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by Swerdlow, Daniel I, Dr and Preiss, David, Dr and Kuchenbaecker, Karoline B, MSc and Holmes, Michael V, PhD and Engmann, Jorgen E L, MSc and Shah, Tina, PhD and Sofat, Reecha, MD and Stender, Stefan, MD and Johnson, Paul C D, PhD and Scott, Robert A, PhD and Leusink, Maarten, MSc and Verweij, Niek, MD and Sharp, Stephen J, MSc and Guo, Yiran, PhD and Giambartolomei, Claudia, MSc and Chung, Christina, MSc and Peasey, Anne, PhD and Amuzu, Antoinette, MSc and Li, KaWah, MSc and Palmen, Jutta, MSc and Howard, Philip, MSc and Cooper, Jackie A, MSc and Drenos, Fotios, PhD and Li, Yun R, BSc and Lowe, Gordon, Prof and Gallacher, John, PhD and Stewart, Marlene C W, PhD and Tzoulaki, Ioanna, PhD and Buxbaum, Sarah G, PhD and van der A, Daphne L, PhD and Forouhi, Nita G, MRCP and Onland-Moret, N Charlotte, PhD and van der Schouw, Yvonne T, Prof and Schnabel, Renate B, MD and Hubacek, Jaroslav A, PhD and Kubinova, Ruzena, MD and Baceviciene, Migle, MD and Tamosiunas, Abdonas, Prof and Pajak, Andrzej, Prof and Topor-Madry, Romanvan, MD and Stepaniak, Urszula, PhD and Malyutina, Sofia, Prof and Baldassarre, Damiano, PhD and Sennblad, Bengt, PhD and Tremoli, Elena, Prof and de Faire, Ulf, Prof and Veglia, Fabrizio, PhD and Ford, Ian, Prof and Jukema, J Wouter, Prof and Westendorp, Rudi G J, Prof and de Borst, Gert Jan, MD and de Jong, Pim A, MD and Algra, Ale, Prof and Spiering, Wilko, MD and der Zee, Anke H Maitland-van, PhD and Klungel, Olaf H, PharmD and de Boer, Anthonius, Prof and Doevendans, Pieter A, Prof and Eaton, Charles B, Prof and Robinson, Jennifer G, Prof and Duggan, David, PhD and Kjekshus, John, Prof and Downs, John R, MD and Gotto, Antonio M, MD and Keech, Anthony C, MD and Marchioli, Roberto, MD and Tognoni, Gianni, MD and Sever, Peter S, Prof and Poulter, Neil R, Prof and Waters, David D, MD and Pedersen, Terje R, MD and Amarenco, Pierre, MD and Nakamura, Haruo, MD and McMurray, John J V, Prof and Lewsey, James D, PhD and Chasman, Daniel I, PhD and Ridker, Paul M, MD and Maggioni, Aldo P, Prof and Tavazzi, Luigi, Prof and Ray, Kausik K, Prof and Seshasai, Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally, MD and Manson, JoAnn E, Prof and Price, Jackie F, MD and Whincup, Peter H, Prof and Morris, Richard W, Prof and Lawlor, Debbie A, Prof and Smith, George Davey, Prof and Ben-Shlomo, Yoav, Prof and Schreiner, Pamela J, Prof and Fornage, Myriam, Prof and Siscovick, David S, Prof and Cushman, Mary, MD and Kumari, Meena, PhD and Wareham, Nick J, Prof and Verschuren, W M Monique, PhD and Redline, Susan, Prof and Patel, Sanjay R, MD and Whittaker, John C, Prof and Hamsten, Anders, Prof and Delaney, Joseph A, PhD and ... and DIAGRAM Consortium, MAGIC Consortium, InterAct Consortium and MAGIC Consortium and InterAct Consortium and DIAGRAM Consortium
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2015, Volume 385, Issue 9965, pp. 351 - 361
Journal Article
by Parak, F and Ostermann, A and Nienhaus, G U and Niimura, Nobuo and Eaton, William A and Hagen, Stephen J and Henry, Eric R and Hofrichter, James and Jas, Gouri and Lapidus, Lisa and Muñoz, Victor and Wang, Chih-chen and Bhuyan, Abani and Udgaonkar, Javant and Rüterians, Heinz and Woolfson, Derek N and Finucane, M D and Lees, J H and Pandya, M J and Spooner, G and Tuna, M and Olson, Wilma K and Chary, K V. R and Westhof, E and Wool, I G and Correll, C C and Ivanov, V I and Bondarenko, S A and Zdobnov, E M and Beniaminov, A D and Minyat, E E and Ulyanov, N B and Wigley, Dale B and Shimamoto, Nobuo and Kinebuchi, Takashi and Kabata, Hiroyuki and Kurosawa, Osamu and Washizu, Masao and Baird, Barbara and Holowka, David and Belrhali, H and Nollert, P and Royant, A and Rosenbusch, J P and Landau, E M and Pebav-Peyroula, E and Lala, Anil K and D’Silva, Patrick R and Pietrobon, Daniela and Pinton, Paolo and Magalhaes, Paulo and Chiesa, Anna and Brini, Marisa and Pozzan, Tullio and Rizzuto, Rosario and Montai, M and Wang, Shu-Rong and Carrascosa, José L and Bhattacharyya, B and Wilson, Ian A and Salunke, Dinakar M and Drickamer, Kurt and Imberty, Anne and Surolia, A and Johnson, Louise N and Neeman, Michal and Prince, S M and McLuskey, K and Cogdell, R J and McAuley, K and Isaacs, N W and Venturoli, G and Drepper, F and Williams, J C and Allen, J P and Lin, X and Mathis, P and van Grondelle, R and Junge, Wolfgang and Tsukihara, T and Shinzawa-Itoh, K and Nakashima, R and Yamashita, E and Fei, M J and Inoue, N and Tomizaki, T and Libeu, C Peters and Yoshikawa, S and Chaussepied, Patrick and Namba, Keiichi and Carlier, Marie-France and Ressacl, Fariza and Laurent, Valerie and Loisel, Thomas and Egile, Coumaran and Sansonetti, Philippe and Pantaloni, Dominique and Bansal, Manju and Knapp, E W and Ullmann, M G and ...
Journal of biosciences, ISSN 0250-5991, 3/1999, Volume 24, Issue S1, pp. 5 - 31
Journal Article
The Washington Post (1974-Current file), ISSN 0190-8286, 10/1986, p. B6
Newspaper Article
The Washington Post (1923-1954), 12/1938, p. B10
Newspaper Article
New Zealand journal of botany, ISSN 0028-825X, 10/2020, Volume 58, Issue 4, pp. 275 - 333
Journal Article
The Billboard (Archive: 1894-1960), 09/1909, Volume 21, Issue 37, p. 13
Journal Article
Journal Article