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by Goss, Paul E, Prof and Lee, Brittany L, MD and Badovinac-Crnjevic, Tanja, MD and Strasser-Weippl, Kathrin, MD and Chavarri-Guerra, Yanin, MD and Louis, Jessica St, BA and Villarreal-Garza, Cynthia, MD and Unger-Saldaña, Karla, PhD and Ferreyra, Mayra, MD and Debiasi, Márcio, MD and Liedke, Pedro ER, MD and Touya, Diego, MD and Werutsky, Gustavo, MD and Higgins, Michaela, MD and Fan, Lei, MD and Vasconcelos, Claudia, MD and Cazap, Eduardo, MD and Vallejos, Carlos, MD and Mohar, Alejandro, MD and Knaul, Felicia, PhD and Arreola, Hector, MD and Batura, Rekha, MD and Luciani, Silvana, MD and Sullivan, Richard, MD and Finkelstein, Dianne, PhD and Simon, Sergio, MD and Barrios, Carlos, MD and Kightlinger, Rebecca, DO and Gelrud, Andres, MD and Bychkovsky, Vladimir, MSc and Lopes, Gilberto, MD and Stefani, Stephen, Prof and Blaya, Marcelo, MD and Souza, Fabiano Hahn, MD and Santos, Franklin Santana, MD and Kaemmerer, Alberto, MD and de Azambuja, Evandro, MD and Zorilla, Andres Felipe Cardona, MD and Murillo, Raul, MD and Jeronimo, Jose, MD and Tsu, Vivien, PhD and Carvalho, Andre, MD and Gil, Carlos Ferreira, MD and Sternberg, Cinthya, PhD and Dueñas-Gonzalez, Alfonso, MD and Sgroi, Dennis, MD and Cuello, Mauricio, MD and Fresco, Rodrigo, MD and Reis, Rui Manuel, PhD and Masera, Guiseppe, MD and Gabús, Raúl, MD and Ribeiro, Raul, MD and Knust, Renata, MD and Ismael, Gustavo, MD and Rosenblatt, Eduardo, MD and Roth, Berta, MD and Villa, Luisa, MD and Solares, Argelia Lara, MD and Leon, Marta Ximena, MD and Torres-Vigil, Isabel, DrPH and Covarrubias-Gomez, Alfredo, MD and Hernández, Andrés, MD and Bertolino, Mariela, MD and Schwartsmann, Gilberto, MD and Santillana, Sergio, MD and Esteva, Francisco, MD and Fein, Luis, MD and Mano, Max, MD and Gomez, Henry, MD and Hurlbert, Marc, PhD and Durstine, Alessandra, MBA and Azenha, Gustavo, PhD
Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp. 391 - 436
Journal Article
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