, Maria J and Gómez, Lorena and Marcos, Jose M and Díez, Fernando and Martínez, Ma Piedad and del Mar Hernández, M and Fernandez-Pacheco, José and Rivera, Maria J and Colás, Ana and Molinós, Irene and Asensio, Ana and García, Jose I and Varón, Viviana and Romero, Eva and Mazzinari, Guido and Herrera, Esperanza and Rosado, Eva and Ramos, Patricia and Ojeda, Nazario and Valencia, Lucia and Rodríguez, Rayco and Romero, Antonio and González, Ana and García, Jessica and de Castro, Nilda Martinez and Medrano, Cristina and Alcon, Amalia and Torres, Vicente and Marta García, Javier Román and Dominguez, Alejandro and Benítez, Inmaculada and González, Domingo and López-Herrera, Daniel and Sol Hernández, M and Morales, Clara and Soriano, David and Vila, Maria and Alberola, Maria J and Verdeguer, Sandra and Lozano, Elena and Valdivia, Jose and Gilabert, Vicente and Ayuso, Mercedes and Moreno, Ricardo and iPROVE Investigators and iPROVE investigators (Appendices 1 and 2) and on behalf of the iPROVE investigators (Appendices 1 and 2)
Trials, ISSN 1745-6215, 04/2015, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 193 - 193
Journal Article